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Brand Wars - The Side is yours to Pick!

Okay, Here it is the ultimate Brand Wars discussion to discuss what is the best brand. Guys lets be civillized and keep it clean and avoid flaming each other.

Memory - Corsair, Crucial, Kingston or Major
OS - Windows or Linux
CPU Chip - Intel or AMD
Video Cards -ATi, nVidia or Generic
Hard Drives - Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital
Motherboard - ASUS, Intel or ECS
DVD Readers - Samsung, LG, Philips or BenQ
Sound Card - Creatives or Generic
Speakers - Logitech, Creatives, Harmon Kardon, Altec Lansing or Generic

And God onces said:
Let there be Warrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I've added a few extra brands and some generic options. I add only brands that I've heard of and if you want some added, Just say so.

I'll also added a extra section, If the System Builders have two brand in one, It means the first company owns it.

Also guys, At the request of the Mods, I also wish that you guys discuss about why you think those brands are the best.
Well, I will never take anything(inculding clothes lol) just because it's a 'good' brand.
That's why I can't choose!
I don't care whether I go with Crosair or Kingston. I will just choose the cheapest Smile

Memory - I don't care. As long as it has the right specs. and costs as low as possible.

OS - Mac (like, duh! Razz ).
CPU Chip - I don't want to switch my motherboard, so Intel.
Video Cards - I don't care. (read the memory section again)
Hard Drivers - (read the memory section yet again)
Motherboard - (and again, read the memory section above)
DVD readers - wouldn't even buy one, but if I would, read the memory secion again Wink
Sound card - the built-in are fine for me, but if not... read the memory section above
Speakers - I have 120Watt AIWA speakers I got for free Razz

Let's see how this thread goes..
Memory - PDP
OS - Windows
CPU Chip - AMD
Video Cards -nVidia
Hard Drives - Seagate
Motherboard - ASUS
DVD Readers - LG
Sound Card - Creative
Speakers - Creative
Memory - Hyundai Electronics
OS - Windows
CPU Chip - Intel
Video Cards -ATI
Hard Drives - Samsung
Motherboard - MSI
DVD Readers - HP
Sound Card - Intel High Definition Audio
So far I only see spam.

You should start a discussion or I'm locking this topic.
(clue: talk about these brands. What's good? what's bad? etc)
Memory - Corsair, Crucial, Kingston or Major
OS - Windows or Linux or OSX | Not enough compatibility with anything other than Windows for me.
CPU Chip - Intel or AMD | Hasn't ever let me down.
Video Cards -ATi, nVidia or Generic
Hard Drives - Maxtor or Seagate or Western Digital | Haven't tried the other two brands, but my WD drive hasn't failed on me.
Motherboard - ASUS, Intel or ECS
DVD Readers - Samsung, LG, Philips or BenQ
Sound Card - Creatives or Generic | I'm not much of an audiophile so I'm fine with onboard.
Speakers - Logitech, Creatives, Harmon Kardon, Altec Lansing or Generic
Memory - Twinmos - cheap and good mem
OS - Windows - all games (except ones that are for linux only) works under win, also most of the useful programs can not run under linux
CPU Chip - AMD - cheaper and better than intel
Video Cards - nVidia - there are sometimes problems with games on ati cards
Hard Drives - Seagate - have 3 hdds and no problems
Motherboard - Gigabyte - stable, cool features like @bios -update bios under windows, intergrated hd audio, xpress recovery - utility to backup/restore os partition
DVD Readers - LG - never had problems with drivers from LG
Sound Card - Generic, my integrated card is imo good so i don't need to buy anything better
Well I don't know on all of them but here is my list which may differ from y'all.

Memory: So far I haven't got a dead stick, Corsair has the nicess setup and timing speeds.

OS - Windows by far, Linux is just too much work, it might have more power, but I feel I should have to worry if my programs are going to work or not. Sure overall Windows XP sucks, but I can play my games, and do most of what I want with out much troble or work on the system. Macs are good but just don't have my games, lol.

CPU - Well right now Intel has some sweet prices for Duel Core CPU like $109 for that 805 Pentuim D that can be overclocked to 4.0 Ghz. But overall because of gaming AMD has more power for buck. I love my 3700+.

Video Cards - ATi for a little while had the nicer cards, but for the last two years or so Nvidia has total rocked ATi. More Power, higher tech (Shader...), SLi, much better Drivers, etc... Since the GeForce 6 and so on Nvidia is way ahead. It is just a waste of money to buy ATi at all right now, maybe they will final get a good video card out....

Hard Drive - I'm all Western Digital, yes I have got one or two dead drives, but overall they run quieter, cooler, smooter, and better price. And their service is great, and very helpful.

Motherboards - Asus have a lot of good features and hold up pretty good, I really like DFI Lanparty but they do cost a lot. I also like ECS, they get the job done at a much lower price.

DVD Burner - I have gone threw a few, I really like NEC, and must part the drives are the same. But Plector drives from what I seen really arn't worth the money and arn't the best quality either.

Sound Cards - Creative with out question, I use a lot of the Creative software and the cards rock for Gaming.

Speakers - I havn't ran into any bad speakers, I really like Logictech and right now I'm using Monsoon which are really nice but I didn't pay for them, lol.

System builders - HP = Sucks and thats from a guys who worked there for over 20 years lol. Dell you get what you pay for crap, their service is better than the others. Whitebox is my pick, just get on Newegg and put together your own system, only way to get any kind of good system.
Some of my answers are not listed:

Memory: Corsair XMS series. Great RAM that is also relatively inexpensive. Crucial Ballstix are pretty good too.

OS: Windows. It is the only OS that you can game on, though it still sucks. Linux wins over Windows Server by far though.

CPU: AMD, though specs are decieving. A 3.7GHz P4 is slower than my AMD 2.0GHz, and the P4 is much hotter and more expensive. Conroe is predicted to change things, so things may change in the near future (though Conroe is predicted to start at extremely high prices)

Video: NVIDIA all the way. WTF is generic? Those crappy cards that have VIA and whatever else chipsets don't even support OpenGL or DirectX usually. ATI is almost as bad, their cards are hot, unreliable, and overall more expensive in terms of a price to performance ratio in comparison to NVIDIA. ATI used to be better with the HIGH HIGH end cards ($500+), but NVIDIA's new 7950GX completely stomped out ATI without a challenge. Quad-SLI anyone? Oh, and we cannot forget that ATI's Crossfire is a crappy rip off of SLI that is highly unreliable. Can't forget ATI's drivers blow and will NEVER work on Linux, which really pisses me off.

Hard Drives: It depends on the application. For average users, the Hitachi Deskstar series is by far the best. They are cheaper, cooler, quieter, and bleeding fast with awesome pricing (I got my 80gig for $30 Shocked ) As for performance, the Western Digital Raptor cannot be beat, unless you have some awesome RAID setup with Hitachi Deskstars. The RAID setup with several Deskstars will probably be cheaper too, but not that many people want to deal with RAID.

Motherboard: None of the above: Intel is only good for businesses or servers; Why the heck is ECS on there? They are a subbrand of PC Chips, the arguably worst motherboard manufacturer; and Asus is decent but no longer a great gaming board because they have turned a lot of their attention to other products (video cards, cases, etc.... They are all average components too). The best brand in my opinion would have to be DFI. Their LanParty series completely blows Asus's A8N-32SLI out of the water for much less money. I also love eVGA, their mATX SLI board (the ONLY mATX SLI board) is a small and POWERFUL beast. Its 3DMark (I really hate 3DMark, but it is the only way to compare mobo performance well) averages are much higher than most. Finally, AsRocks has proved to be an excellent budget retailler for motherboards. Their boards are rock-solid and I would reccommend them to anyone.

DVD Drives: Does not matter. As long as it works and is not rediculously loud. I personally like Lite-On the best because their drives are less deep and therefore, take up less room and look better in cases.

Sound Card: I love the high-end Creative X-Fis, but for low-end, the A-Open Cobra is best. Creative's low-end cards ($100 or less) suck total arse and should never, under any circumstance, be bought. If I were to buy any Creative sound card below $100, it would be a downgrade from my onboard sound... On the other hand, the A-Open Cobra works great and is a huge upgrade for under $40.

Speakers: Logitech. All the others never could come close.

System Builders: ME. All pre-made computers SUCK. EVEN ALIENWARE.
Memory - Corsair is great when it comes to value and performance, though Crucial is good too.
OS - As much as I hate to say it, but Windows. Linux lacks compatibility and Windows is your option for gaming.
CPU Chip - Currently, AMD. Simply cheaper and higher performance as compared to Intel. But, like I said, currently AMD; Conroe may change my mind.
Video Cards - nVidia. ATI runs hot, it's overpriced, and in some cases, not as reliable as nVidia. Also, when it comes to SLI vs. Crossfire, SLI definitely wins in performance.
Hard Drives - Depends on what you need. (eg. Storage, Speed, Reliability). But, If I had to choose, then it'd be Seagate. The definitely win in storage with their enormous 750 GB hard drive. They're speed is pretty nice too, not the best, but still great.
Motherboard - Depends on what you want to do with your computer, but I'd say Asus. They have some nice features and their quality is pretty good, too.
DVD Readers - LG. It's a nice company. I never had any problems when I used it.
Sound Card - Creative. Incredible performance, especially when you move up to their high end cards.
Speakers - Logitech, of course. The other companies are not that bad, but their performance is indeed inferior to Logitech.
System Builders - None, really. I guess Alienware is OK, but you can't get everything you want with any system builder. Build your own.
Memory - i like GeIL if not probly Corsair (XMS2)
OS - Windows (games.. ect)
CPU Chip - AMD (they ahev got that slight edge in games over Intel)
Video Cards -nVidia.. (never gone wrong with them.- got some nice GPU's out atm..)
Hard Drives - Western Digital.. far more superior
Motherboard - ASUS
DVD Readers - Samsung
Sound Card - Creatives (soundblasters Smile
Speakers - Logitech
System Builders - Voodoo.. (expensive but they dont skimp on hardware and they pre-clock the setup to the max.. unlike Dell)

Thats me Smile
Memory- Corsair XMS series because its the fastest reliable RAM iv ever found.
OS- Windows because i mostly game but linux has its perks
CPU- AMD because they overclock better and run cooler
Video Card- Nvidia because right now SLI is far ahead of CF in terms of effiency. Though ATI does significantly better at higher quality settings.
Hard Drive- western digital because they have the raptor drives which are awesome
Motherboard- none of the above, i would pick DFI because it is by far the best gaming and overclocking brand in my experience, iv never had one die on me.
DVD Readers- Doesnt matter but iv always used Either lite-on or Samsung because they are always on sale and work just fine.
Sound Card- Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 or 4 for price to performance.
Speakers- Harmon or Altec Lansing because theyre sound quality is un-matched.
System Builders- if i had to pick a prebuilt which i hate to do because custom is the way to go, i would pick proabbly wither IBM or Dell for theyre prices and reliability in my experience
Memory - Corsair XMS is bestfrom that list, low latency but i personally wud prefer OCZ platinum ram

OS - Windows - yes is has its huge problems and i am a supporter of linux but while most of the worlds software and users are still on win, for interoperability, id use windows

CPU Chip - Intel - l;atest gen cpus are the fastest, highest performance and cheaper than amd at the momemnt

Video Cards -nVidia

Hard Drives -WD - seagate is porlly equal to wd but is more expensive; maxtors hav higher failure rates and r more noisy

Motherboard - gigabyte

DVD Readers - LG - they outperform the othere in real life speeds

Sound Card - Creatives definitely

Speakers - Creatives, harmon kardons rnt that great in quality, logitechs hav slightly muffled bass

System Builders - i dunno - all my pcs r custom
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