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If you have seen zathura how would you rate it on a scale of 1-5 1 been bad and 5 being great.
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Zathura is one of the best movies ever. Some critics say it is too much like Jumanji and this is not surprising because it is made bythe same people. But it is really cool. An intresting Plot with lots of suspense and humor. You must see this movie.
I saw Zathura a few months ago, and I thought it was pretty good. Some of the parts felt really childish though, but some of the parts felt like they were aimed at someone aged 17+, so it was a family movie, no doubt.

It feels a bit like a sequal to Jumanji, but I don't really think that makes it bad in any way. I sort of liked Jumanji, back in the days.. Razz
When it was in theaters, it was billed as a sequel to Jumanji. In fact, a quick look at the IMDB gives this tagline for Zathura

"A New Adventure From the World of Jumanji"

I thought the film was ok, maybe aimed at a younger audience. I didn't think it was near as good as Jumanji, though.
Its obviously a cheap rip off of Jimanji, I must have mentioned it many time now and I'm suprised the same people would make a equivalent.
alkady wrote:
Its obviously a cheap rip off of Jimanji, I must have mentioned it many time now and I'm suprised the same people would make a equivalent.

You do understand it was a sequel, right? If that's a rip off, then the matrix 2 and 3 were rip offs, also.
I took my 5 1/2 year-old nephew, a kindergartener, to see "Zathura". I expected Michael, as someone who's been exposed to a steady diet of Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and Spider-Man, as well as to Peanuts, the Wiggles and the Muppets, to enjoy the sci-fi elements. Predictably, he spent the second half of the film cowering in his seat, latched onto both of my arms... and he walked out of the theater at the end loving every minute of it, completely jazzed about the experience. We spent most of the 10-minute walk back talking about outer space, aliens, and how it was all fiction, and he drew a lot of pictures of aliens (most of whom looked like Muppets) once he got home.

As others here have said, the language used by the two boys in the movie (10 and 7) is a little disconcerting. However, they use the same words I was exposed to at that age, and comparable to the language Michael is exposed to at home. Michael didn't walk out of the theater cursing, so that part of the movie did not bother me.

The scare factor is somewhat intense. The predictable monsters don't show up until the final two reels and aren't what I'd call terrifying, although that's the part of the movie that had Michael cowering. There's also a big clunky '50s-style robot, but when you find out who provides the voice you'll realize that this wasn't meant to be terrifying -- not if anything to say about it Jon Favreau had. The images of the house floating through space, alongside asteroids and suns, is what will really stand out for the younger viewer.

This is basically a kids' movie directed by Jon Favreau, so naturally it's going to seem odd. Based on the uncomfortably short shorts worn by the teenage girl in the movie (and she has nothing else to do at all), I'd say the target audience is boys 9 to 12. There's also a surprisingly deep plot twist involving another game player that the boys meet as their house drifts through space. I had trouble explaining that to my nephew, although his grandmother didn't understand it either.

My final verdict is that it's safe to take a smaller child (6-ish) to this movie, and they will not take anything negative away from the experience. It's no loss if you make them wait another three years before seeing it, though.
I liked it but the science was all wrong (Fire in Space Confused ) still for little children it would be entertaining.
Also the paradox thing was messed up!
RT Cunningham
I liked Jumanji and I liked Zathura, but as said earlier, Jumanji was better. I have both on DVD.
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