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Why is Joe Mauer not leading the All Star vote for catcher?

He's leading the league in batting average, he's the sole reason the Twins are even within remote reach of the White sox and Tigers. Their recent 3 game sweep of the Red Sox is further proof of his calling a good game for the pitchers. The fact that he's only a couple years in and a no-name in the big markets is the wrong reason.

Real baseball fans would understand this guy is something special and they'd all mark him as their choice for catcher in the All Star game.

Unfortunately, it's a popularty contest and not a talent contest. This guy is nothing but a class act. Watch his interviews, watch his approach to the game. He is everything you'd want your kids to be if they are trying to emulate a current ball player.

Start to take note, and you'll be thrilled by what you see. His recent .600 batting average on their west coast road trip is further evidence that things are just at the tip of the ice berg.

To top it off, a catcher leading the majors in hitting. That's also a rarity now days with the wear and tear involved.

Cast your votes now for Joe Mauer, starting catcher for the American League All Stars!

Watch him in Pittsburgh this weekend, during interleague play. You'll be amazed.
Joe Mauer isn't leading because there are too many stupid yankee fans out there that are going to vote and vote and vote online. I don't think that there are enough people who know who Joe Mauer is for him to be voted in.

I don't think that we have too much to worry about though because he will be picked by Jose Guillen as one of the reserves.

The thing that I'm most upset about in the voting is that 7 of the 8 position player leaders are either Red Sox or Yankees. Is there no one in the country that follows baseball and knows that all of these players are not the best in the game right now. Isn't the All Star Game supposed to be a showcase for the talent in the league.

Come on you voters out there get with the program and vote for the best player for each position and not the players on your favorite team.
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