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Macintosh or MacIntel? 64 bit chip

TGDaily recently reported that Intel is going to release the next generation mobile processor known as "Merom" by September 2006. The Merom processor is touted to be as fast as 2.33 GHz and brings 64-bit capability to the mobile platform. By the 3rd quarter 2006, Intel will roll out its next generation desktop processor called Conroe. This 64-bit technology will greatly enhance Mac facility to run multi-operating systems (e.g., Linux, OS, XP or Vista, etc.) without emulation and without having to reboot.

I don’t want to buy a new computer now for fear of committing myself to antiquated technology (i.e., 32 bit architecture) and having to live with that legacy for the next 4 or 5 years (or however long it takes for my computer to die).

What have you guys heard through the tech grape-vine?
AMD64 and EM64T have been around for ages, I guess you're looking at the top-end spot, which is a tough battle between FX-62 and Conroe, with Conroe looking really good. AMD *does* have 64-bit notebooks (on Turion).

The 64-bit hype is not going to materialize until rock-solid 64-bit OSs make their debut (Vista?). XP 64-bit was hardly more than news. Major flavours of Linux are ready, so will MacOS be (I guess by the time Cheetah is born).

My guess is the very first Intel PowerMacs will start with 64-bit, top-notch processors. If you're a Mac guy, wait and watch the fun Very Happy
I can't wait until 64-bit goes mainstream. The performance difference between 32 and 64bit is crazy...
sush wrote:
My guess is the very first Intel PowerMacs will start with 64-bit, top-notch processors. If you're a Mac guy, wait and watch the fun Very Happy

Hi Sush,
Thanks for the information. I've got a G4, 17" notebook now, but I want to sell it and pick up on the new 64-bit, processor when they come out sometime this fall, I guess.
I want to be able to run Vista [when it comes along in Jan or Feb '07], OS and Linux on one machine.
I have been wanting to run Linux for a long time, but haven't wanted to deal with the humbug of bootable CD or dual-boot programs.
Anyway... It's going to be an interesting Christmas for computer sales.
Intel is coming out with a new Core Duo chip that will be used in the PowerMacs.

For now the tests show that the Intel Macintosh do profrom better then the IBM G's Macintosh.

The PowerMac however I do beleave still holds it's ground with it's quad core but I think it's dual core ones don't proform as good at the dual core intels.

For now I will stick it a Quad Core PowerMac. Otherwise I would go intel.
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