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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I believe my favorite novel of all time is The Picture of Dorian Gray. It's AMAZING! I feel as though I can pull out philosophies from everything that is said in this novel. It certainly has a twisted feel about it, and it's amazing that even drug use is mention in it. I really was touched by this book, especially after meeting an individual that actually REMINDED me of Mr. Gray. Definitely a must-read.
Yeah, the picture of dorian gray is really impressive, Oskar Wilde is a great writer. What I wanted to know, does there exist a movie, I think it would be perfect stuff... The plot could be transformed easily in a good film.
I think the stroy was interesting but all the erotic talk is a little Uhg. Dorian was a character in a movie that also had Sean Connery called the Magnificent Seven, I believe.

There was a movie in 1970 directed by Massimo Dallamano called Dorian Grey, aka The Evils of Dorian Grey. You can find it on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data web site. Just search for Dorian Grey.[/img]
the picture of dorian gray IS one of the best stories i've ever read. i think it's the only story that makes me a bit afraid and makes me reflect on our actions and our obsession to get the things that aren't trully that important.

I think the stroy was interesting but all the erotic talk is a little Uhg. Dorian was a character in a movie that also had Sean Connery called the Magnificent Seven, I believe.

I think you're mixing 2 movies together here.. the Magnificent Seven is an old flick involving yul bryner and steve macqueen amoung a lot of other famous stars but there isn'yt any mention of dorian. there is a movie which involves both the character of dorian and sean connery, that's named the leugue of extraordinary gentle man thou to my knowledge.
The Picture of Dorian Gray is by far my favourite novel. The views expressed within the few pages of the novel are profound and lasting. Wilde remarks on the aethestics of life as well as the trivial nature of the superficially-obsessed culture we live in today.

I think one needs to read this novel multiple times to get the full effect, as the foreshadowing and philosophies expressed within are only fully appreciated upon additional reads. And as far as a movie goes, the one that exists does not fully realize the complexities of the book, and only uses the plot, which is not the purpose of the novel (novella).

As for the character's use in Dorian Gray, it was modified slightly from the initial book, in that it was never truly mentioned that he was impervious to harm. Although I can see how that interpretation could be taken if you came from the perspective that the picture absorbs all negative effects towards him.
Just read this book. Now I understand why people always quote him and how they can quote so much wisdom from him! The book is truly deep. Makes us think about the nature of "sin" (i.e. wrong-doing), deception, society, and so on. That there is more to the world than just bodily pleasures and procrastination. One of the justifications used to hurt others or abuse certain things, whether it be drugs or whatever, was that that such pleasures are easy to get and feel more "real" than abstract happiness. I am reminded of this quote by Mill: "It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied".

Since this book is really old you can get it free online!
Very unique book. Clever. More than a bit terrifying.
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