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Give me a idea

i need to create a website where people will click atleast one google ad for each visit tell me which kind of site will be able to do that?
also tell me which king of site can earn me atleast $200/mon without advertisements? please i need some money
You could always add images next to the ads. I suggest you make a myspace site, look at this site , it's not mine(I made the logo though). The person gets around 5k a day, and all there is on the site is the default script (nothing added). Anyways, targetted ads + images will get you clicks. Not necessarily THOSE images though (default in the script), I'm sure you can come up with something better. Basically all you need to do is add everyone on myspace, everyone is targetted since they're all myspace users. PM if you want the link to the script.

It requires almost no strength, all you need is a myspace bot, unless you want to add people manually (it will take a lot of time). I'm doing a little research on what percentage of people read bulletins, I'll post it some other time.
make one in info about software dont host it just what soft ware is good or bad just ad google ads there make sure you put froms up then go around in forums have url in your signatures there you can have nice set off words e,g nice software talk help you in finding ware easy as i will help ya look and help ya
You could try grammar.

"Give me an idea"
It's funny to see that there are always some people who expect that others will provide them every thing even money without any effort.
There is no site where every people will click a google ad every time they visit (for instance me I never click Google ads...).
If you want a site that gives you money, you have to sell something on your own (an ebook for instance) but the content of your site and what you sell should be great. And that is hard to get.
No free lunch. Only a lot of work can bring you money.
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