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Busy Week - did you have one too?

This is the first week of Cecchetti method ballet (6 days a week) for my daughter. One more to go. We are up at 6:00 am to get to drive an hour for a 3 hour class. My God Daughter drove in from out of town this past week to help coach her as there tests are difficult. Mean while my son is in his normal base ball schedule which includes rain make ups and getting call to play on other teams that are missing children due to vacations. He is also has practice for the tournament team that will start right after regular base ball season. I really don't remember agreeing to a sleep over during the past week but I guess I did.
I also take Taekwondo with my 2 kids. On top of everything else our refrigerator went so I had to research and find a new one.

I just saw my God Daughter Off after dinner and now going to collapse. oh yeah set alarm for 6 AM Smile

How was your week?
always busy... our two-day fiesta was over... i have to wake up as early as 5:30 am and prepare for work... i have to open the internet cafe before 7:00 am... attending customers the whole isn't easy... plus you have to see to it all computers are working well... u have attend on the printing and do the billing... i close the cafe at 12:00 midnight then sleep at 1:00 am... same routine the next day....
The other week I was on an Army trainging course which involved getting up at 5am and going to sleep at 2am, in the meantime were lessons and excersize which finished about 6pm then you had dinner till 7pm then you had to wash and iron your uniform and bull your boots.
Mines not usually 'busy' in that definition. I only have to work 3 days a week and get the rest of the time to do anything I want. Mainly just plot to destroy the world. Laughing Or I just make plans to see my girlfriend. Nothing to big like your week. If I had to do that I'd be like this --> *twitch twitch twitch twitch* <--- Yeah, not very plesant... Of course I'm only 16, so my brain can only undergo so much strain. Tee hee.
This week has been a very busy one for me. Work has been pulling me in 9 directions, my daughter is sick (I am also not feeling so great) and I have a program ready for release that is in final beta....I'm just waiting for the last bug/changes report from my favorite beta tester then I can recompile and get it out there for download.

I have lost alot of sleep this week and I will be glad when things can/will even out a bit and I can just kick back and relax.....*sigh*....wishful thinking on my part I think Sad
seems like I have it easier than you guys! Well, i'm only 21 so I have not much to worry about. Just finished school and am waiting for the next term. No work, or anything. That's why I'm probably here now. Video games finally took a toll after the first couple weeks and i want to do something productive... Something i used to do. Which is create a personal webpage! How do you guys have soo much time to do all the things you do and work on a page yourselves? I'd have such a hard time doing that!
I'm an English teacher and this week is my last week of the term. During this week, i have to organise 1 writing exam, grading 18 presentations,and grading 4 debates. not include final assignments i gave to my students in another class 1,500 words essay x 51 students, 51 news portfolios, 40 writing portfolios to corects. T_T it's killling me man!
Not just busy week but months. No, I'm not working. I am at home. But I just bought a Labrador puppy last month. so, I'm busy with him the whole day. It took me 2 weeks to teach him that some things he has to make outside. Now, he is so happy to please me that he asks to go out every half an hour. Well, he is cute and I like beeing busy with him.
Sory if my English is poor.
yeah i had one too . well in a different way. i was totally addicted to orkut recently. for past week i had just been on orkut...
made many friends, shared lotz of info...
atleast iw was online for more than 14 hrs here...
i think now i will be addicted to frihost. it seems to be pretty active too..
hey frihost iam here...
meet in rio
I'm in the thick of the exam season, so yes--things have been busy.

Monday I had two Latin translations (1h45) and a Spanish literature paper (2h).
Tuesday I had an English literature paper: Austen and unseen poetry criticism (2h).
This morning I had a French literature paper (2h) and I'm going to spend all of tomorrow and this evening looking over my Horace for a Latin poetry exam on Friday. I also have a Spanish synoptic paper on Friday, but thank goodness I can't do anything to prepare for that.

Tuesday is my last exam, and then I plan on watching The Blus Brothers three times and eating and drinking obscene amounts of everything.
Now adays almost every week is a busy week for me.
What program are you working on. I am developing content for one now.
i have every week busy work and work. Laughing
every day i wake up at 6:00 am and off work at 9:00 pm Crying or Very sad
No more busy weeks for me haha, school is over for now. I'm going to enjoy my summer holidays Cool

Oh, I only have 2 tests left to do for school though - one this week and one on the next. But that'll be easy.
Well, I'm in my 'vecation' period. I work sometimes, just to buy food and stuff, but most of my day is free.
I'm waking up at 5:45 am, and coming home from the morning run at 6:30-7:00 am.
Then i'm just doing nothing until 10 pm, when I go to sleep.

I'm afraid this is only going to last for 1 month.
After that I'll prolly go to study again, if I don't find any job.
the only reason why my week was busy was because we had to get all of our crap together for graduation!!!! haha finally out of high school.
Definitely a busy week for me! Had an exam last week and will be having more exams this coming week. To make matters worse, I have like 6 assignments/projects to hand in by the end of the week and I have no idea how I'm going to manage that. Sad So basically, I'll have to sleep for only about 2 hours a day until the end of the week for things to work out. Shocked Good thing is, after this week, my holidays begin! Very Happy
Well for me it is the first offical week of summer. Meaning no more school. So on sunday we went down to the beach. I stayed down there untill tuesday night. Then on Wendsday i went back down the beach with a friend. Thursday -Saterday where "rest" days. Meaning i did nothing but sit on my computer. Then today i went out riding my quad in the rain. That was fun. So yea it was a pretty busy week. Next week is back to normal. Then the next week is fourth of july (americas independence day) so i will be busy all week then i go down the beach again for a week. So really the good part of my first weeks of summer is going to be busy. So pretty much now i have my summer life. Very Happy
Honestly this weekend was so long I could barely stand it work was just to much. I just wanted to get home and sit in front of my world of warcraft but nope. Maybe next weekend will be better cant wait to find out anyway.
always have a busy weekdays. Sad
This week has been a busy day for me. Its the first week of School so that really makes me busy with the preparations for my Thesis and Im also having a OJT (Traineeship Program) from a well known and one of the Richest Electricity Comapany here at the Philippines I need to complete my 250 hours despite the fact that im going to school at night and having my OJT at the Morning. Its a busy year. I guess coz a graduating student really has a lot to do!
@Guyon: you might consider a BLOG?
This week, next week, ... there are an awfull lot of weeks in a year.

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Got another busy week.
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