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Monkey Island

Do you play that kinda games?
What makes it good/bad?
What's ya favourite monkey island adventure??

I love klick aventures like mi or indiana jones!
It's just this OldSchool feeling… The pixel graphics are just amazing!!
The best one I think it Monkey Island 3: The Curse of Monkey Island…
I just like the way it's "drawed". This MI style Very Happy ! I love it!

Another great oldschool game is Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis!
As well from LucasArts

What do you think about this one???
Yeah, never think that I would saw a topic on this game here. I am playing Monkey Island 4, and it was quite tough for me, in terms of the quest and puzzle. I had to wander around looking for clues, try to interact with any item or things that i can see. It is quite time-consuming. But overall, fun Wink
sry no clue what your talking about
monkey island was my first fav game! great humour and gameplay...
Dj Redrum
i've only ever got into 1 of the games, and that was '' The Curse Of Monkeys Island '' that was a good game for the gameplay ect... i also tried the early games to but i was only able to play them for so long.
Motoracer380 wrote:
sry no clue what your talking about

huh? what do you mean? Rolling Eyes
I don't understand too.. please explain. Thank you very much. Smile
djsamsung wrote:
monkey island was my first fav game! great humour and gameplay...

my first fav too Very Happy
though i only completed it once Smile but it was sure worth it Wink

great game Smile
games like that remind me of the good ol' days when i played a lot of games like monkey island, sam and max or day of the tentacle (on some old apple pc i had those games ran with about 2-3fps xD). sadly you cant play these games on windows XP unless you download an additional program called scummvm that lest you play em (in case you want that,
i actually downloaded it this week and played some monkey island 2 aswell as sam and max. one problem is that if youve already played those games once you tend to beat then in 1-2 days like i did.
i havnt played monkey island 4 yet, even though i would really like to play it.
The Monkey Island series must be one of the coolest games ever! I had monkey island 1,2,3 for my CBM amiga's they were great games (although for some reason they wouldn't work on my Amiga 4000/40).
I have since perchased the whole set of lucas arts games for the PC.

For anyone who enjoys these oldskool adventures i can also recommend:-

'Simon The Sourcerer' (not the new 3D one, haven't tried that)
'Beneath A Steel Sky' another cool game but not by lucas arts
'Zak McKraken' also pretty good but i don't think it was as good as MI
'Grim Fandango' (An absolute MUST HAVE for Lucas Arts fans)

Also very highly recommended although not a game as such is SCUMMVM
see previous post for info, I recently got SCUMMVM for my windows mobile PDA and have completed the whole series of MI on my PDA.
Yeah, The Curse of Monkey Island is definetly the better one of them. number 4 never really got me addicted, although I did play it for a while. But number three had those AWESOME swordfights! I can still remember the lines; "You're about as fearsome as a doorstop", "You look like a monkey in a negligée", "No fair, you're using captain Rottingham's lines!"

hahahaha, this game really gets me going. I guess I have to install it again now Razz
'Monkey Island 3' and 'Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis' are two of the better point'n'click games I know of. At one stage I'd play little else than this genre (I even tried to make a community-site about this, but I never got around to launching it).

Another game I can recommend is Day of the Tentacle. Hillarious. Very Happy
Monkey Island is brilliant! Just the best point & click adventure games ever - funny, challenging, everything you want. For some old school fun, why not check out 'Day of the Tenticle'?

Guybrush Threepwood forever!
Monkey Island is one of my faovurite game serieses of all time! Most people say that CMI is the best, but I just hold a ridiculously soft spot for LeChuck's revenge. Very Happy

Brings back so many memories. Crying or Very sad I love the Dinky Island music.
monkey island sucks...i hate that game... i played it once but it sucked....Smile
I've only played the first Monkey Island (I think it's called The Secret of Monkey Island, but I'm not entirely sure---All I know is that it was the old point and click one with the bad graphics Smile), but it's probably one of my favorite PC games just for the fact that it's HILARIOUS.

And GProject, Day of the Tentacle is awesome too! I never get tired of that game.
Oh yeah "The fate of atlantis" is one of my favourites!!! Very Happy
Oh yea, all of the Monkey Island games are great. I have played and beaten them all, execpt for the first one Razz I could never manage to get my hands on it. I am so busy now I don't even have the time to Confused

I grew up with Sierra, so most of my favorites are the Quest games. KQ, SQ, PQ, LSL, QFG, ect. But I always did enjoy the LF/LA games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Manic Mansion, Sam & Max.

Fav Monkey Island would have to be LeChuck's Revenge... but they're all good.
I loved all the Monkey Island games but the first one I hold a special bond with. It stands out as being very original and unique.

jeremyyak wrote:
I have played and beaten them all, execpt for the first one Razz ...

I've never understood this mentality of "beating" a game that was meant to be completed. I have completed all the Monkey Island games but I had to cheat on the second one (called the hint line back in the day before www)... I got stuck on the spit competition - That darned little flag!
I played Monkey Island like 9 years ago. Was an awesome game.
Or Indiana Jones. That was cool as well.
Earth Worm Jim as well..
and EWJ2.
I used to love the monkey island games. At the time they were pretty much my favourite games ever. I can't believe I used to think the graphics were stunning, but I guess 15 years ago they were.

The puzzles were brilliant, the humour was brilliant, and there was a great storyline and strong cast of characters. Who could forget Le Chuck?

I may even have to track these down again and give them another spin.
I played the newer one, made me burst in laughter sometimes.
"Marco Polo," classic...
the new pirates of the carribean has lots of stuff from monkey island, the voodoo lady, the cannibals... bla bla
Osprey wrote:
I have completed all the Monkey Island games but I had to cheat on the second one (called the hint line back in the day before www)... I got stuck on the spit competition - That darned little flag!

I seem to remember that spit competition bit being quite difficult too - well, put it this way, I remember that section so it must have stumped me for a while.

And hint lines! lol! "Need Help? Call: 0901..." - I remember calling one of those for cheat codes on the SNES. Classic times, but thank goodness for the internet. I can't imagine what it was like for the people who had to sit on those phone lines all day answering vague questions from children. "erm, I can't find the key in the green room when you go through the forest & talk to that guy, and then you come back and give a fish to the giant bird, then I got stuck... what do I do?"
Well, Monkey island is cool and I had played 1,2,3 version of it but the 4nd version I did`nt like becouse it hade no mouse scroll.
eu sou super de +
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Monkey Island
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