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Site Advertisement and How to get more traffic

*ermm Bondings, please fix the title of this forum.[Advesitement to Advertisement]

Well, I bet that you were a beginner website builder once and you didn't know how to properly advertise your site and you end up stuck without any visitors.

This thread is about that subject and i've opened it to help newbies at this area(including me Smile ).

So, share your ideas about proper advertisement and how did YOU make it.
If you want to have a successful website, you really need to be serious about it and spent a lot of time working on it. A big part of that time will be on advertising your website, but you should never forget your content, of course. Wink

Step 0: The topic, name, content and design
-First of all you need a clear topic for your website. Not just a topic, the topic you would like to spent a lot of time on.
-Once you got that topic, you need a clear name to identify your website. Be as original as possible. If you have the money, pay for a domain; a real one, a .com. A .net or .info are also ok, but your website name won't be original.
-Then start with your content. Write a lot of articles and make a lot of pages with interesting information for the visitor.
-Of course the design is important. (our old design had a very bad effect) Design should make your content better visible and make your website look better, but certainly not replace your content. People visit to your website for your content, not for your design!
-A mistake that a lot of people make is to use a cms without a clear reason. Php-nuke, mambo and others can be very useful, but your website is not about php-nuke but about the topic you chose. You should make that as clear as possible; a visitor doesn't have time to search your topic. He just goes away if he doesn't like your website.
-In this view, your menu is also very important. A visitor doesn't like to click a zillion times to reach your first article. He wants to find it immediately. If you only have ~5-10 articles, then this should certainly not be a problem. Put a visible link to all of them on your home page.
-Also make your design as simple as possible. You don't need 100 images and borders for two sentences.
-(especially for Helios)Do not put excessive amounts of advertisements on your website. As long as you have very few visitors, you won't earn a lot. Pop-up's are certainly to avoid, just as intro-pages. Only big websites can are able to use them.

But let's say, you made a website with a clear topic and name and a good and easy-navigational design. You are also serious about it and you are planning to update it regularly with new content ...

It's now time to advertise your website.

Step 1: Exploring the internet
-Take a look on the internet for related websites, directories and forums by searching for keywords related to your topic. Look how similar pages get their traffic and what the most used keywords are. is good to search for keywords, but offline a lot.

Step 2: Getting links
-Try to get listed in those directories and request a link exchange with the related websites. Sometimes you can advertise in a forum, but this normally won't give you much visitors. Always try to get a link on a high pr-page with keyword-rich link text. ("free hosting" instead of "frihost") This is needed for the search engines. The more "good" links you get for a certain keyword, the higher you will appear on a search for that keyword in the search results.
-Links are there for 2 (or 3) main purposes. 1 to get direct traffic, visitors who click on that link. 2 for the search engines to rank your website for a specific keyword. 3 to get a the prestige of a higher pagerank, but that won't change your search rankings drastically.
-Only direct links will be counted by the search engines. (a href="yoursite") Redirects are only worth if real visitors click on them.

Step 3: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Coming soon ...
Thank you for your great reply Bondings, You've helped me a lot here.
i think everybody can use this!
Well, I, for example, have in average, 400 visits by day.

As Bondings says, you will have very responsability, and just with that your website will grow!

Great post Bondings, and I'm not just saying that for points, it was quite informative.
Thanks for your advice, Bondings as allways true and proffesional, also thanks for the link. Greetings from pacslim loving your freehosting ! ROCKS !!!!!! Very Happy
wow it really helps a lot ...thanks for the good well explain reply really helps... Laughing
I'm waiting for your visit!
Please post something about SEO Soon. BTW Nice Article. I use but it gives me only useless traffic. The people who visit my site through it are not at all interested in my site so my site don't really gets genuine visitors. I will stop using Traffic Exploding type sites. They are just useless and I will try for Link Exchanges.
Excellent article. Busily wacking away at my page as I write this (OK I took a break). Funnily the no one page on Google. Violate a good number ofthe rules here. The weight that is given links to your page is considerable. I've ot most of the points hit. and am adding informative content to the page. planning more. Waiting with baited breath for the SEO article.
I've looked at the compitetion and if I can get on page one. i'm gonna throw a party.
This article couple with the other quoted aticle on this forum have given me much food for thought.
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