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Its not new.. but still..

Plot Summary:
A mysterious warrior calling himself The Black Swordsman is out to get the King of a country called Midland. As he battles the king's henchmen, their cries of pain and the spilling blood take this relentless warrior's mind back in time to the path that led him to his current state.
On just any day, a pack of hooligans are harassing a young lady in distress when all of a sudden, they're under attack. The Black Swordsman has returned. He wields a giant sword as large as his grudge against the king. When alone in the woods, the Black Swordsman has a flash back to years past and his trials and tribulations in the Band of the Hawk, a successful band of mercenaries under the charismatic leadership of Griffith, a man driven by the ambition to become king.

Its an dark anime fantasy with full of bloody violence and explicit sex and I can tell its really a worthwhile series that you won’t regret watching. Its based on manga so u may be a little confused with its starting and ending :>
Not sure if this is just me, but I cannot stand an anime with knights, broadswords and castles, it just seems too un-natural for asians to be doing that type of thing =/
OtakuBoi wrote:
Not sure if this is just me, but I cannot stand an anime with knights, broadswords and castles, it just seems too un-natural for asians to be doing that type of thing =/ obviously have no imagination, and with a name like Otakuboi, it's ironic you know nothing about manga or anime. Firstly, most characters in anime or manga are not supposed to be asian. Secondly, Berserk was a decent anime series, but the comics were the best manga ever created, period. The series is still ongoing and the art is so finely tuned and detailed, it's obvious the creator put a lot of time and effort into it. I also really enjoy the dark content of the story. May I repeat, that many character in anime and manga are not ASIAN!
This is probably of of the best animes I have ever seen in my life so far. It was a fantastic story, the characters although they look a bit old compared to the ones from nowadays (the serie is from 1997) are fantastic and the main char is UBER charismatic !!

I think that, for those that started to see anime in the last few years, you can compare this serie to "Gungrave" in a manner that it is about man that follows other man that we believes in a joins that man crusade but some time after he starts to walk along his own path...well for those that have seen both the anime I think you understand what i'm saying Razz
Berserk is definitely one of my favorites. It's a very classic "tragedy". Also, the manga makes the show look like kid's stuff in terms of violence and sex.
Just like there is kids and adults movies, there is also kids and adults anime.
I don't think its wrong that anime has to be necessarily all asian (where would all the fun adn variety be in that?) it is a good thing that animators tell stories from all different cultures and backgrounds.
Sure the animation may be dated (it was made from ages ago for crying out loud) but the caliber of storytelling is still very good. It is just a pity that it ended very abruptly (and quite confusingly so as well might i add).
Its open ended so perhaps leaving room for continuation of a sequel? It was still a very strange end.
However the manga is very good and is still going. Like always the manga can often be considered superior due to the additional scenes that animators often cut out for a variety of reason.
All that needs to be said though however is - Beserk is good!
Nice Anime, i have only seen the anime and for me it was a good one, i heard long ago that a second season would be out but now i believe that that might not happen, but it would be great to have a second season for the Anime, im going to look for the Manga and read it, at the end of the last episode i was like a WTF with the end, that was it, but i guess i might need to read the anime, lol
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