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S3nd K3ys
Does this number really work? I am so sick of all these junk CC applications. Apparently, according to 20/20 it is like the Do Not Call list for Pre-Approved Credit Card Applications.
Yes. That IS a legitimate number, although I wish it were implemented better (then again, maybe it is now - it's been a while since I called it). Since it doesn't say very much, it makes you wonder if it's for real, or if it's even doing anything, but it DOES work.

Do not be alarmed by the fact that it will ask for your Social Security Number: that is necessary because of the way the credit bureaus work.

It also gives you an option of stopping the junk for two years, or forever. Why they ask this, I have no idea: who would want this stuff to start up again after two years?

One more note: it's not quite like the do-not-call list, in that (as far as I know), there are no penalties for violators. Also, it's not 100% effective, but pretty darned close, although you MAY receive an offer once in a while.
hmm I wonder if this works for cell phones...nothing more annoying than your phone going off in class because of some 1800 telemarketer...and wondering how they got your #. Rolling Eyes
Well, I once got the number for rejection hotline. The message went something along the lines of "this person would rather play leapfrog with unicorns than go out with you." It was quite comical. Not sure what it has to do with CC applications, but still...
myrevolt wrote:
hmm I wonder if this works for cell phones...nothing more annoying than your phone going off in class because of some 1800 telemarketer...and wondering how they got your #. Rolling Eyes

I've signed up for the do not call list with my cell phone and I haven't received any calls from telemarketers on my cell phone ever since. I don't know for sure if it's because of the list but I assume it is.

The best way to deal with credit card offers is to send them back to the companies that sent them. Preferably send their own offers back. Just tear out the stuff with your name on it and then shove everything else back into the postage-paid envelopes they gave you. Maybe some other junk mail from other companies too. Since they pay for the postage, then it's hardly any more hassle for you than opening the mail in the first place. And it does feel good that you can give them a taste of their own medicine when they open up the envelope and discover that it's just the same useless junk they sent out.

Not my idea by the way:
jveezy wrote:
The best way to deal with credit card offers is to send them back to the companies that sent them.

Back when I was a certified credit counselor, I heard all kinds of stories about junk mail. My favourite was from a friend, who lived in Canada. He wanted a lot of extra, free fuel for his fireplace, so he signed up for MORE mailing lists! Laughing

Actually, the suggestion to send the junk mail back to the senders does NOT accomplish the goal of stopping the junk mail. This article gives some good detail about this, including saying:
In fact, it may actually increase your junk mail load, since the primary metric used to gauge the effectiveness of many direct mail campaigns is the number of responses received (even if those responses are negative).
Not only that, when you send the information back to the same senders, they know who sent it, and can use that information to step up their junk-mail campaigns. If, as the "junk the junk" link suggests, you cross-send the junk by puitting the incoming contents of one set of junk mail into the business-reply envelope of another, you may be placing the tools of identity theft (i.e. discarded credit-card offers) into the hands of the mail handlers wherever you send them.

Just as there is the Do-not-call list for telemarketers, and the aformentioned 1-888-5-OPTOUT for credit-card offers, there is also the Mail Preference Service for junk mail, in general.

If you want to STOP receiving the junk mail, not just get your jollies out of having the companies pay for getting junk mail back, use the proper channels that are already established for stopping the junk. Not only will you be more successful, but also you will stop wasting the valuable time you would otherwise be using if you just kept shuffling the junk mail around.
The Telezapper is one of the best objects man has ever created. I have one in my house and we have not one telemarketing phone call since it was implimented.

I'm willing to give a brief description on how it works, and in hopes of you buying it. Smile

You simply attach it to any household phone line that has a phone on it. When you answer a call, there is a 2-second "beep" that is sounded before you are connected to the other end of the line. What the beep does, is that it tricks the telemarketing computer to think that the phone line is nonexistant. It deletes the phone number from their computer and goes to the next.

Here's the gimmick that most people mess up on. You have to answer every telemarketing call you receive, have that beep sound, then hang up. Do that as many times as you need to stop the harrassing telemarketing calls. I love it, and it's worked beautifully. Very Happy

Best of luck to you to stop your telemarketing calls.

- Mike.
yeah, but what happens when a friend who is on a payphone or is running out of cellphone credit? they hear the tone, fear reaching the answering machine and hang up to conserve money/credit/battery.
This sounds like the UK based TPS service.
These services are usually reliable, the TPS has stopped almost all marketing calls to us. The only one we recieved was from abroad, and i think they are exempt from the rules anyway.
I've been hoping for something like this for some time. Thank you S3nd for sharing.
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