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Do you know your ancestors?

my father loosing trace from his grand father. so i only know 4 generations above me. we here don't have any clan or family name and there is also no record about families.

how about you?
I did a family-tree project earlier this year, and I was able to track my family back quite far, actually. On one side, the whole family was either German or Duth, and it seemed everything was recorded about them--their babies, all the important dates, where the moved to/from, etc. On the other side, however, I couldn't go back further than my great-grandfather, who is still just a vague memory to my grandfather. It seems everyone on that side of the family suffered a great deal, and there aren't too many survivors left to even recall what the family was once like. Sad
I'm actually a little afraid to find out anything about the ancestry of my family. If they were anything like the people I'm related to today, I'm probably better off not knowing about them. My family is truthfully and literally very similar to the Addams Family... only meaner and without the money.
My grandmother told me something about her granparents, so my grand grand grand parents. They were smuggling famous polish writer abroad because there was a war or something. They were also rich, but some years later came russians, germans and austria and !@&%#$ our economy. Rolling Eyes
I dont know much myself, I just know the stories of a few generation. Some where entrepreneurs "Real Estate Moguls" like Donald Trump except without the big buildings ect. Some where Priest, Nothing influencial, Just typical.
My maternal family's history is well known/kept but on my dad's side it isn't really all that well know. I wanted to find it out before but now, it doesn't seem all that pressing of an issue to me.
T_T... I really want to know what my family's ancestry is, but most of them live in another country, and it only goes back to my great-grandparents. Nobody can remember farther than that, cuz all the others are dead.... (ok, i'm sure that didn't make much sense, but just go with it Very Happy )
My family had a "Family Tree" commisioned that dates back to 879 AD....but who to say that those people are really my family or not? Sure, we have loads of documentation....but for the price my Uncle paid to have this made, and with the current state of Desktop Publishing....who can really say for sure....I never met any of those people....well some I have of course, but not the older names.
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