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Is there a bittorrent command line daemonized client?

Is there a bittorrent command line daemonized client for linux.

For example, I want to be able to login to my ssh-enabled server from my laptop to download files using bittorrent, but I don't want to keep my laptop on for hours with the connection to my server. There is a program called bittorrent-curses for linux. But using that, I have to keep my laptop on and connected via ssh to my server to use the client on my server to download. I don't want to keep my laptop on. I know of azureus, but is there any other daemonized bittorrent command line linux client that anyone knows of?

Can someone please reply?

I really need to know of a command line daemonized bittorrent client to use on a linux server via ssh.
Because BitTorrent is so strongly associated with pirated audio and video files, and because of this site's Terms of Service against such files, this forum is probably the wrong place for asking a question about BitTorrent. You would probably be better off asking on the websites for one of the many BitTorrent clients, or on a related project on SourceForge.
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