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World Cup NYC: England v Sweden

Jaunted got the tiniest taste of what it means to be an English soccer fan yesterday at the Red Lion on Bleecker street in Manhattan. Most soccer fans will tell you that feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and angst are all part of watching the game, but the English get it in the worst way. They advanced, despite their time game with Sweden, but just as one of their injured strikers, Wayne Rooney, returned from a broken foot, striker Michael Owen twisted his knee simply running at the beginning of the game and is likely out for the tournament.

Early in the game, before the English scored, I turned to a fan sitting next to me at the bar and asked him what he thought of the match. "You can't be objective about your own team," he said. "I've enjoyed every game of the tournament so far except for the ones that England has played. These games, they're just miserable and you hope that they're over quickly."

Or at least, that's what I thought he said. Either he had a very strong English accent or a speech impediment. We're still not sure which.

Thankfully, it wasn't all pain and suffering at the bar, which was surprisingly full for a weekday afternoon. The Red Lions' bartender, and congenial Irish fellow, rather enjoyed quizzing any ladies who ordered drinks on the score of the game. They usually knew the answer.

I also got far too much face time with English cuisine. The Red Lion runs a special during England games on Beans, Chips, and Sausage, and sitting at the bar I saw 4 plates consumed consecutively next to me, as each fan in a group took a turn with a plateful. It didn't get any more appetizing, no matter how many times we saw it.

Dubious food aside, England is through to the next round and will live to torture fans another day--Sunday, in fact. Whatever the outcome, for the sake of their supporters, I hope it's not too painful.
English fans, you may pass sunday, but then you'll meet the "special one" team. You guessed: Portugal! Perhaps Rooney and Lampard will do some damage, but Portugal should prevail.
Good luck for sunday.
England is a team that is really interesting. They've got all the top players nearly in each position except their forward and GK, but their soccer are really some english-style soccer. Look at the four clubs in English Premier League and you will know why. Chelsea, Liverpool and even MU are really foucsing on their defense, not offense. They share the same goal, which is to defend well first and do a count strike when time is appropriate. As a result, England play out in this style too Sad All I see now is one high cross after another, endless high cross from David Beckham.. it's really getting boring isn't it?
It was a bad game lol !
It actually was a great game. Sweden scored in the 90th minute in order to advance. And I'm Swedish, too. Smile
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