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Some opinion about my site

here it comes:

plz say what you think about it ... Smile
Very origonal, I like it, except for on the main part, where the news is, once you scroll down, the tops of the buildings go with it Razz
kronso.23 wrote:
Very origonal, I like it, except for on the main part, where the news is, once you scroll down, the tops of the buildings go with it Razz

Yeah, that's an Internet Explorer problem, nemas problemas in Firefox Cool
Nice site, except for the annoying iframe. Ditch it and you've got a very nice layout Smile
ignition wrote:
Nice site, except for the annoying iframe. Ditch it and you've got a very nice layout Smile

i used an iframe, but i already changed it lol Smile
it's a div frame now
Heh on first look i was thinking that this is iframe , but i've checked the source and ... DIV Smile BIG +
Looks ok , nice idea Smile
Little bug - the text from news ar over this buildings, but it's nothing Smile
Think about making CSS stylesheet outside in separate file and format the div's/tables in CSS not in HTML file:)
Check it in validator - declare Doctype and You can easly make this site w3c 4.01 or even XHTML 1.0 Transit valid if you want, because there is only 7 errors Smile
yeah oke,
i want to learn css and all those things lol
css is easy to learn... it's just styling...

lol that's all it is has css examples and a tutorial and a full reference page....

yea... it's not that hard... I think one thing they don't teach you about css there is taht you can make a css file like stylesheet.css and include it in all your pages... it's good for tables and fonts. for example instead of typing all that formating stuff everytime in css all you do is

p { font: 8pt arial; colour: black; }
and now everything in a <p> tag will be 8py arial black! lol okay

your site is pretty good,,, but i don't like how you put your name up in the corner like that... it's a little ... just weird... just my opionon
I'm now at home looking at your site in firefox, and I don't have that problem any more, but, the text does seem to be scrolling over the buildings. maybe if you use the css property to make images on top, then that would work... I forgot the tag >_<
yeah, the next step is to learn and integrate css in my websites Smile
Great interface...

Tips :
1. use more colors
2. use mouse over effects on links
3. make fonts bigger

that's all.
The design has a neat idea behind it. Although I feel there are some things I would change:

  • The Speech bubble is blured, although the cityscape has a clear edge. I would make the speech bubble have a sharp edge as well.
  • When you scroll down, the text goes on top of the cityscape before dissapearing. I would use transparent gifs instead for the cityscape, so the buildings cover the text where needed.
  • I would move the navigation up so they aren't making contact with the speech bubble. Perhaps a 5 pixel gap.
  • I would change the colour of the background to a brownish colour, the title to a darker brownish colour, and the navigation and the title of the page you are on below the speech bubble to a brownish and slightly starting to turn to yellowish colour.

Other than those things that are bugging me, everything else seems to be good.
It's still in the beginning. So it's good to correct mistakes.
I just found the site screen area too small.
The idea is good but make it bigger.
More content would be nice, but if you're just asking about the design itself, I think it looks okay and is creative, but I would suggest adding some more color. Dark colors on websites tend to make you feel closed in and are generally unwelcoming. Add this to website with a tiny I-frame, and it's not very warm and inviting. Don't be afraid of color!
Nice website, looks a bit dodgy while loading, btu once laded looks really nice.

Maybe a logo under or above the name?
It looks very nice - very striking visual design. I'm just wondering if you could center the speech bubble though? It sits a bit far left on my setup...
The text sits on top of the image of the buildings sometimes, however i still really like that skyline part.
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