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Devil May Cry

does anyone play that game?i think its a cool game and dante is just awesome.
I haven't really played it much but it is awsome never the less. You will be glad to know there is a movie currently in the works (a buddy of mine may be in it).
Yap, I play it, I love it, but hurt my hand [I'm playing the PC version - a bit slow, but tricky to play]
thats cool if theres going to be a movie.i would love to see that.i never played the pc verison of it before.
Shuragawa wrote:
does anyone play that game?i think its a cool game and dante is just awesome.

I have never got to play the game myself. But my best friend uses it to test systems with after he has done laser eye repairs. So I have seen it played a lot.

Looks great and has some wild play. Interesting story so far.
Played the PS2 version, it was great. The double pistols were awesome, I liked the second one more, thouh. There you could jump up high and shoot upside down while falling. (Or did that work in the first one, too?)
I've only played the first one on PS2. I liked it alot. It was very fun and the whole fighting style was awesome. I didn't play devil may cry 2 because I read in reviews the it wasn't much better than the original.
Devil May Cry 3 was amazing. The arsenal at our disposal was awesome and the amout of stunts we could perform was amazing.
Devil May Cry is the best game I ever played on PS2. It's amazing, specialy when you kick some monsters with dante's sword. I played only originial. What's the difference between other episodes?
i have all three games but i am still playing the first game.i cant wait to pay all three.i probably will finish in teh summer playing the games since school is out.
Oh man I love Devil May Cry 1 and 3... I never played 2 because the videos I've seen from it seemed so bland in-game, and the reviews ecouraged me not to buy it.

But anyway, the other 2 Devil May Cry games are masterpieces. Gotta love that gothic vibe and Dante's style (though he's slightly too hyper in DMC3 haha).
Devil May Cry 1 was a piece of cake to play, Alastor is a pretty cool weapon. =P

Never bought Devil May Cry 2 for the same reason.

Devil May Cry 3 is AWESOME!!! But seriously, it's too hard to play. My fingers are seriously tired after only 5 minutes of playing. The enemies takes SOO long to die! And the second boss ( Cerberus ) got me playing for like 30 minutes before I finally killed it ( 2nd attempt success ! ) =P
Is there a 4th episode of this game?

If not. When will it come?

Man, after those 3 episodes there's got to be more. Cool
Devil May Cry 3 was really awesome, gameplay..specials..combos.. graphics... just great :>

Is there a 4th episode of this game?

If not. When will it come?

Man, after those 3 episodes there's got to be more.

Of course there will be sequel of that game :>. But unfortunately only for Playstation 3 Mad Mad

Here u have a link for trailers, screens and news about it :


But dunno when it will come...
It's a very very cool game and I think Dante's fight moves are awesome! One of a kind!

You might also want to try God of War which is also a very good action-adventure game! Wink
This game rockz the gameplay is superb and the graphics is also good.
I almost plays all of the series of this game.
Really cool game its loads of fun and the graphics are also pretty sweet..played all of the series and awaiting newer installments Smile
DMC 3 - Special Edition?
Devil May Cry is awesome. Dunte is the single most coolest person I know to have ever walked the face of this deamon world Wink I dont know what is different in the normal and the special edition. I just played the special edition. Once you finish the game with Dunte, you can play the whole game again with VIRGIL. But there are know new movies while playing with virgil.
Shuragawa wrote:
does anyone play that game?i think its a cool game and dante is just awesome.

Yes it was the first game I bought for my PS3, even before I had the system, I had already purchased the game. I remember being mocked for a whole week it took for me to finally get the PS3 and the TV to go with it in the Mail. I had to Ebay everything because findind an 80 GB PS3 became impossible. I took any way I could find it, which was used for $450, but it works great. Devil May cry 4 was worth every penny. I Have to get caught up with the others since I have only haofway passed part 1.
I finished DMC4 a while ago and loved it. So far it's my favorite game of this generation.
Is devil may cry out 4 out? If it is I must find it. Is it better than the 3rd dmc game?
This is my favourite game, I played all series, now I`m waiting for 4 PC Version.
Devil may cry 4 rules and it was the first game I got for my PS3.
I played DMC 3 for the PC, I just wished that theyd port all the other DMC games to PC too, as gfar as I know only DMC 3 has a PC port.
I love Playing Devil may Cry the style and the way of talking of Dante is Awsome
wish i could be like him some day.
I played DMC4 on Xbox 1 week ago, and holly sh1t it`s rule...
But we need to w8 to October for PC Version ;/
I also played DMC1 and liked it a lot. DMC3 was pretty awesome too.
Devil May Cry 4 was the game me and my PS3 lost our virginity too. I had the game before buying the system. Since the 80GB PS3 was it impossible to find anywhere, I had to buy the system on ebay. Since it took about a week to get to my house, I purchased the Game the day it came out, so I had the game with no system during this time.
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