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The fate of France

Now, France has two points and is ranking the third in its group. Switzerland and South Korea both have 4, and they're going to play each other in their next game. France is going against Togo on 23rd. If France lose or tie this game, next I guess that will be their last one in this world cup. France NEED to win AND either South Korea or Switerland LOSE in their next game, for them to have a chance to proceed forward in this tournament. Otherwise, I'm afraid that's it for them
France have good players and I expect a good comeback. But they are struggling for a better leadership : a new Zidane.
I think your right.
Zidane is too old, he's a perfect player but he don't know when he has to
stay at home an watch the games on TV...
I am afraid

The fate of France this year = The fate of france 4 years before

very disappointed .....
Very disappointed the way they played. Really hope they can come back in-form.
I think France will win on the next match. Then they will get 5 points. There is a high possibility that they can go into 16th.
I expect France to qualify to the next level, or may be I wish that they do qualify Very Happy It'd too bad for world cup that they leave so early !
France can play well if Zidane will came back!
Glad france won against togo.
I watched the game against spain, and it was the bestgane id seen france play in ages.
Next is brazil, can't wait should be a good game, and hopefully will get the same result as against spain.
Like what I'd said, france won again. Now into quarter final. Can't wait to see France vs Brazil.
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