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history made on the price is right

i was watching the price is right today on my day off, and history was made. this woman named judy was playing the game where you're standing on a grid of numbers and you have to step to the next one to win a car. apparently only two people in the past had walked all the way through without any mistakes and won the car. she had four right, and then stepped on the 0... and that annoying 'loser' sound rung. but wait! they realized that they made a mistake and she actually had gotten it right, going down in history as the third person to ever do that on the price is right.

i love that show.
Dang, Its that hard to win a car? I hope it was a nice one. In Quebec, There is this show called "La Poule aux oeuf D'or" some Loto-Quebec serie that translate to the The Chicken with Golden Eggs, Where pratically every contestant walks away with a car. All you have to do is spin three quadrants of rotating numbers and if you get a double or triple you get a bonus prize which can be nearly anything. For the Bonus they have to push this device which causes the balls with numbers on it to float and if you get a certain one, You get a Car.

Sometimes if you chooses a Golden Egg, Youll hear a rooster roosting which means you've won something like a car.

EDIT: Actually there was this one episode where a contestant actually won two cars out of luck. Because she got one as a bonus and because it was a special episode marking the 100th episode or something, or the $100 Millionth Dollar given away, She got a free car.
Nice to see that sometimes the gameshows also get it wrong. If it was the new style show with Joe Pasqualie then I'm sure he would have had a laugh at the time..
nono, it wasn't that hard to win a car. you're allowed to screw up a few times, but it was the third time that no one had screwed up the whole way and won the car.
The price is right is so much fun for an afternoon gameshow. my favourite game is by far the yodelling mountainclimber.

i have never seen anyone win that one. have you?
haha history again today. On the game where you have to step on the numbers by you and if you miss you can pick a prize to get back in if you get the price right. She was the third one ever to get all 3 prizes wrong. So she won nothing which sucked.
I was watching one where they had to pick from thirty numbers, on the backs of whcih were written C, A, or R. You had to spell car. The guy did, but he made history by being the first person ever to pick the number 1. That Bob Barker sure has a good memory, doesn't he?

Also, some people seem WAY to excited to be on that show. "AAAAAAAHHHHH I WON A NEW SET OF CAMPING GEEEAARR!!! OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! $460 CASH VALUE!!"
yea people are like too happy i think on that show. Like the shirts and all. I would go there and be like yea i won something. Not like going and kissing everyone (that only goes to bobs beauties Wink) But yea bob does have a good memory. There are some weird history moments on that show. Like the history on no one ever winning a prize. I think only 3 people did that.
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