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What is your greatest FEAR ?

I don't know if this has already been posted, but i want you to tell everybody, WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST FEAR ?

Mine would be spiders, darkness at night, insects in general.
my greatest fear would be the loss of my family (wife & daughter) to some tragedy. I can deal with bugs....I'm biggger than they are and they are easily stepped on, or fear of the dark (ya can always turn on a light)....but the loss of my family would more than likely kill me....or at least take away my will to live.

Now that's fear.
It may seem a bit odd, but my worst fear is accidentialy moving in the fourth spatial dimension. If that happened, everything I think I know about the universe would be suddenly useless, and I would be helpless in an extremely strange world.
I would think my greatest fear, heaven or hell and living for ever.
i think my greatest fear is not being able to do or feel or see or taste anything. sorta like being unconcious, except worse
My greatest fear is death by suffication. I don't know why really... I think it's the most horrible way to die (when we're talking about the most common causes of death. Being beheaded is far more worse but it doesn't happen a lot so Very Happy ...)

And actually I don't think there already is a thread about this, so please continue Very Happy

James Smile

or spiders, definitely spiders.
Waking up next to...
Common fears:
Bees disturb me, and needles from syringes (although I'm forced to face them from time to time).

Bigger fears:
Loss of family or friends or otherwise something awful happening to one of them.
Having a slow, painful death. Suffocation or drowning must be between the worse ways of dying.

Odd fears:
My little sister freaks me out sometimes... She's a little violent and a bit sadistic. Gotta stop teaching her stuff... Rolling Eyes
i'm scared of bees also. I got stung by a lot of em when I was a kid and that stuck to me ever since. Also, the common one... i'm afraid of heights depending on the situation.
im a logical person and i can work over most fears but the one thing that i can never get over is dissapointing someone special - it always bugs me to no end
I'm scared of lots of minor things but my biggest fear is that anyone would hurt my little sister, mum, dad or any of my friends or that they would get in an accident. I'm not scared of myself dying but I am scared of loosing the people in the world who I think matter most.
My fear is failure. I am afraid to fail, and that failure sometimes prevents me from taking chances or trying new things. It's rather disappointing and can set itself up in a vicious cycle of ups and downs.
Death. No one wants to die.
Mine isn't dying, but its going to hell after I die.
not scared of death... and couldnt care if i did die anyway...

but wasps i dont like haha, ever since i was stung in the eye!!!!
My biggest fear is having to one day face...Death, We all got our time and it will come eventually as we like it or not but I'm hoping by then, Death will only be an option.
{name here}
Fear itself, in the immortal words of that former pres Very Happy
"As soon as your born you start dyin',
So you might as well have a good time."

I love Xtreme things. I once jumped into a kiddie pool 8 times during a party where my girlfriend didn't want me strip. I had to change in the tent, she wouldn't join me. Crying or Very sad

I'm also afraid of insects, they're so little yet so deadly, and I live in Connecticut, so there is a higher risk of West Nile Virus from mosquitos, but I'm not dead yet, so I'm not worried.

I once had a bug in my room who hung out there, hiding for days. I saw him once for the first time, then, he would keep me awake with noises during the night, and afew nights ago, he finally appeared again, with a buddy. The first distracted me off the light from the tv, and I took him out using my Mario Kart DS case, and then, the other one came out of nowhere, and I hit him with Febreeze, and then he was just lying there, and I took him out with honor, and flushed him down the toilet with nore respect then I've had for any other bug, because he put up the best fight with a bug I've ever had. I will respect him for my entire life and hope that I have a good fight like that again.
My biggest feer was last week when I was 1 point away from not graduating. Which would piss me off and no one will guess what class I was 1 point off in ?
rightclickscott wrote:
Waking up next to...

I was going to say I couldn't think of one off the top of my head, but rightclickscott pretty much managed to capture something damn scary. So yeah waking up to a next to a whacked out, hideous hippy; thats a fear of mine
area547 wrote:
rightclickscott wrote:
Waking up next to...

I was going to say I couldn't think of one off the top of my head, but rightclickscott pretty much managed to capture something damn scary. So yeah waking up to a next to a whacked out, hideous hippy; thats a fear of mine

Atleast we can agree on something, seeing as how we've had our differences, but hippy wasn't something I was going for. I typed in Ugly Girl in Google, and that was the first and best one. After all, Hippies aren't bad. I know quite afew, and people think I am one. After all, I know some pretty hot hippies, but I've got a great girlfriend now, so that won't happen anytime soon, thank the Flying Spagetti Monster...
Heights, depending on where and when.
I really cannot think of anything I am scared of

I can manage heights and stuff pretty easily

I dont have any of the usual Phobias at all(Wonder Why?)

Maybe the one thing I can mention is this:

I just hate things which are disgusting to look at or feel

I mean, those things which are icky, gooey or squishy and stuff

Stuff, which are not pleasant to look at( I am not referring to gruesome here)

Y'know like a squashed c o c kroach or something(sorry for bypassing the filter, I couldnt get a better example)

I dont have problems confronting death.
I can bear looking at dead people and still not feel scared about when I am gonna kick the bucket

But, heck thats about it

That pretty much sums it up, Im scared of most things that will cause me pain.
Forgot to mention that i ultimately fear one day when i'm forced to listen to portuguese popular music for hours and then, as if this experience was not a huge pain, i have to watch our morning programs like the one where the the ultimate flying kick-ass creature (Manuel Luís Goucha) wields powerful glasses of the mighty thunder.
As if this was not enough, i have to see Floribela at night followed by Dei-te Quase Tudo.

NOTE: For those that don't know these programs, imagine your worst fear transformed into a tv show by the use of dark powders and tiberium refineries. Shame on you
Death of the people that I love would be my 'real' biggest fear, especially due to some accident. Being the cause for an accident which killed others is a scary thought too.

Smaller fear would be spiders... when I was small I woke up and I had this big spider on my chest - I totally freaked out. Ever since that I've disliked spiders.
My greatest fear is spiders too
I'm also afraid from hights Confused
meet in rio

But silly fears include spiders, falling and people touching my neck.
i dont fear anything...
kidding i would fear burning alive...
Fear of my parent and Wife /heh thy are scary you knew that XD
well if i walk in the dark i'm sometimes affraid
and those big spiders with hairy legs :S
and i'm affraid i'll never find someone to spend the rest of my life with now that i think of it Sad
pretty cliche - I know but...

fear itself

(this is actually quite true for me - ironically! lol)

or spiders, definitely spiders.
I have a phobia of Lightning and the Dark. Like pitch black couldn't see my fingers if i poked my eye with one dark.
rats, death and life without music.
As far as i know myself, i don't really think i fear anything... life is useless, so what's the problem with losig it?

But if i had to pick one...I would say I kinda fear The Fear... Like when you'r in a really important moment of your life, and you are afraid that fear suddently makes u freeze, and you won't do what it's right... that never happened to me.. but i think it's possible...
My biggest fear is getting into an accident in my car. Since I have a convertible, I'd likely die or be seriously hurt.
Ugh...where do I start with this one?

My main fears are rejection and growing up. I'll have to face my fear of growing up soon, though - I'm almost finished high school and I want to get me a job and move out ASAP since I can't stand my family...

I'm also scared of needles. Even when it's someone else getting one in a book or a movie or something completely fictional (seen X3? Yeah, I buried my face in my friend's shoulder during that needle part). In fact, hospitals, clinics, any medical centres in genearal scare me...they're so sterile, yet they still make me feel like I might catch some disease and die if I touch anything.

I'm also scared of strangers. Especially male strangers. If a man I didn't know walked up to me and asked for the time, I'd be more than likely to bolt. I guess that's kinda why I like the internet - people don't know who/where I am, so it doesn't really matter as much. But in real life...I'm far too shy for my own good.

I could go on forever with this, but I won't waste any more of your time. Point is, I'm just a scaredy-cat. >_>;
I just HATE storms and I also detest being in a ship. High places make me feel sick and I'm not sure I could stand being in a plane...

I panic too fast, really, but I can't tell why...
I fear....

Ignorant politicians!
I think i would have to go with a couple others here that have mentioned loss of thier families or whatnot, any fear i have i could deal with no problem so long as im going home to my family I.E. (daughter, fiance). But the thought of never seeing your own family again that i think scares me the most.
I'd have to say anything that causes pain also (someone mentioned that already) but, yeah that's a good one.
That and the sensation of having everything you cherish taken away (ie family etc).
Sometimes the dark as well, but not to an illogical extent. As for spiders, you squash them.
my greatest fear would have to be heights. I just can't bare to be standing at the 10th story of a building and looking down.
My fear would be the show Fear Factor. I absolutely HATE that show, and everything they make the people on the show do. Ugh, it's just so disgusting. For instance, "Jump out of this car that's a few hundred feet in the air, land on a barbed wire field below that's on the ground, and get to the other side where you have to eat a dog's genitals". WTF are they thinking ?

- Mike.
Zug Zug
OMG! Spiders are my worst fear as well...they're so silent...I hate them!! I actually hate all bugs in general (Minus the butterflies!) but spiders are the worst to to caucroaches...*shivers* I HATE THEM!! lol....especially when you look down at your arm...and one of those damn critters is crawling on you... Shocked gross! I hate them!
Zug Zug
I have to agree with mythicalmuffin.... I'm afraid of needles, kinda like that needle scene in Saw II, I totally hid my face in my arm on that one. heh.... *shudders*. And again I'm afraid of SPIDERS! Crying or Very sad
My fear is the evil lady that lives next door... O_<
It is teh evil I tell you.

Oh, and ear wings. God, they are just so freaking creepy...
The Czar
My greatest fear are opinions and suggestions ... They are the worst things in my life. And the maths test and I fear expectation. Someone expects me to get a distinction in math and I fear math so I fear expectation ...
Not bee able to drink more BEER!!!! Crying or Very sad
Having our president HUGO CHAVES reelect next elections Evil or Very Mad
Hmm frihost closing up!!!! Wink
death itself xD
i think my greatest fear is earthuque... Because I see and this is very bad Sad
I fear of snake, because it bites!

I don't understand why people scare of spiders. They are just tiny and slow moving creatures that you can kill them in no time. Smile
Selling out
My greatest fear is being in a car crash and they think im dead which im not and they bury me alive. Could you imagine being buried six feet under in a wooden coffin and not being able to get out and you would starve to death. Its a pretty bad image.

And my other one is being on a boat and it turns upside down and it fills up with water and then you drown. Ithink drowning is the worst way to die. It is so scary.
dont really have a major fear... the only thing i dont like is wasps since i was stung in the eye once Cool OUCH!
Mine is demons and the anti-christ. I mean, what if he exists on earth already? Yes, I believe in God. If you don't, then don't say anything about it.
Burning and drowning, mostly.
Sudden death...whatever by accident or any other reasons....

Insects I don't fear spider but cockcoach...It's just terrible!!
I have heard that there may be some differences between the speices of spiders and cockcoach in Hong Kong and European counttries..
you know spiders in my place seems no danger at all...they are slowly moved, usually small in size....but cockcoach are extremely fast moving, difficult to kill and sometimes they could fly also!!!
My greatest fear would be insect, any insect that can fly. terrible Embarassed
The infections by bacterias, fungal, and virus....

Ahhh should be horrible...
My greatest fear is losing the people I love so dearly.

Crying or Very sad
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