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A/C Activation time

its already 3 days i request for the a a/c. it says the request is still pending. do u guys had to wait such long time or more than that? my everything is ready just waiting to upload it but (:d) its not ready yet. is there a chance to get the request cancelled by the admin?
Click on "Account" you should be able to check the status of your request from there.
i check that status in every 5 minutes and still pending. holw long it took u too get your A/C activated?
Yes i think 3 days is the set time line for the admin team to act on your request. There is no automated process and everything is done my manual human scrutiny. And the guys who do the work are all "Over Worked Admins with NO pay at all" so give them time, they have tons of requests to go through.

Do check you accounts page ( for more info on ur account status i.e. Pending Review, accepted or rejected.

If your accounts page still says pending even after 3 days that means ur account has most probably been sent for scrutiny to the higher authority i.e. the owner of frihost aka Bondings and will decide ur status.

Note: I got my request accepted in 3 hrs flat. And that was at a time when frihost was in its infancy with very little activity (comaped to now Razz)
Look, friend, we're dealing with about 40 accounts per day.
It's kinda hard, and there aren't many trustworthy people to make them account creators.

PLEASE, be patient!!


BTW, use this forum if you want to remove your account:
u got your a/c within 3 hours of time!! then it must long time now. i hope my request is not sent to <Bondings> for review it. i am just trying to get some space for my personal webpage. if i had a int'l credit card then i wouldnt look for free. its very cheap in my place around 2$ you get a domain. now i am trying it with they also gives some space without ad but needs you a sftp. i know nothing at all sftp but d/l one client and uploading to see what happens. anyway, lets just hope m get my a/c ASAP. Laughing
Helios wrote:
...BTW, use this forum if you want to remove your account:

if i want to leave this forum and withdraw my request then i wouldnt click on that link but just leave. did i bug you to creat it at this instant or request anyone to make it right away? Rolling Eyes
i know its a free service and whole lot of work you guys have to do. you take your time and do whats right. i am just sharing it in the forum and tried to know how long it takes to create a A/C.
i dont mind waiting. thanks for your replay. all the user appreciate what you guys are doing to make this place more clean and friendly and protect from mal people. Thanks again. Smile
I had to wait for my request about 8 days!
They are very busy right now, so expect an even larger delay...
Also check the other requests( about changing accounts), you will see that they have fallen back as well... They just have so many people who want them, but not enough free time...Just be patient...
Your request has been dealt with.

The current waiting time is approximatly 5 days

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