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Use FuityLoops to enhance your Music

Has any one used fruity loops before

..Please post a reply
I need to know desperately..
Lyriscists can also show your views
i have used the demo ... real good program ... but i have no time do see all its functions ...
I'm using iZotope Ozone plug-in for winamp and ... it's gr8 Smile I can't listen music without it now - difference is BIG Smile If someone like to use Winamp then iZotope will be gr8 choise Smile
i used it to make some music,
but havent got enough time to look at all possibilities with it

It's Belgian Cool
To be honest, I prefer programs where I can create my own melodies, not only paste someone's else loops. I would also love them to sound like real instruments (of course no program does Wink ) and use standard musical notation. [GuitarPro would be OK, but has only up to 16 tracks, and the sound of 'electric guitars' is horrible.] I've used fruity loops a few times, but didn't like it, maybe because to me music does not end on techno Razz.
hi, I'm a music composer, among other things, and I used fruity loops for more... unconventional stuff, so to say. I actually love the software, and I think it's very powerful, asy to use, flexible...
you can use midi data, not only real sound, and it's a pretty sweet soft synth collection. you can make your own samplers... but then, of course, there are other softs that are more complex, like logic audio platinum or pro tools. I used it for a project of mine where I neded to produce a huge quantity of stuff in a short period of time, and it worked nicely. basically, I was able to manage sound samples that I use to trigger with midi data, in a 80 minutes composition, pretty big for the short time I had. I don't pretend to know a lot about fruity loops, but I definitely think it's a powerful soft.
I have used it before. Mostly I have in the past used its drum loops and samples to create a drum track for my songs. I'm not a really good drummer (I play piano), so I just program the drum loop and import it into my songs. I haven't really touched the other features of Fruity Loops, but I'm sure its really powerful for producers and musicians.
I love FL Studios. It's great. Really simple to learn! They also got a lot of good sounds... I've made many of my songs on FL, but now a days I record on a tape recorder, it feels better. haha. I also get good guitars and lyrics.
I LOVE Fruity Loops, and I'm not just saying that to be funny. Fruity Loops is all I use (because I'm cool like that) and it's so versatile. From Orchestral Compositions to Rock music to Techno, you can do anything with this product. Soundfonts are relatively easy to find and there are a lot of free ones that are exquisite. Definitely worth all its glory.
only for enhace i use nero wave editor, it comes in nero burning rom suite.

my friends that use sofware for dj's preefer sony sound forge, sony acid pro, cakewalk sonar and others. frutty loops is not one of the best for this.
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