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Mindless Self Indulgence

I just started listening to this band recently and I'm very impressed. Their style is very unique and I just saw them live last night. Thier opening acts kinda sucked but the main show was kick***. They were opened by a techno group and Kill Hannah, an emo band. I found it really funny that while Kill Hannah were performing everyone was just standing around and not moveing, and if any of you are fimiliar with Adam and Andrew you'd think it was funny because "we don't dance around when we go to shows, we must be emo." They have a chick for a drummer and a guitarist and I think it says alot about them.
I do love this band, but to be all honest, their "chick" drummer can't play for shit. She is an icon. Did you actually watch her drum? She's hitting sampler pads that play preset loops for her. All of the programming is done by Jimmy Urine before the show. Their bassist, the other "chick", however, is a decent player. I think they have gotten to be a bit more original in their later years, but their first album was a knock-off of a lot of other industrial bands of the time.
They're a very strange band...

But I've seen one videoclip (Shut me up, I think) and it's very very funny Mr. Green
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