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here's a good site

Lots of MMORPG and ORPG games!
also contains FREE MMORPG and ORPG!

so better check it!
Or you can just go here-

And that is bound to satisfy all of your MMORPG needs. No doubt about it, Wink . Have fun with that link.
one word....achaea! amazing game the detail is outstanding. i just wish that i had more time to play it!!! outrageous!
one word....achaea! amazing game the detail is outstanding. i just wish that i had more time to play it!!! outrageous!

what are you referring to???
That's a good site as well Wink.
Is this your site? If so.. There is an advertise your website forum for a reason. Anarchy Online rocks! I won the expansion pack for it too but I never play it... Too much homework Sad
I love MMORPG!
the best one is WoW and MU.
Thanx for the site.
if you really wanted a good MMORPG, simply go HERE ..... This is the best MMORPG I have ever played on the internet!
i'm gonna buy everquestII soon... hope i'll like it...
World of Warcraft, hands down, is the best MMORPG on the market right now. Can't wait for the expansion!! Dungeons and Dragons online is pretty damn good too. You might check that out.
ohh i love WOW too.. ehhehe

and i cant also wait for the expansion..
anyway.. check my site on or before july 1,2006...

im updating the games to 300+ and having 100+free mmorpg....

but for now.. it has 108 mmorpg and a less than 20 free mmorpg...

TRY FLYFF.. its free and totally fun.. you can fly in your board or broomstick.. heheh the graphics is like ROSE ONLINE... but anyway i love them both...
Yeh I don't think that you're actually a gamer until you've played WoW, I love it.
mistuh griddlez
I Love your site charlo blade. It SOOOOO Rocks!! Also Uhhh I Was Searching Online For MMORPG's And I Found This Cool Game Called Graal. Also I Found A Game Called MapleStory. Now I Am Like Addicted To Those And I Haven't Played Halo In A Week!! Also Uhhh Your Site Kinda Made Me Want To Buy Star Wars Galaxies!!! Thanks Alot Man!! now I Have To Save Some Money.....sheesh! Evil or Very Mad

Twisted Evil I Am An Online Game Addict!!! Twisted Evil
Conquer is a fun free mmorpg game has lots of players and it is a fun game, for free the graphics are awsome, try googling it and download the game.

it is what I play sometimes. and also World of Warcraft. There is also another mmorpg game which as nice 3d graphics which can be found at - also free but uses a torrent engine to transfer( Not sure about he name). it is currently on beta. and boy it is a great beta game.
The best free MMORPGs I've ever played would be Starport GE and Maple Story. Other than that, I've never really been able to find good, free MMORPGs.
I noticed that no one has yet posted one of the most comprehensive multiplayer game sites on the web: Multiplayer Online Game Directory. It was there that my friend has found several of the games he's enlightened me to. Some are better than others, but it still has every kind of game you could possibly crave.

Also, BATracer is a good strategy-type game. It's based on the world of car racing (F1, Champcar, etc.), but you don't have to follow racing to enjoy it. You only need to get on the site once or twice a day for no more than 20 minutes at a time to do well. It's surprisingly addictive, too.
For you, I suggest Habbo. Laughing

Thought Maid Marian can be fun every once in a while.
lol habbo is poo and i have seen about a billion threads on mmos try using the search button it helps Smile Exclamation Smile Exclamation
Guild wars is the best MMORPG right now!!!! I love guild wars!
Fanelli wrote:
Guild wars is the best MMORPG right now!!!! I love guild wars!

Is Guild Wars free? If it is, I'm getting it ASAP...if not, then I'll have to think about it.
nice site's all Wink
i was searching for something like this
Thadisu wrote:
Yeh I don't think that you're actually a gamer until you've played WoW, I love it.

HAhahahahahahahaahaha... Hahahahahahahahahaha... but seriously. WoW is chock full of non-gamers. It is one of those things people play just because of it's popularity when in fact Everquest 2 is the superior MMO.
Ragnarok Online.. Period.
Very Happy
i was really addicted to mmorpgs, but now i think thats get to time and in 3 seconds it's can go to trash...
OnRPG is definately one of the better MMO sites. Even though the community can be really testy at times, and is full of under aged power-tripping idiots, there are definately diamonds in the rough. And it really supports new games, if you want to learn about a game, chances are they've got it. Even if it's not at the front of the list. And yeh, the only MMO I've been interested in right now is actually DOMO, and I can't wait for it to come out in English. So if you want a good game, definately get it. Tere may be grinding, but it's addictive grinding.
My favourite MMO game would be Gunbound WC. The main reason for this is, well, it's got a simplistic approach to it. This game is purely about skill whereas 99% of all MMO's rely on the "leveling" system where you level your characters to this high number and just pick on the new people. Also with gunbound, people who pay money to get in-game advatages don't get that much advantage in gunbound, i guess what i'm trying to say is that gunbound isn't a game that you can buy your way through. For example a beginner (someone with only 1 month of experience) were to get their hands on the best account in gunbound, i'd still beat that kid with ease (no matter how much he paid for that account). The previous reasons are why I have playing gunbound for years now...

That's all for now...
well i like rose online the best mmorpg ever its not free on this moment but go to aurose they are realease fast a free server Very Happy il post a screenie
heres a very cool MMORPG.. ^^
its still in beta version though.. /heh

their graphics are very good and also the Special effects..
Rad Ultima 2
I play a MMORPG called Tibia. I am on a 56k modem, so the better games are out of the question... Anyway, it's 2D and has SNES-like graphics. Many features too. It's definitely worth a try if you like the old-school look. Smile
this is a pretty cool place
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