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site check

Hello guys!
My site is uploaded and running. although its not fully done yet and some of the pages still under
experiment for their useability and excution. [I had redisgn many pages since frih doesnt support ASP] i
made it for 600x800 resulation. so people who are with 1024x768 settting can report me if i need to do
some changes. i've heard of xHTML but never tried it. will this help to eliminate the resulation issue?
please visit and send your comment so that i can change it according. reporting on below listed points

would be helpful:

Loading time?:
User friendly?:
Color Scheme?:
Font ok?:
Graphics ok?:
Advice(If any):

Thanks for taking your time.
Loading time?:

About 10sec on 1Mbit - it's not good Smile

User friendly?:

So-So ... i dunno - I haven't noticed any problems ... its ok - but a little bit to small for 1024+ res

Color Scheme?:

Nice colors - that is OK

Font ok?:

I can read it... then ... OK Smile

Graphics ok?:

Not to many - well balanced - OK Smile

Advice(If any):

About this XHTML - this is a strandard where You code only the content + div's - No formating or LayOut - Layout is made in stylesheets (CSS) - it's usefull Smile
Next thing - i hate iframes :/ It's the worst thing You can do if You want the high position in google or other search engines - google/yahoo/etc don't read iframes = dont read content of page - see only index with menu.
Look on this layout
No tables, no formating in HTML file, all in CSS - look into source - verry short code Smile (text is in polish, and this is only test text - some letters without any sense)
Thank you for your reply. i would redesign the page with xHTML. and rearrange the GFX. i didnt get why it took 10sec in your machine. i still use dial-up and it takes only 4-5 seconds. even after all the cache file removed.
maybe it in the OLD HTML..
it's look fine for me
Loading time?: about 10 secs
User friendly?: ok function
Color Scheme?: good choice
Font ok?: too small for me (1024*768)
Graphics ok?: nice gal pic /heh
Advice(If any): just put more info and contents if you have time. onething, isnt yr info is too personal? but it's yr info anyway ^^
Loading time?: about 8 sec. on DSL for the first page and the real first page each for about a total of 16 sec. total load time to content.
User friendly?: Get rid of the splash page, no reason for it, just blocks readers from content. Text is hard to read and there are some grammatical errors or odd word pairings. Otherwise, this is fine.
Color Scheme?: Yeah, I like this.
Font ok?: Too small IMO, and the letters seems squished together.
Graphics ok?: Yeah, I like these a lot.
Advice(If any): The splash page only serves to barricade your site from your visitors. Make the text a bit larger, too. If you build it in xhtml and CSS, your visitors will be able to make the text as big as they need. Also, building in Flash makes it somewhat difficult to navigate, especially the scroll controls. The two "Local uptime" counters are somewhat confusing. I'm not sure why they're there. IMO, people don't need to know how long they've been on your website, especially not in two different places.
Finally, I'm a bit confused as to the purpose of your website? Is it as a place for you to post stuff? Will it market and sell downloads? What I mean is I think this could use a little focus.
Good things: you have nice photographs. Are you the photographer? The color scheme works nicely. The downloads seem interesting, too.

I hope this helps.
Loading time?: about 1 sec for the first thing. Then for the index1 it took about 4 secs.
User friendly?: so so, nothing special, it's nice
Color Scheme?:good. I like it
Font ok?: I can read it
Graphics ok?: good. Yet, on 1280x1024 it looks just way too small.
Advice(If any): ...
yes your input would help me. some of the findings are really usefull. Thanks Mamsaac and GB you would see a huge change within somedays.
i didnt use xHTML. just pure HTML with XML formatting in MSFP. i think xHTML would help me with the resulation.
Site's Focus..yeah it lacks.. its not up yet thats why no focus.
Thanks again guys
Loading time?: fast
User friendly?: yup
Color Scheme?: nice
Font ok?: yup
Graphics ok?: yup
Advice(If any): the timer is a little too annoying, try taking away the milliseconds
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