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New IT job, time to celebrate!

Ray Salamon
Hey all. Been a short while since I've gotten the opportunity to be active and post. But, big things have been happening for me!
First off, I have been working steady and strong since I was 12 years old. Started off on farm work through middle and high school. After high school, I attended my first choice college, Embry-Riddle Aero. Uni. with an Aerospace Engineering major. Three semesters into that program, I start to dislike the college, the price of the education, and the career I was getting into. So, I made the decision to jump to my #2 choice, IT. This involved moving home etc etc. Well, here I am, one semester into it.
About a month ago, my father comes home to tell me that there will eventually be an opening in the company he works for IT department.
So, over the past month I have been talking with the IT department manager, and a few other higher-ups in the company (including the owners), and they were very interested in having me.
So, this past monday, they started me off as a summer intern, in hopes that the other person vacates their job soon, and I'll be right there to fill it.

For those that don't like to read long boring posts:
I changed majors, and within 6 months fell in love with it, and got my career started. And I'm extremely happy, and excited!

You are so lucky!

I have graducated since December of 2003 and haven't find a job suits my goal.

My major was Information Media and I want to be a web designer. IT technic has been developed fast forward every year and I don't have much knowledge of ASP, .Net etc. that are generally required by the employers. I can design simple website for small business but can't handle the big projects yet.

Another reason I can't fit in is due to my language. English is my second language, so as a web designer, sometimes authoring become a challenge to me.

I will have to work as a free lance, but looking for clients won't be easy.

Anyway, good luck for your career!

I wish you both luck. May things workout as you want.
I think the best option for a IT field job hunter is GOOGLE.
Any way, good luck!
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