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Planting a maple seed.

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about planting a maple seed in my backyard. I can get loads of seeds in my neighbourhood. But I have a few questions before I plant.

1) How long does it take for the seed to germinate? (so you can see a small plant growing)
2) How long does it take for the seed to become an adult and start bearing seeds?

So, I'm really looking forward to plant. Any ideas?
As for planting a seed, why make it take that long when you could get a sapling? I know of several places around my home where I can get a sapling tree for less than $10 (US). If you do that, you save yourself a lot of time and, possibly a lot of frustration. A sapling is more likely to survive than a planted seed. As for how long it could take to mature, I don't know about maple trees, but it could be in a very wide range:
Some I know:
Orange tree- 7 years
Cypress tree- 100 years
I don't know much about Maple trees but I have two 18 month old oak trees I planted from acorns inside small pots left outside. I would suggest this method to ensure they dont become damaged until they reach an age where the risk of animals/wind breaking them is less.
Another important note is to remember that most plant seeds need to experience cold followed by warm weather to start their appropriate germination cycle, therefore keeping the pots indoors may reduce your chances of success.
Whatever you do, I say good luck to you, I hardly ever buy saplings/mature plants, the beauty of nurturing something from a seed found wild, and keeping it alive, is the thing I love to do - and with trees being such slow growers, you can transfer them to bigger pots as they mature until you're sure they will survive in the final destination Smile
Yeah. Thanks, I really want to plant several seeds thought. There is infact hapiness in planting something and taking care of it and seeing it grow.
ocalhoun wrote:
Cypress tree- 100 years

Ooh im gonnna plant one of them!
Evry trees take long time to grow maybe if you only want taking care of a plant you should grow flowers many are beautiful.
thats the beauty of trees to me though, something that your children and their children etc can share watching the growth, they have such a hard time of reaching maturity that the whole nurturing process lasts years and it almost becomes a friend when I let it "fly the nest" and plant it somewhere on its own in the countryside.
Flowers are beautiful and amazing but they seem to be like a summertime holiday love affair - your tree on the other hand is the faithful partner! Smile
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