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ATI vs Nvidia

What graphic card do you prefer
 43%  [ 17 ]
 56%  [ 22 ]
Total Votes : 39

who is the best company for graphic cards?
Nvidia or ATI?
explain you'r choice
I perfer Nvidia cuz its like linux, theres not just 1 company making nvidia cards.
ATI and AMD for life Cool.
Sod having an ATI

me m8 has to download patches for his games no end!

my nvida - just install n go!
im personally a nvdia freak i got a nvidia 6800 gt from bfg i had some problems with ati's before the cards i had were 9200, and 9550 both i had problems with i actually got white spots going across my screen dont know why didnt want to go on so i got an nvidia 5200 to see if the problem consist it didnt satyed with nvidia upgraded to 5900 flashed bios to 5950 then upgraded to 6800 gt no problems and great performance
My graphic card is NV GF2 MX400.
but now if I buy graphic card,I will choose ATI's.
ATI, they are older.. they have more experience and they're middle class cards are pretty powerful(compared with nvidia),

someone like me that barely can pay the bills every month just can't afford cards that cost 500$+.. I don't have a rich daddy to buy me a 6800gt or x850 xt Laughing
if i think about it.. i don't have a daddy at all lol

so i will go with ATI.
I prefer nVIDIA
I will definitely choose NVidia..


coz its offers a lot more of features such as "tweaking some of the games that works to it after configuring".. works really fine with my mboard.. I got no problem using it at all! Idea

its 4 against 4
i'm prefer ATI because of their shadows efect better than
and ATI has more FPS.
I have been using nVIDIA cards only.
Currently I am using a 256MB GeForce FX 5700LE.

Most of the dealers here support nVIDIA and also service is quicker, compared to ATI.

Besides nVIDIA chipsets have many makers and the cards are more compatible with graphics apps and games, compared to ATI.
You have to look at today's cards.
nVidia's mid-end card today is the GeForce 6600 GT. ATI's is the Radeon X700 Pro. According to tests, the GeForce 6600 GT not only beats the Radeon X700 Pro in performance, but also in a price/performance ratio.
The GeForce 6600 GT is currently the best price/performance ratio card out there.

However, nVidia's FX series were behind ATI's 9xxx (FX 5200 especially).

ATi cards of the 9xxx generation are really easy to figure out once you know the clock speeds and number of pipelines in the processor.

The cores are all pretty much the same, except for the speed and number of pipelines.

9500 is 4 pipeline
9500 pro is 8 pipeline
9600 series are 4 pipeline (core speed x4 = mpixels/sec)
9700 and 9800 series are 8 pipeline (core speed x8 = mpixels/sec)

memory in the 9500 is 128 bit ("I shape" all in a row) or 256 bit ("L shape")
memory in the 9500 pro is 128 bit
memory in the 9600 series is 128 bit
memory in the 9700 and 9800 series is supposed to be 256 bit except for the companies that defied ATi's wishes and made 128 bit 9800s.

speeds as follows:

card core/ mem mpixels/sec GB/sec (mem throughput)
9500 (128) 275 / 270 1100 8.6
9500 (256) 275 / 270 1100 17.3
9500 Pro 275 / 270 2200 8.6
9600 325 / 200 1300 6.4
9600 Pro 400 / 300 1600 9.6
9600 XT 500 / 300 2000 9.6
9700 275 / 270 2200 17.3
9700 Pro 325 / 310 2600 19.8
9800 Pro 380 / 340 3040 21.8

I am listing the actual memory speeds. Note that many manufacturers list the "effective speed" by multiplying the speeds by 2 to account for DDR, so you may see speeds listed as twice as fast as what I have here.

So the 9800 Pro is 50% faster than a 9600 XT in pixel pushing and over twice as fast in memory throughput. Memory throughput is generally a significantly smaller factor than the ability to push out pixels. The exact mix depends on the game, but the 9800 Pro is better by quite a large margin.

You can also see that the 9500 series is actually pretty fast compared to the newer 9600 series. In most cases the 9500 Pro is actually faster than the 9600XT despite the fact that it is an older card. Because of this you can generally save a SIGNIFICANT amount of money by buying a used 9500 Pro instead of a 9600XT or a 9700 pro instead of a 9800 Pro.

To the person asking about 128 bit/256 Megs vs. 256 bit/128 megs. In all practical cases the 128 meg card with faster memory will be a faster card. There are rare cases where 256megs will be better, but in most of those cases, the speed of the card simply won't be fast enough to matter (you'd get teens for framrates with either card). Realistically VERY FEW games take advantage of the extra 128 megs. Most games are made with some backwards compatibility in mind, and sacrifice the obscenely large textures in order to maintain compatibility with 128 and even 64 meg cards. As a result memory bandwidth is far more important than memory size.

I'd say go with the 6600 GT it will last you longer as more games are coming out that need more juice. As for DOOM 3, 6600 GT will beat 9800 Pro pretty soundly as the DOOM 3 engine is really tuned up for the Nvidia 6 series of cards.

Here are some benchmarks for you:
I have used nividia for quite a long time. I am kinda afraid to try ATI because of all the hell I once had from an ati tv card. The Nvidia has been excellent for games in IMO..but I can't speak for ati as I have no expierience with them
Ati, because I prefer cards without fan, silence for me is very important
Nvidia + AMD... Very Happy
If I were to buy a card today it would be NVIDIA. Just better bang for the buck. I don't recommend buying any of the media center stuff or the All in Wonders. I've had bad experiance with the software. Your much better off buying a dedicated tv tunner card if you are going to make myth tv box or pvr.
ATI... Period.
really difficult, i voted for ati some time ago, but i am not sticked to one or other. i am considering changing to nvidia since i have to update several machines in my cyber caffe. lets 7 series looks promising.
Nvidia all the way. ATI has some of the crappiest support for openGL. At my college we run a multiscreen display for some of our graphics in openGL. Nvidia cards CRUSH the ATI cards. For a while there ATI had Nvidia with the 9800 PRO when that was the top of the line. Now the 6800 (or 7800) GT is considered the top.
I have never used Atý and I will be never used ATI.
I'm using Nvidia GeForce 512 mb FX 7800.

I think NVIDIA is the best!
I think that nVidia rulez Smile
I'm using now GeForce FX 5700 256MB, earlier I used GeForce 2 MX 64MB, more earlier nVidia TNT2 32MB.
Boles Roor
I vote for ATI.

If you take a Saphire or Asus ATI card, IMO they're better then any nVidea card.

ATI & AMD for life. Cool
Difficult question...

Comparing ATI 9xxx series and nVidia 5xxx series, ATI is much better. And cheaper. But in preverious and latest series nVidia had created better cards.

But... now I'm using Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro @ 513/630 MHz (more than 9600 XP) with Arctic Cooling Silencer 2 rev.2 and I'm very satisfied of it's results. In 3DMark2001 I had over 13000 (about 13050-13080) witch is a good result for such card, I think. So, my vote - ATI.
I'm using Ati 9550 ge 200@500 mhz

I think Ati is the best!

nvidia 7800 or Ati x850

i think nvidia
I have never use ATI. I think NVIDIA is the better than ATI. NVIDIA makes lots of useful software to use. Forever NVIDIA! Smile
I also would like to state that with the new release of the Gforce Fx 7800 GTX 512mb cards, and SLI technology that Nividia has been proving to be a favorite for me!

Myself wrote:
I perfer Nvidia cuz its like linux, theres not just 1 company making nvidia cards.

Wow that was like one of the first posts I ever made here, 401 posts later I make another one herE!
Maka wrote:
ATI and AMD for life Cool.

I've been Double A since 1999. Very Happy

My current system sports an Athlon 64 3400+, and an X800XT All-in-Wonder.

Watercooled, of course.
I prefer Ati......

Ati 9550 is a best display card ..Do you agree it?
My friend had a 9550, and had nothing but problems with his.
I have two AMD's one is asus A8V and the other a K8T with a 64-bit Fx chip with. water cooling on both in water cooling the VGA cards as well. with ati x800 in both I love the speed they give me. And hardly have any problems with them.
Whenever I have had NVIDIA. I just found that they had given the poorer results.
I love my Ati cards
I love the nVidia 7800 series.
I use to ati and no problem
I would prefer ATI because it's better for gaming and it's better for PCI AGP really is getting old.
Above me said ATI is better for gaming...

1. That isn't true.
2. You showed nothing to prove it.
3. Nvidia and ATI both generally use the same technology in terms of hardware on their videocards, so one really isn't better than the other. It depends on the amount and type of RAM, clocks of the GPU and RAM, # of pipelines, and various other factors. As of the moment, nVidia is better for gaming because their 7800GTX is currently the top videocard made for the PC.
5. I do agree that AGP is outdated, and PCI-E will be and is the future of gaming.
I personally prefer nVidia over ATI mainly cause it supports more games.

I've tested a GeForce2 MX400 and an ATI9250 graphic card on Need For Speed Unerground 2. Options are set to the highest and I've notice nVidia is still able to support the graphics. (Although obviously it's gonna lag alot) but as for ATI it just diaplay's a black screen.
Which, is needed. Never had a ATI card, though. From Voodoo2, to GeForce MX-440-8X, and a fairly useless, albeit free, FX 5200 (flashed to 5500, in a vain attempt to make it slightly better). I'm cool with NVidia for now, largely due to the fact that they created the last AGP card to support Shader Model 3.0, something ATI's benchmark-superior X800 series (compared to NVidia's GeForce 6 series.

This years' generation, can't really call it yet. ATI's kinda sluggish with their latest X1000 series.

...Man, Voodoo was cool...
Head Hunter
ATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool
nVidia is the best. It is more compatible especially with games and it has better performance.
Definitely ATI...!!

i've been using ATI from last 5 years on my desktop and now am running ATi Graphics on my laptop too...!!!
I don't prefer one company over the other, but rather on what cards they have out in my price range. I currently have an HD 4850, but I've been looking at a GTX 460
I prefer nVIDIA as they have CUDA and PhysX. Also their config isn't that complicated, compared to the ATI configs I have seen.
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