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What software do VJs use?

I'd really like to make movies like X-Mix or 3Lux myself but I have no clue where to, what kind of software do VJs use for e.g. Digital Video Arts?

Hints appreciated Very Happy
Well, I know of an open source project called Blender... I know they made a short digital film using the software, but I'm not sure how they did it, I'm sure it's a long complicated process, but you can check it out at
Wow, Blender is a quite huge software. I downloaded, installed it and watched some of video-tutorials... the first 40 minutes of the tutorials just deal with Blenders' surface in order to explain the position of all those button and parameters Shocked

I knew it it wouldn't be easy to create virtual arts, but this is far more than I expected... unfortunately the are no more suggestions in this thread Sad
Well, there are some more software like autodesks 3D studio max, and then there is that other one... Cinema 4D, which is pretty cool, they have some sweet beginner tutorials that teach alot by hands on, and not really by going over every control, they have a whole buttload of tutorials on all 3 of those programs I just listed, check it out if you're really into it, I'm sure if you stick with it you'll be able to create some really killer stuff, g/l dude
This is a lot of stuff, thank you very much!!

I started dealing with blender and already created a simple 3d-model.
It will obviously take a little while until my first movie comes to the cinemas. Laughing

I knew 3d and animation won't be easy, but I never ever expected such complexity.
Yeah, I would love to learn it all some day... eventually... I have alot of time on my hands and I'm already putting it to good use, right now I'm really busy with programming and stuff... but if I ever had some free time I would definately learn blender, it's free, it's open source, and it's really powerful.

I'm sure that there are some good books out there that make some pretty good points and teach a few tricks with stuff like that, I myself am a computer book junkie, you can probably find some blender books, or even 3dstudio max, etc. on for pretty cheap.
Well I digged a little bit in VJ-forums and found some software I'd like to introduce as it meets what I've been searching for.

One programm is called Resolume ( Resolume is an application for live video performances. Trigger video clips, Flash files, and pictures. Scratch snd apply real-time effects. It is an instrument for live video performances. Completely build to quickly improvise videos to music. Play up to three layers of video, with up to six effects. Play video forward, backward, adjust the speed or scratch it by hand. You can freely improvise without ever stopping the video. Resolume is the preferred software of choice for many professional VJ's and video artist in 40 countries worldwide.

Further: TextMachine 3D (
With Text Machine 3D you can render on Screen Words and Phrases from customizable Dictionaries using all Fonts you have installed on your PC. Text Machine 3D Includes the functionality to Render Random Counters and Alphanumeric Strings. Combined with a Barcode Font you can get very cool effects. Images and Video Loops can be loaded and live color filtered. Every Parameter can be controlled via MIDI - up to 3 MIDI Devices can be used simultaneously. Work Live with Text Machine 3D or Record your output to numbered Files.

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