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Knight Online

Anyone play this?

I just started playing again and I'm loving it. It's a free MMORPG kinda like World of Warcraft.

I guess its kinda weird, but I loving merchanting, I make soooo much money! Other than that, I'm pretty bad. I haven't even got the goblin armor yet (hangs head). I've got a rogue and a warrior, does anyone have an opinion on which I should work on, I can't decide. My warrior is a higher level, but I created the rogue and I really like the feel, although I run out of arrows a lot.
Rogue = chance to party (because of SWIFT) ...
But i prefer ICE Mage Smile Party without mage = no party Smile On higer level You may enter Harpy Party, and IceMage on 40lvl with stuff like lupus staff and cheap armor can kill golems alone Smile
played this game before but later switched to Conquer online which is a similar game but i liked it more
From what I've seen, a lot of mages can't do hard stuff without a warrior around to take the hits for them. Of course, I haven't gotten to the high levels, when I'm sure, like all other RPGs in the world, warriors will be completely beaten down by mages.

Warriors are commonly the head of parties, as I am often, so I wouldn't say they don't get into parties, they just dont get invited.
Huh KO is so old game...but it was very fun thou Mad

Warriors are commonly the head of parties, as I am often, so I wouldn't say they don't get into parties, they just dont get invited.

Err... i think buffers/healers were/are Razz
I've never really understood the obsession with cutting edge graphics. Gameplay and lasting appeal will always matter a hundred times more for me, especially once everything in comparison is a fairly advanced 3d engine. You can tell the models apart and the landscapes are pretty to look at, what more do you want?

Also, the age of the game and its low requirements make it extremely unlaggy, and yes, that is a word. Also, older games have the cult followings that just haven't developed in the newer ones. True vets are something that seriously enhance online play in any genre.

KK, thats my thing, and I apologize if i overreacted a little, don't mean for this to sound angry or anything.
Yeah, this game is cool and had an absloute awesome graphic. It was fun to fight too... It is also quite fast with my old computer.

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