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Underoath - Define The Great Line

So who here plans to go get this album when it is released this Tuesday? I'm a fan of this band, and am usually tilting my head at every album release. Considering they usually have a lot of transgression in the band. Comparing albums like Cries of the Past and They're Only Chasing Safety I can't help but be unsure of it. I was satisfied with their last album, but did get kind of bored after a while.... And their new hit hasn't done much for me either.

So what do you all think? Will this album be a step in the right direction for them and impress us all? Or will they be taking a step in the wrong direction, repeating the sound of the last album?
im looking forward to it!, the last album was very good.

im not sure about all the god stuff with them though
Rolling Eyes Pfft, God stuff. Whatever, sure the members themselves are Christian. But I haven't seen it influence their music hardly at all. In their first albums it did in the lyrics, but it was so heavy you couldn't really understand it anyways [lol]. I wouldn't let it change your opinion on them at all. A lot of bands do this. Say... Emery and Showbread do it. And I have yet to see a full album showing much Christianity.

I'm so picking the limited edition up tomorrow, with the DVD. Sounds wonderful... Wink
i really need to gte this now, im seeing them in october, Taste Of Chaos! cant wait!
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