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i bought a new hosting and got some adwords credit domain is new so there is a possibility of my domain getting sandboxed in google although yahoo msn might show it my question is will buying adword credit actually help me to get out of the sandbox?thanx
rezx wrote:
i bought a new hosting and got some adwords credit domain is new so there is a possibility of my domain getting sandboxed in google although yahoo msn might show it my question is will buying adword credit actually help me to get out of the sandbox?thanx

Well I do not think that will actually help you getting out of sandbox or help in the aging factor.

So now that we have come to the conclusion that this sandbox, aging filter or whatever you want to call it, actually seems to exist, what can one do that has been affected by it? The answer is "absolutely nothing". That surely is not what many people want to hear and possibly even you the reader question the reasoning of writing an article on the subject if there are no solutions. But wait a minute, there is a solution! It is called patience. Sure that might not be a definite solution to getting one's self out of the sandbox or out from underneath an aging filter. However it will allow them to keep their sanity and in doing so, to look at some alternatives to marketing their sites until the time period lapses. Let us take a look at some of those alternatives.

But, Google adwords is certainly a good idea when your domain is not it the search results....

There of course is AdWords, Google's pay per click advertising program. If you have a new site and are finding yourself caught in that aging filter to where your site will not show well in the Google SERPs, why not put aside a budget for an AdWords program? With AdWords, you can instantly gain exposure on Google as well as many search and contextual partner sites. This can bring traffic to your site as a direct result of people searching at Google or one of their search partners such as Ask Jeeves, Netscape, AOL as well as others that display AdWords on their sites.

Sure these will not be the free listings you may get from the organic results of Google but if you watch your bottom line and conversions, you might find that AdWords will bring about a very good ROI. Later on when you start to see your site showing well in the organic results, you can begin to back off of your AdWords campaign. Of course if AdWords is effective for you, you may just well continue both.

SOurce :
Thanx so much...So i have another question..what is the average ppc i should put in per click if i wanna advertise as competitive a keyword as say funny there any guide lines? like i can put 1 cent per click but i dont know any convention if it is too low to be not even shown by the google despite running the adwords campaign...or if it is too high that i am wasting my money by putting a higher price? Thanx again..this community is great
testing with minimum , is the bet way to check if you are new to adwords its the bestway. start with 5 cent or 10 cent with minimum daliy budget Google let you check the result and test again till u get the result u want.
I think it will take quite sometimes (3-4 months) to get out of sandbox. This sandbox is to keep new added site not to be ranked well so fast. You have to optimize your site and do reciprocal links naturally.

You will get probably sandboxed by Google if your site belongs to niche market where keywords are highly competitive and where're many sites that compete for the same keyword(s). To avoid getting sandboxed by Google it is recommended to get a few and quality links to a site so Google index all pages from the site. Once the site get indexed fully by Google, then you can continue with link building and site optimization.

There're also sites that get sandboxed by Google authomatically when Google find them online, these sites are sites that are over optimized, using some of not recommended SEO methods, black SEO or have on home page and Title tag high density with keywords. So to avoid getting sandboxed with Google is better to have a few quality links to a site, to wait until a site get indexed fully by Google (30 days if all went well) and then continue with SEO.

Google Adwords are great manner to get instant sales. To see estimated prices and CPC and conversion you may consider this online tool that helps a lot.

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