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some tips

some of the matter should be maintain when making pages.

i never use dark color which hurts the eyes. visitors first notice about the color and design. remember a visitor decides a website good or ugly within first 3 seconds.

font color should be choose against the background color. shouldnt be too light ot dark.

for html site i use verdana or tahoma. atleast 50+% of visitor has that font installed. whatever font you use wont work if the font is not in visitor;s machine.

in Flash page i use pixel font. its quite tricky but pixel font has the best contrast and can be read in 8 points. so more room for content/s

Dont use too much blinking text graphics. its annoying.

use graphics and icons in appropriate place. not here and there. it doesnt look good.

midi sound doesnt fit well in webpages anymore. better use flash for playing a sound if needed.

before start a site, draw it first. i use MS paints then export to fireworks for final touch.

there are many more things should be maintain in order to make a quality site. but maintain thye above would also result a good and friendly page
Ensure everything degrades gracefully.
Make your site valid HTML.

Think about people who use ELinks (images disabled, javascript disabled, no flash) Smile
I am designing my own web site, and I think these tips are very usefull thank you again.
My two cents:

Don’t saturate the space.

Maybe it is the idea that you have to deliver a certain amount of information in a particular number of pages, but for a viewer, if in the first one you feel saturated you won’t go for a second one. This happens in the better families.

The clue is, as said before: pre-design your page; have a point and deliver it the best way.
@ the-geek... isn't your site a template? Rolling Eyes Embarassed
I also use a Wacom tablet to draw my page first.
You can use Photoshop or Flash to make a sketch.
Also make the whole page with an external CSS file, so you can change the design easily.
Before starting you page, remember to think if you are going to use Flash OR HTML. Both don´t combine well.
If there is dynamic content, or you are willing to change it often, keep all the page contents in a MySQL Database, and access it with PHP. If you can, make forms to hande Databases.
Graphics look good, but watch file sizes!
Checked out your website man. Really loved it. You really have the know-how to make a cool website. Well done!!
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