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Online personals?

Should I feel like a ****** for using craigslist and myspace to meet girls
Yes, you're a dirty net slut
 50%  [ 3 ]
No, it's perfectly fine to use what you have
 50%  [ 3 ]
Don't worry about it, it'll never work
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

I just posted online personals up on those sites and I feel like I've brought myself to a new low in life. Do I get affermation or kick me while I'm down?
I voted for the second option
Second option!

There is nothing wrong with internet personals as long as you know what you're getting into.

Craigslist has a category just for that, so you're expected to run personals on it. Just view it as another avenue to find the right person. The more things you try, the more chances you'll have in finding that person. Don't psyche yourself out by thinking you've turned desperate because you had to resort to the internet to meet people. That's you being down on yourself. Nobody else is thinking you've turned desperate except some callous people (like my ex-girlfriend when she found out I had an online personal. It's bad when your ex finds your personal ad before you find theirs. It's like you've got something on them when you find their ad on the internet. Ok, I digress. I've got to do something about my ADD).

Now, resorting to Frihost to meet people....that's pathetic. I know it is.....because I do it. Crying or Very sad
Online personals have never panned out for me. I've only met women that are stuck in their shell. On the flipside, I have met some amazing friends that way. So who knows. I'm thinking that perhaps online personals are ok when the stakes are low, but when one is looking for a significant other, looking in significant places seems to be the way to go. Unless you are an insanely introspective person who writes ones feelings and ONLY writes ones feelings. Then perhaps the internet is the best bet. Someone close to me is like that, and met his current wife on the net. They have happily been together for two years now.
it does not matter to post your self online. it is not worth trying if you dont won big, right? but seriously go outside and live a life. show your true self. you can't see the true self of a person once you meet her only online. it may end up to have more frustrations that you have now. Smile
I single personality that is you online is wierd by itself for people. Im completely differnet that i am off line but you're just being sick and screwing with somebodies emotions your wrong sick man.
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