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My Life Changing Love...

I've talked about her for awhile, especially in the "Why Are You Alone" thread:

I used to be alone. I had alot of friends, but I never really liked any of them. All of the girls I was with were all for my own interests and to hone my ability to sweet talk any girl into submission. I hated everyone. If I met anyone, I would find something I hate about them. I had my own inner peace in knowing that everyone, even my friends were an enemy to me in any way. But then the girl who I talk about all the time on these forums, my girlfriend, Allison, she came along, and the more I talked to her, the more I got to know her, I couldn't find a single thing to hate about her. Infact, all the little querks that many people might find annoying, I actually like. I enjoy every second with her, and she gave me a new outlook on life. All the hate I have is still there, but instead on focusing on the bad things, I've become more optimistic, and I follow the concept, now, that hate is a very strong word. You should never hate anyone, ever. Hate can only lead to bad things, I.E. WW2. I used to be alone, but now, I have her, and she has changed my life.

She has done more for me in accouple weeks then many other women have in yearlong relationships. I can't stop talking about her, hell, I can't stop thinking about her. Hell, I wear a bracelet she gave me, EVERYWHERE. I sleep with it, I shower with it, I go out with it on if I'm not with her, I haven't taken it off once since she gave it to me. She is just great.

She loves games, she plays guitar, she's really smart (advanced placement smart), and she has been phenomal in everything. She really is the one, my one, and I want all of you to read this, because if I could, I would yell her name from the highest mountain so that everyone could here. Thank you, Allison.
I didn't follow your other thread, but it seems like you found yourself a keeper. It's amazing how much having someone who loves you and believes in the best of you can make a difference in your life! I definitely hope that everyone here can find someone like that!
Yes, I believe there is someone for everyone, and if anyone needs help finding their one and only someone, don't hesitate to ask. I can help you in any way I can.
being alone is all great and everything, but it really doesnt compare to spending time with an incredible person. once you find that one incredible person, everything else in the world seems that much better. you want to experience things with that person, you want to live life with that person. it really is an amazing feeling to find someone you can be happy with. enjoy it, because it takes time for a lot of people to find the right person. your really lucky if you find it sooner than later. congrats.
I suppose I'm gonna have to find myself the male version of your Allison, lol. I'm right at that timeline where you just found something to hate with everyone you meet. That's very much my situation right now. I meet someone and I just get pissed off real fast. I don't really understand why they piss me off, I'm just a misanthropist and I think my past has a lot to do with it. I'm been a victim of racism and social outcast - you name it I've been through it. I just feel there's nothing to love about anyone. The weird part is that I actually do respect everyone and all their opinons. I hate it when people use the word 'hate' but yet 'hate' is practically my middle name... I think I need therapy. Sad I'm depressed. My boyfriend is no cure, he just makes life even more miserable for me. So I hope one day, someone as special crosses my path and help me find a way to 'hate' less. Confused
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