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what cartoon they keep reruning in your country ?

I live in thailand, and Dragon ball is the most favourite cartoon of all time. It started the show in my country for 20 years ago when I was only five and now I'm 25 It still reruning it. It seems like this cartoon never leave our TV for ages
It seems that the only show I ever see on the TV anymore in the US of A is Family Guy, over and over again.
Doreamon is always reruning in my country. Well, it is popular worldwide and every one loves it, especially the kids. Other then that, I think that the second is also dragon ball, but that was in the past. Not now anymore.
Shaban, Superman, Batman ...
the simpsons espesialy the monorail episode
(im in Australia) Twisted Evil
Oh ya, speaking of simpsons, the spongebob suddenly pop ups into my mind. They had been telecasting that often enough too.
Oh, The Simpsons for sure! It's the most repeated show ever - I've probably see some of them about 20 times now! It's strange really because it's also one of the longest running animated shows of all time - they've got so many episodes to pick from!
Doraemon is back, which I don't really mind since I find it cute. Very Happy

But I'm getting tired of seeing Dragon ball again, really. Sad

And it makes me think, can't they get any other new anime to view?
a whole lot of things get repeated where i live. among these shows is the simpsons, i think it also gets repeated the most. then pretty much every anime gets repeated and starts from the beginning whenever theres enough new episodes finished. some animes that are finished and have been shown on tv get repeated after a year or 2.
reddishblue wrote:
the simpsons espesialy the monorail episode
(im in Australia) Twisted Evil

So true! They should get some new content on. Like replace that timeslot with Futurama or Family Guy!
Well it could probably mean that these repeated shows still get a lot of views since TV stations get to rerun them. They wouldn't rerun something they wouldn't gain much viewership from anyways.
On normal television (since I don't have cable), the thing they've been rerunning for the longest time is The Simpsons. There are two channels showing it - one shows the new episodes. However, when there are no new episodes to show, they show reruns. Another station at one point aired the cartoon three times in one day - all of them being reruns.
Dragonball Z-GT, Doraemon are still rerunning on our country (Philippines). Japanese anime are really popular here. Some new animation are also showing here like NARUTO and BLEACH.
In my country, they keep showing over and over again animes like Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, DragonballZ, and Zenki.
Tom and Jerry in Turkey Very Happy
Pokemon ftw !!

seriously.. I like Pokemon a few years ago, but now.....
In germany... Simpsons. Simpsons. Simpsons lol. again and again.
A lot of germans know all simpsons seasons by heart. It's crazy.
in the afternoon there are all these crap animes.. Don't know what they
are called since I don't watch them.
bugra9 wrote:
Tom and Jerry in Turkey Very Happy

Here in Brazil too. They also rerun every single day Woody Woodpecker, Wacky Races, Dragon Ball... I can't complain, I love Woody and Tom & Jerry!
Tom and Jerry used to ALWAYS be on Cartoon Network.... now it's ALWAYS on Boomerang. Mad
In my ****** there's a TV channel chain thats keep rerunning Dragon Ball (normal, Z and GT) over and over and over and on different channels !! It is getting pretty sick right now, they are reruning the whole series now for the forth time...and the worst is that it is an awful dub that doesn't fit in the anime at all. Actually a dub that fits in an anime, IMO, is yet to be born...
Ah yes, DBZ. Its also like that in our country. IMO, they're going to rerun the dam anime till the end of the world. That anime is probably the most overrun series there is. Not to mention endless. *frowns*

Other anime shows that they love doing reruns of
Voltes V
Ghostfighter (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Slam Dunk
Sailormoon (rolls eyes)
Zenki (not that I'm complaining)
The Simpsons and Dragon Ball Z/GT.

It have been like that for the past 7 years.
Mine should be Tom & Jerry (yeah, this is not anime, but in Vietnam they don't broadcast anime Sad )
Dragon Ball, ever since i remember Dragon Ball has been on air since i can remember, and even that im not bored of it, every time i see it and enjoy it more and more, and as you know there is Dragon Ball Z and Gt and the winner all time is Dragon Ball the first seria when goku was a child, i[m not saying that when he grow up i did not like it, but the first saga was a nice one...
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