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Hello everybody,
One of my hobbies is to travel.As a consequenze I would suggest that everybody writes something about his or her last or previous travelling to a place one can recommend or not..
I, for example, spent my last holiday on the island Crete, that is part of Greece. I was in a huge, multicultural hotel complex with a beach- volleyballfield, soccer- field, a gigantic pool and a sunny beachside. But I did not simply relax: I visited Knossos a Minoan site, an interresting museum and I hiked up to Psiloritis, with nearly 2500 m the highest mountain on Crete. The people were nice and friendly and I really enjoyed myself. I can only recommend that island!
Traveling... I'd love to travel A LOT, but there is a problem - I don't have enough money to afford all trips I would want to go and visit all countries I've ever wanted.

I was in Hungary and must say that Budapest is BEAUTIFUL! I was astonished by people, they are so nice, but they don't want to speak English (or don't know...)

I would like to visit... hmmm.... United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Germany, Croatia... well, almost every country on the world!
Traveling is awesome, not so much of a hobby, but just a great thing to do that everybody does at some point in time. Happy travels.
2 weeks ago
i visited my homeland ( istanbul - turkey)
after 2 years in pacific
it was like a place from heaven.
istanbul is a beatiful city.
Hmm... The most of pleaces I have been are in Poland because I live in this country. There are such a beautiful mountains for egzample Rudawy Janowickie in Sudety or Bieszczady. If you were some time in Polend you schould visit that pleaces.
Captain Fertile
Before getting married I used to travel a lot but now not really much at all.

I am British and live in the UK and I have been to Germany, France, Holland, the Greek Islands (Kefalonia Beautiful place), Spain (Mainland and the islands) and I have been to 21 of the US states (mainly East Coast, Midwest and South) - I love the US and its people.

Before I croak I would like to visit the US again (would like to do the west coast) and Italy would be nice too.

Kefalonia would be nice to visit againalso, I was single when I went there but I would like to take my wife to show her how beautiful it is.

The Captain
I also like travelling, have you ever visit Hong Kong?
hell friends

i luv traveling a lot
i have visited almost all parts of india and nepal
i luv kanya kumari, madhurai, hyderabad in india.
and in nepal pokhra is the best scenic beauty to view
I love traveling.
Last summer I went to Australia. It was really cool to see animals and plants so very different from the ones you see elsewhere. Of course it is pretty far away from the rest of the world, so it's quite expensive. But that's the advantage of being just a student and traveling with your family - they pay for everything! Very Happy Well, I think it is absolutely worth the long trip.
It's interesting you mention "traveling" but not "vacationing." I keep the two separate, but in the end realize that the trip is part of the journey. I have traveled (over the road) over much of the U.S. and one of the best times my wife and I have was based upon the throw of a dart.
We were living in Virginia and had a week to kill. We took a folded map of the Eastern U.S. and threw a dart through it. Then we opened it and plotted our course to visit as many of the "holes" that we could (as some were in the Atlantic). We made it a point to avoid interstates and major cities.
What a trip! I assure you that the "real America" is out there if you stay away from the billboards that say "Come Visit [insert anyplace here]...The REAL AMERICA"
I went to Grand Canyon two weeks ago. It is one of seven mysteries. I saw the grate scenery in the air by airplane and on the ground. Although the price of flight tour was somewat expensive, it was glorious sight I had never seen before. I strongly recomend that you should seeing in the air the great nature creature. Also, the scene on the ground has different feeling from in the air. You will feel that human is too small in the nature.

I was hurried to leave there because of my schedule. However, I would like to go there again later. If I have a chance, I would like to see sunrise and sunset there.
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