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Enter your webpage in this form to KNOW your keywords

I've developed a script I think you guys should take a look at. Disguss and give suggestions, and check back often for changes (there have been quite a few over the last few days).

Go here - Keywords Form - and enter your home page URL

Overview - Script grabs a copy of the page entered and returns a list of words used and how many times they were used. It also reports meta tag content on that page. Helps give you a birds eye view of your keywords, and frequency of use on the page. I'm working on the script as we speak, so check back for updates often as the script will improove minute to minute. HA, don't be surprised if you use it once, enter another page, and get a completely new set of options cause I'm uploading the lastest working version every few hours until the script looks and works the way I want it to.
It got everything wrong with my site - Except one, which is "tee". Another thing is the Error 404 page. You could instead explain that the page isn't found, rather than recommend some keywords. Good job though.
You've made a good point. The script does report whatever page is returned, and if it is a formatted 404 page, then the script doesn't know. Now to figure out just how to do that will be a problem. There is no standard for showing you are on a 404 page that I know of. I'm hoping that it is a header or general title thing that will allow me to see when a 404 or 500 comes up, but it will take time.

BTW, thanks for being the first response to the script that I've gotten so far. No one else seems to be impressed. Heck I am, and wish someone had done it sooner, cause I've gone through and managed most of the keyword meta tags on my site's pages. This made the whole deal alot easier to handle. I've NEVER had so many accurate keyword meta tags on a site I've created. period. I'm hoping that it really shows in the search engines.

Well, once again thanks for being the first response I've gotten. Check back and use the script for new pages you create, and you will see changes that I'm making to the script over time. I just checked email to see what's going on in the world, and now I'm back to a total rewrite of the script. Should be really nice when I'm done.

Possible Updates this time around:
1. Want checkboxes next to the keywords allowing list creating with a couple clicks
2. Want each keyword to be a link back to the page with that word highlighted! wouldn't that be cool
3. Always working on layout. Happens every time I rewrite something.
4. I've already reworked the code to strip multi-line html tags (big bug in the first version)

I'm off again, Cheers!!
Hi there,

I was trying the page.

After put in my particular webpage, the result is page not found.
Is it supposed to work that way? Sad
what page are you trying to go to? is the page broken, or the script?

I've been working on the script all night, so you may have tried while it was down for alittle while. LOL, I left a semicolon out and it took me almost 2 hours to find it. but it's up again.

Please let me know what you think
The new version builds a form on the right side of the page and you can hit check boxes next to each keyword, and choose what keywords will be put into a meta tag for you. All you have to do then it is "select all" and copy it onto your page and you are done.

another really cool feature I added was the meta checker portion. The script now tells you if each word in the list appears in your meta tag or not. It's a great tool to see if in writing the page you forgot to include major searchable words in your meta tags. Here's a hint: if a word appears more than five times on the page, and it's not in the meta tags, then your doing it wrong. Wink

Cheers, and enjoy the new script changes!!
calvinchin wrote:
After put in my particular webpage, the result is page not found.

I think that the address you typed in is wrong. I got the Error 404 in the first few tries.
Hi there !

Thanks for your script !
How do you like the changes I've made to the script!!

Now you can click the keywords and go to your page and it highlights the word you clicked!! I think this is one of the coolest things that this script does, and it's some of the most complex parts of the code itself.

Check the script out again - go here - and tell me what you think about the changes that I've made to the over all look and feel, general inner workings, and the new updates to the script.

Please don't forget to comment!!! I love hearing from you guys!
Pretty cool man, I really like it! What'd you script it with - Pearl? PHP?
the script is written in perl, and I'm glad you like it. Some people's response has been that most popular search engines ignor meta keywords, but the script can be used to get a count for the number of times a word is used on just about any page.

The best part is that it reads the page after output, so it doesn't get fooled by integrated perl, php, or javascript.

Its taken me quite some time to get it together as far as scripting goes because I wanted it to work well, and for the most part it does.

Did the script break on any pages that you tested? The last version has worked on everything that I've tried, but I can't do all the trouble shooting the script needs by myself.
Script updated again!!

Also, I'd like to point out that I've noticed a definate increase in ad-revenue since I started using the script to format what words I use on what pages.

Bondings pointed out to me that most search engines ignor meta keywords, and that's true, but search engines pay careful attention to what words you use on what pages, and I can tell you that this script definately helps make your pages more searchable if you read what words come up how many times, and rewrite the paragraphs on your pages so that those words you want come up more often. Use the script again to really see how effective your rewrites are going at a glance, and you'll be taken back by how quickly there is a turn around effect from doing so - I know I am.

Well, happy web building, and hey...don't forget to tell me what I can do better with the script. I've already got an idea to have the tested page come up first so you can see it, then click again to test for keywords, so that the script won't test so many error 404, and error 500 pages.

I think it's funny that it will return keywords for error pages, and I've looked into a fix for this, and the best thing I can think of is to make the script show you the page first, and make you click again to test for keywords. There will be no mistakes that way.

Cheers, and happy keywording!!
It's realy a pity that only for the English. What about to add German and for example Russian?
I've not tested the script in german or russian, but the basic functionality of the script should seporate and number words in any language. First is seporates the words (not language specific) then it counts them (not language specific) but the script descriptions are only in english.

It should still work though, althought I have not had time to test it. The script does not use any kind of dictionary it just seporates the words based on how english, german, and russion punctuate them. So, the script doesn't even really know that it is testing an english page. Just seporates by word boundaries, and strips out <HTML/SCRIPT/%> tags

I will not, however, have time enough to translate the scripts text into german or russion. Es tut mir lied.

Ich kann ein bischen deutsch, und ich leibe die sprache, aber jetzt habbe ich kine siet. Noch ein mal, es tut mir lied.
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