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Help, I need LWP::Simple perl module!!

I'm writing a script, and I tried to upload it and run it, and I got an error, so i researched what the issue might be, and saw that I'm using a module in the script that doesn't appear in my perl modules list in the directAdmin console. It's a popular module, and should be included in the current version of perl that is running on the server, but it's just not there!

in the perl package manager wrote:

ppm> install lwp-simple

That's assuming the current active perl repository in the ppm actually has lwp-simple but it should.

Can someone help me with this please?
I worked around the absolute need for this module, but I stayed up all night just to get limited functionality out of the program.

It's not a "stop the presses" problem now, but I still would like to know who to talk to about installing perl modules. There are actually a few I'd like to look into getting installed.


My reason for needing these modules is quite simple really. I want to access webpages over "http" instead of opening them via the normal "open()" command in perl. I'm developing site marketing techniques, and they can't go anywhere without the ability to grab whole asp, php, and shtml pages after assembly by the server for output.

scratch crypt-ssleay that one is actually installed already.
I'm sorry but I don't have enough time to install them atm. Maybe in a few weeks if I remember.
Hey, maybe you can tell me if there is a module currently installed that would allow me to view webpages like http client connections do (ie. pulling a whole webpage into a variable for a script) that's all lwp-simple does. it allows me to get("$url") where $url =;

If you help me figure this out then I will give you a copy of the script i'm writing for free. What do you say? A script geared towards helping you making a site more searchable by the search engines.

Here's a working copy without the module = Keywords Script

Full source availible in my forums = Keywords Script Discussion

Right now I'm going through the list of availible modules to see if I can find one that will help me do this, but until I find it I'm s.o.l.
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LOL, the script works now, but its a hack using the built-in lynx text browser. I wanted a module, but I got a hack instead. The script looks good, but I would prefer to have the LWP::simple module run the web page get()

Check out the script and enter your homepage url after the script name in the form on this page - script form

There aren't any security holes to this kind of script (eg. doesn't write anything to any files, and checks for proper url before appending to 'lynx -source' command line string). If you still want to check it out the source is availible - view source

Take your time on the modules because this will work fine for now.

-lock- this topic if you must
I could also use 'LWP simple' right now, i am trying to find a work around for my script too but it's a very long winded task. I need to post data from one Perl script to Another Script on another server for verification.

Please Admin(s) Smile if you get chance install LWP it would be greatly appriciated.


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