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Fonts in my browser are too large...

Hiii! It's been long since my last visit... I know.
But! I'm having a small problem. Some fonts in my browser are soooo large, that it sometimes doesn't fit anymore. It happened overnight, I don't know how, 'cause I didn't change my puter's settings... what could have happened?
Like for example, when I use Google, the letters of the results are way too large, which is not really practical to get a decent overview...
HELP! Wink
S3nd K3ys

What browser.....? Shocked

If it's Firefox, hold control and roll your mouse-wheel to change font size.

If it's Internet Explorer, remove IE and replace it with FF. Wink

I love it when people seek help yet provide nothing to help them fix their problem. Rolling Eyes
As S3ndK3ys said, the page is being magnified. Firefox can do this itself and I think IE does it with accessibility plugins.

Either way holding CTRL+0 (+ and minus increase and decrease respectively) should reset it.
Try pressing "Shift+Alt+Print Screen". Check if you've changed the settings there.
on IE 7 beta it's under the "page" options upper right between "print" and "tools". click "page" >> text size. and move back to medium.

on other versions of IE go to view >> text size and move it back to medium.

Also, if your fonts are huge all over your computer then it is set in the accessibility options of your OS, and you need to change it there first otherwise IE might keep resetting font sizes to largest.

I do agree with others that if you post a problem again you should give a few more details about what system you are on, what OS, what BROWSER, etc. The more information you give the more accurate we can be in helping you.
Oh god, here we go again, I could have known that I'd be asked for details... I'm so sorry, I'm just not the computer type of person like most of you are.

Well, I use IE6 (I'm not intending to change browsers) and the fonts aren't large all over my computer, but it's just the problem with one font I guess, Arial, but I'm not sure. Frihost, for example, is displayed correctly, but Google isn't. So is this enough information? Wink
IceCreamTruck wrote:

on other versions of IE go to view >> text size and move it back to medium.

Why, thanks! This worked!
Still a mystery to me though, how this changed without my consent :p
HAHA, I get another computer problem resolved check mark on my wing!! Score for the IceCreamTruck!!

BTW, you can now go get a copy of AVAST antivirus, don't worry it's free, and check your computer for viruses, because you didn't change that value, then something must have!!!

Also, go get Adaware from lavasoft as this will kill most every kind of spyware you can get. Once again something changed that value, and it might do it again.


hhhhhmmmmmmmmm.......<cough> <cough> lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Anxious maybe not!!!
One thing I can say: Damn IE...
Get Firefox^^
Seems like this problem has been resolved. If you need this thread to be reopened, PM me or any other mods to do so.

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