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mp3 Player

I've a question: Which mp3 player is your favorite? Normally the answer is "iPod", but did you find cheaper and better alternatives?
I know you're looking for something else, but I'm telling you.
iPod is greatest mp3 player I've ever tried.

Though I've looked a bit a the Creative Vision. That one looks quite awsome and it scores higher than iPod in most of the tests.
The greatest thing is that it plays .avi and divX. Razz
MP3's are all the same, Makes no difference, But I like the iPod Nano because it has style.
I use the Zire 31, by PalmOne. It cost $50 and has all the basic palm stuff like Calendar, Task, Address book, and so on. Also, what you want, it plays mp3 just fine, uses SD Memory Cards(dirt cheap) so you can put 512MB, 1GB, and or I think 2Gb worth of stuff on the cards. Nothing flashy, but it works great and you can't beat the price, tell me what the Ipod or the others have that you really need for the price of $300 or more....


Palm Site:
I just have a crappy generic MP3 player made by some company called Sherwood. By brother does have an Ipod though and I gotta tell you, it sounds good and is nice and easy while you are anywhere. It has really good battery life to. Everything goes nice and easy with the Ipod... until you get on the computer with it. Unless you get some third party software, (and pay) you have to use Itunes and you better only be using one computer. If you bring the Ipod over to another computer Itunes there will automaticly want to upload its entire library onto your Ipod... which deletes everything on it. The Ipod is good, just not when you're running a PC with a Microsoft made OS on it.
right now i have a creative zen micro (5gb). i mainly got it cuz i couldnt stand the whole ipod bullcrap. like they have you spend more money than for most other mp3 players. creative included. then you need to spend like 100 bucks in other accessories. 40 bucks for a wall charger? come on. found one for 5 bucks on and works wonderfully.

but anyway i love my zen micro and cant wait till i have enough money to go and get the vision m or another creative product.
I have an Ipod and it is simply the best. But a friend of me has a Creative Zen and that is too pretty good.
Get a Samsung YP-U2. It makes excellent sense as it is small and great battery. I use it from 7am-3am and still it lasts.
I definitely recommend checking out the Cowon range of players: - I've got an X5 and it's amazing. If you read the user reviews on some DAP sites you'll get an idea of how good they are.
Ipods suck: THey break way to easily etc, battery burns you

I currently use an iriver u10 2gb Very Happy

Great you should get one....

130 about the same as hmmm... $260

Touchscreen, videos, fm radio, flash games, text files, Music (well duh), Pictures (changable background, and tny etc..
Please search before posting. Lots of opinions are already available here.

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