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Ronaldo makes me SICK!!!!

I cannot believe how a talent like Ronaldo would show up overweight in the greatest sporting event in the world. The 1996, 1997 and 2002 World Footballer of the Year was a disgrace in the first game against Croatia with Kaka providing the only goal for the team. Brazil’s below expectation performance and Argentina’s spectacular showing are tipping the scale of the World Cup Finals.

After Sunday’s game Ronaldo was blasted across the Brazilian press with headlines:

1. Ronaldo gets dizzy and ends up in the hospital
2. Phenomenon feels the weight of embarrassment
3. Group makes pact to recover Ronaldo
4. Depression can be the reason for the bad phase
5. Tonto! (this means dizzy but also can be interpreted as ‘fool’)
6. Ronaldo feels dizzyness after weak debut at the World Cup. After exams he will be back in training normally

Millions of people have fantasize that they could play in the biggest stage, thousands of professional players dream and aim to represent their country; and here is Ronaldo who is not fit, disciplined and mentally prepared playing at the game. Have you seen all the players that played so far? He is the fattest amongst them and yet is at the center of the most celebrated team this year.

Ronaldo even went to the doctor saying he was feeling dizzy. Oh yeah, don’t look for sympathy because you are not getting one.

C’mon Ronaldo, show some respect and level of responsibility especially when you still belong to the quarter of Kaka, Ronaldinho and Adriano. Thank Parreira since he has told the media time and again that Brazil has full confidence in you. You know what? He is only telling this to boost your morale and play better against Australia on Sunday but deep inside if Brazil does not perform to a high level and you show up another pathetic performance then the World will pressure Parreira to axe you.

I have supported and cheered for you all this time. You are my numero uno football player. All I ask is some sense of responsibility. Cool
lol apply for a newspaper sports column writer lol! But i must say i agree with everything you said there, i belvieve that he still has potntial but he cannot forfill it at this weight
Neither Brazil or Argentina will win... coz England will Wink
Well we need to give him time... If you remember, all the times he starts the tournament bad, but with the time he play's better and better.. I hope that in this time to, he will prove his game.
Well, he is a good player you know. But when things around him don't work he just disappears. Just see what happened this year in Real Madrid or the last Brazil game.
Yes it is a pity to see the fading of a star like this. Geez this guy was unbelievable during 96-97. Nobody could touch him. Many believe pre-injury ronaldo was better than the great Pele himself. It sure doesin't look pretty for ronaldo anymore.
Welcome to the club. Wink
The main problem I see its politics into brazilian team.
Large egos, Ronaldo not positioned as a goalkeeper-killer, only serving Kaka and Adriano to make the goals. So, he is irritated and will do very little to this work.
Til Parreira decide to put Ronaldo on the bench, the brazilian team will suffer with lots of doubts about its future.
Yes, Ronaldo is having a really bad time right now, but still I think Brazil needs him. Look at the match between Brazil and Australia, Ronaldo didn't use any fancy footwork to cross over the defense like he would have a couple years age, but just his appearance on the field had attracted two players to mark him, and three or four when he had the ball under his feet. Although scoring is the most important job for a forward, but like Ronaldo, he could get three defenders to mark him then pass the ball to Adriano to score. For now, he can create chances for his teammates too, and while he is not in shape yet, he can still contribute a lot to his team.
I definitely think that Robinho should start in place of Ronaldo. That was the lineup they had when they thrashed Argentina in the Confederations Cup.

Of course, that was the Confederations Cup and not such a grand stage as the World Cup but still. That lineup is so much younger and so much faster with Robinho than with Ronaldo.
jveezy wrote:
I definitely think that Robinho should start in place of Ronaldo. That was the lineup they had when they thrashed Argentina in the Confederations Cup.

Of course, that was the Confederations Cup and not such a grand stage as the World Cup but still. That lineup is so much younger and so much faster with Robinho than with Ronaldo.

I agree with that

Robinho is really one attacking footballer
He has quite some headweight, but well, almost every good footballer has it

Atleast he is capable of proving that he can put up a much better show than Ronaldo

I think Ronaldo can be rested after that lousy performance against the Socceroos.

Let robinho play and give him a chance to play the entire 90 instead of 10 mins or 15 mins(even in which he manages to make a big impact)
yea i agree but i think they should play robinho and put ronaldo on a strict diet lol and play him in the important matches Smile
I do not believe Ronaldo is actually over-weight, (remember the same things were said about him in both the 1998 and 2002 world cups)..... But I believe the problem is more to do with poor form, build-up and fitness..... Yes, I have been very dissapointed with his performances so far as well and I really do hope he can pull himself together and put in some solid performances before the end of the tournament
yea, me too Ronaldo make me sick. He shouldn't play soccer any more and one more thing Ronaldo is over-weight.
I believe that somehow Ronaldo is not only over weight ,but also sick. How can he play with that condition anyway?
well today, Ronaldo have just made 2 goals against Japan. He might be overwhelmed by the press that hes so aggresive to make a goal. hehe.. but he is really a great player.. His goals might overscore his Caps. Im still proud of this guy, a guy who is unselfish inside the court.
Ronaldo is still one of the best players on this planet. Everyone is complaining about him he is to fat etc. Now he scored 2 goals and he is back after only playing 2 bad matches on the WC. 2 matches about nothing. I mean how can you say he is good or bad after only 3 matches?
Ronaldo is skillful, but from the way he looks it seems that he has not been keeping his body fit as he looks abit fat and also complains of about dizzyness. Yes he can still score goals for both his country and his club, but he is not the original Ronaldo we used to know when he was younger. Yes age will gradually have a effect on the players, but he should at least look after his health so that he can stil perform better in the world stage......
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