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just got back from the studio - what do you think?

hey there,

my band went into the studio for the first time today, and laid down two tracks. Took 9 hours in total, but from the quality of the recordings i think it's definitely worth it.

please let me know what you think, we need some feedback from independent people.

you can either hear us here:


and then hopefully if i manage to get permission they'll be available on out frishost site.

please leave any comments.
I have to say that both tracks are pretty excellent. I think my favourite is White Lie. Are you signed by a Record Label yet ? I'm gathering that your currently producing your music independantly, is this so ?
Would it be possible for you to enable the forums so I can register and get keeped updated or maybe setup a newsletter system so people interested can recieve emails, thank you.

Update: I like Future Plans best.
You're pretty damn good. I'll send you a friend request. Tell me once you guys are ready to make an album.

Edit: By the way, I'm looking for a theme song. If you want to offer one of your two songs or, better yet, write a new one, check out this thread.

we're not signed yet, we've only been together 10 weeks, and we recorded those demos to get ourselves some gigs. we just went into a studio in sheffield and paid for it to be done.

i'll enable the forum at some point later on today, but it needs skinning and a logo creating first, as well as some empty subforums creating within it, so it should be up by the end of the day.

also, if you want to join the mailing list, just send an email to with "mailing list" as the subject. But that's something i've just realised i missed out of the site! d*mn!
Cool stuff, I like the synthy stuff in White Lie.
Excellent, although I do have a few more-specific comments:
  • The overall sound is great, and I was relieved that the vocals and the lyrics did not ruin the music, as happens so often (e.g. why I like Liquid Tension Experiment and not Dream Theatre, even though they're mostly the same people: the former are just all instrumentals, but the vocals and lyrics of the latter ruin the great music).
  • Near the end of "White Lie," I did think that one phrase (musically speaking, although the vocals followed it) was a tad overrepeated.
  • Of the two demos, I much preferred "Future Plans," as being more musically complex and sounding more "polished."
  • Your "dajoob" website has a great look, but takes WAY too long to load (especially when one only has 128K) and provides absolutely NO alternative or method of bypass. Perhaps the whole thing could be broken into smaller pieces that call each other (not sure, since I don't do much with flash).
  • Also, nobody ever took the time to change the page title, so all it says is "index" - not very user, nor search-engine-friendly.

I hope your demos will continue to move you ahead, and I wish you great success.

Just don't forget us once you hit the big time. Wink
That's cool. Do you know any tutorial out there to make those Flash parts (header, music/video player...)? Thanks
soldeinvierno wrote:
That's cool. Do you know any tutorial out there to make those Flash parts (header, music/video player...)? Thanks

the music player comes from here mate:


and i made the header myself in photoshop. I made two sets of buttons, one for hover, and one for normal. Then just save each little slice of the picture separately, then import into flash and convert to buttons. i realise that sounds more complicated than i meant, but it's simpler than you think.
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