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Getting a Pet from a Pound

I'd like to adopt a pup from a pound (people say it's a good thing to do and also it's really cheap), but I really do not know how.

First of all I'm pretty positive there isn't an animal pound around can I find a local one?

Second, I checked out a pound website and it says that to adopt a puppy younger than 8 weeks I HAVE to bring along the mother. I don't really get puppies get lost along with their mothers??? Question I really want a small

Third, how much does it cost to adopt a puppy? I heard that they give the dog basic shots and everything, but don't I have to pay for medical stuff from then on? How much do you think that will cost per year?

And if you know any other info about adopting a pet from a pound, do let me know. Thanks!
I got one from the pound once Its okay as long as you find out how they treated the dog. Because mine bit both my sisters because they hit it at the pound. Sad so just make sure you know the dog will listen to you first. They all need good homes though. My advice rescue dogs from a dog rescue type place. Like APL or ASPCA. GOOD LUCK
The website can help you find a local pound or rescue, if you're in the U.S.
Good luck with your adopted friend. My 3 babies were all rescues Smile
LOL when I read that I thought you meant buy a pet for a pound :p.

(as in the currency. British money? Urgh.)

We have Battersea dog's home in the UK, always good for poor helpless puppies. That grow into huge dogs and piss on your carpet.
It's a very good idea, you should not take a puppy from it's mother at less than three months old though.
I got a border collie form the Humane Sociality. He was the beat pet I ever had. He was very smart, and just a wonderful friend! I really miss him, but have many stories to tell about Ranger.
I highly recommend getting a pet from the shelter. I got my dog from one, she was $40 and had all her shots and was fixed. I know the price ranges depending on the shelter tho. Look in the phone book for local shelters or ask around.
well I got my dog at a humaine shelter, where they find lost pets and keep them there untill they can find a owner
Zug Zug
At Haven Humane Society I got my kitten, it didn't have a mother...he was younger than 8 weeks old, someone abandond him in front of their place. I don't know about your pound, but mine allows people to adopt at certain times...also you have to have picture id, and proof of address, so they can check you see if you have any animal abuse on your record. So that the animals can go to a good home. You can also check your local newspaper for "free puppies to a good home" ad. You never know what you'll find in a newspaper ad ^_^ that's where I got my puppy Georgie. His old name was puppers....eww.

Have a wonderful day! Good luck!!!

Well puppies need to be weened or however you spell it before they can be taken away from their mothers, i don't know why.. but i guess they don't do well or they die with out them and i htink its 6 weeks instead of 8 but either way they are still small by that time, and that is when everybody gets theirs anyway soo it wont' be any different.
If there are not very many humane shelters near you,

google 'dog rescue' or the breed that your looking for and the word rescue.

Who ever you get it from will deserve at least $50 just for all the shots, worming and neutering/spaying.

Be ready to answer alot of questions about how you plan to care for it
like how much money per month have you budgeted for the animal.
How much time will the animal be alone in an average day.

Most vets will give a free first exam to a shelter/rescue animal.
Take advantage of that.

If you find an animal you really like
get them out of the shelter ASAP,
they only get marginal care at a shelter
and will get much better care in a loving home.
Got to tell this story.
About 20 years ago, my friend came to me and my wife all bummed out. Seems some cat of his had been sent to the pound.
Well after some thought we decided to go see if we could get it out. Well we get to the pound, but couldn't find it. Either it was too late, or wrong pound.
But we did notice this little Siamese kitten that was just begging to be let out.... literally talking to use and climbing all over the bars.
So, we concocted a plan to "rescue" this little kitten. My wife walked outside to "distract" the attendents (She's good looking now, but 20 years ago she was HOT!!) My buddy slipped outside to the window and I grabbed the kitten from it's cage and handed it to him outside. We then made a break for the getaway car and sped home.
That turned out to be the best, most friendly cat I've ever had.
I've always had rescue dogs. MY present dog is a Pommeranian & this is her 4th home. I've always been very lucky with my dogs, none of them have had any really bad habits.

If this is to your first dog, you should be guided by the people at the pound. Not all dogs are suitable for 1st time owners. Having said that, I've known people who have been allowed to have totally unsuitable dogs, and in the end it's the dog that suffers.

Second, I checked out a pound website and it says that to adopt a puppy younger than 8 weeks I HAVE to bring along the mother. I don't really get puppies get lost along with their mothers??? I really want a small

I think you may have misread this. I think this means that if someone wants to send a puppy younger than 8 weeks old to the pound, the mother has to be sent with it.

Before you make the final decision, just make sure a dog is a suitable pet for you. Can you spare the time to care for it, train it, groom it. Will you be leaving it for more than 4 hours at a time? Can you afford vet bills/pet insurance. do you have a large, secure garden?

If you still think a dog is the right pet for you, go ahead, adopt.

it means you have to adopt the puppy AND take the mother to take care of thu pup...we got a cat from the pound its a really great basically the 8 weeks and under is when a dog either has them in the pound or sombody doesnt wan t the pregnant dog.
it means you have to adopt the puppy AND take the mother to take care of thu pup

Here in the UK, you would not be allowed to adopt a puppy under 6 or 8 weeks old - sorry, I can't remember which. In other words, you would not be able to take the puppy away until it was ready to leave the mother & litter.

It would be the same as if you were buying from a breeder. There is a set age at which a puupy is able to leave the mother & no decent person would allow a puupy to go before that.
i got a pet from a pound once her is pookie my favorite dog ever she is still alive but i think she entering old age which is not bad but it means she is closer to the grave Sad
like everybody else here, I highly recommend adopting from a shelter.

I don't know your location, here in StL we have several rescure orgs:
Humane Society
Animal Protection Assoc.
Stray Rescue of StL

I personally love mutts. Shelter dogs can have some behavior problems, especially if they are adults, but with training they can be corrected. We adopted a 1-yr old shepherd mix that is a problem child, but we love him and have just learned how to deal with his problems.

Find one locally from the website here >> << that the Humane Society has on it's website. Most of our animals are from there and all have been proven to be great pets, they shouldn't cost too much and do come vaccinated and stuff...not sure about the exact cost of upkeep of a single puppy per year though, some dog sites would be able to help ya out more then me. (I'm more of a cat person. /grin)
not sure about the exact cost of upkeep of a single puppy per year though,

This would depend on the breed of the dog. The cost of the annual injections & check-ups depend on the size. the bigger the dog, the moe vaccine has to be used.

Then there's inssurance. I find the cost of this depends on the breed of the dog. My pet inssurance has a Ł50 excess charge. If you don't have inssurance you could finish up with huge vet bills. although pet charities help out those who are benefit.

Some dogs need regular clipping. the cost of that also depends on the breed. I clip my own dogs, so that's one bill less to pay.

The cost of feeding depends on the size of the dog, and what you feed it. My little pommeranian costs me about 50p a week. She has meat, rice and veg. which just reminds me, I've got to prepare some more veg for her today. I prepare it in bulk and freeze it.
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