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MCP, CCNA, MCSE (Study Course and Jobs)

hi friends,

how you feel about the MCP, CCNA, MCSE courses,

If i study this, will i get job?

and tell me which couse is better, i am planned to study MCP.....

what about urs.... Confused
I got CCNA, MCSA = 4 MCPs.

In my opinion, studying CCNA before Microsoft is better because it cover fundamental networking knowledge on which Microsoft 'system rely on. In my case, I studied MCP (70-270) first then I came back to studying CCNA, I found it was very helpful to consolidate my networking knowledge. It made me feel confident and study other Microsoft's courses toward MCSA easier. Furthermore, when I was looking for a job, the Cisco did cert. led me to employment while MS cert. was often overlooked.

It's time to renew my CCNA, passing Cisco Voice over IP course (exam 642-432) is one way that I intent to do. Any suggestion about good studying materials for self-studying such as books, elearning?

Your information would be much appreciated.
Hu guys, as of current I am on my CCNA Module 3 class (there are 4). Topics mostly range with Routers and Router Setup. From what I see, having certifications always works to your advantage so never feel foolish for spending time on it. At the same time you get to learn.

:: graeinler Manslayer RutterKiN
these certifications definitely have value. but dont hope that they alone will get u a good job. see it more as a added advantage u have over others. im currently doing my post grad and working on CCNA. so by the time i look out for a job, id have the extra knowledge, that will definitely be helpful
I'm learning CCNA. My friend advise me to learn Tesking, and I know a website have Testking :
But someone say it is not good for my knowledge.
Can you tell me what I should do now?
Forget about testking when studying. I think everyone can pass without it.
i think windows 2003 server and Windows XP are including this isn't it.

do you think it is very helpful for me..

i am also going to study MCP with out help of testking, windows server 2003 is very helpful.

DNS, Active Directory, are very important isn't it
I think especially in emerging markets, getting these certificates (lest you have a university diploma in a related field) would really help you get a credible commercial job.
Does anyone here know about what employers thing about Comptia A+, although I passed both exams I don't feel like i've been given credit for those exams...
I agree with what the previous poster said about not relying on these types of certifications to get you a good career in the industry. I hold all the certifications you are discussing and todays employers could really care less except for the fact you have them and they didnt pay for them. Potential employers are looking for college education combined with work experience. Learning to interview well is unfortunately also becoming a more critical asset. In fact I think interviewing well is much more important than earning certs.

The job market is currently flooded with "tech institute" degrees with MCSE and CCNA certs which are generally not worth the paper they are printed on.

Proponents of these certifications claim that employees with these certifications earn 40% more than their non certified counterparts. Well I must tell you that is a myth and certainly not a fact.

At the same time, I cannot tell you that you can get by without them. Some employers require these like a standardized SAT to get into college. It can truly be a double edge sword.

The question that should be asked is what type of career in networking you are truly after. If you are eyeballing a specific employer, perhaps you could inquire of their current employees what they require.

Good Luck to you all !
how is scope of CCNA?
I am a CCNA as well as MCSE. Now I am studying a diploma for my career background. Only then I can start my career with confidence. In my opinion if you consider your career seriosly, then look at the certs in that way. They are not just to geta a job. You must keep yourself updated and you must work hard once you start your career.
All certifications give good idea about IT world

MCP - gives idea about workstation

MCSA - gives full knowledge about client and Server connection and configuration

CCNA - gives full knowledge about network topologies, router, switches and hubs configuration and other details. Also gives network deigning

Does having a CCNA improve chances on job opportunities for big companies?

yes... if you completed CCNA i am sure you will get Network Administrator job in a leading company. CCNA and MCSE courses are very helpful for searching System administrator side jobs.... i am also trying for the i am going to study MCP.

it is only two subjects... Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2000....includes Active directory, DNS, DHCP.. etc...
Ya, CCNA is excellent track if you want to make your carrier as Network Engineer or Administrator. But, it's little bit difficult than MCSE, I think.
I am started mcse classes and i want to learn notes & dumps on the internet if any know where i get the notes & dumps free. i am surfing maney sites but the no result found the full training on mcse 2003 track with security n server 2003. if any one doing mcse here can he/she help me.
Dont stop at CCNA, continue with CCNP and finally CCIE. Once u complete CCIE, then you will be paid a big salary, just for your brain. CCIE is so a difficult thing to get. It takes many tries to pass the Practical exam.
Yes, you must be 100% correct in practical if you want to pass. And I want to pass it. There will be the first turning point of my career.
I'm looking for the latest TestKing CCNA study guide. Does anyone have it or have any link for download ?
I just finished out my Junior year in HS and took our school's CCNA prep courses...I'm not sure if I'm going to take it this summer. How does the certification test compare with module tests? I just don't want to blow my $$ away if I fail miserably.
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