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'Almost everything around us will wind up in the trash'...

When I was with my dad today (I visit him every weekend, divorce, long story), we were stirring up some really interesting topics in the car when we were working together (same company). We were talking about how very few things on the street are around from 1900. Some antiques inside of houses, but things like plows, clothing, that sort of thing are in the trash. Believe it or not, almost everything around us will eventually wind up in the trash. For instance, the kleenex that I used today went to the trash, along with the rest of the box coming up. Another example would be the TV that we trashed in our living room today that died. That went and got trashed. It's a little hard for some to look at this, but from where I am (Chicago) it's very believable. Any thoughts on this ?

- Mike.
Things get trashed everyday. Even simple things like food. Leaves. Thing is that there will always be something that is thrown away. I dont' see the whole reason for this topic though. But yes everything will be thrown out. It is a sad thing but what can you do?
Only we should conserve everything that it has sentimental value. Crying or Very sad
Yes, everything must go somewhere [5th Environmental Principle].
Things would eventually wind up in your trash or dumpster, but hey, that's just the way things are. Maybe you're just thinking of how sad it is to see how deterioration and time itself would claim these things... To look at it in a positive light: yeah, things are getting thrown away each day, but on the other hand, a lot of new things are also being created at the same time.

The saddest part: an old busted TV, a cigarette filter, or a pair of rubber shoes would be staying in the dumps for a few hundred thousand years more. They're just not biodegradable, that's why. So I guess sooner or later, we'll run out of space for all our trash.
We have plenty of room for trash. we'll run out of room long after all of us on here are dead. We need to starting doing in North America what they do in Europe. High efficiency insineration, plasma gasification. Turn the garbage into electricity, with no pollution. hopefully in a few more years we'll be at that stage. then we can throw everything away and not bother with recycling, which is a waste in every sense of the word. Except Aluminum; that's worth recycling. But paper isn't. The chemicals used to bleach the paper is worse on the environment than not recycling. Plus, because of tree harvesting, we have more trees now than 100 years ago. So let's throw everything out and turn it into energy.
almost everything ends up in the dumpheap....everything has a life cycle...after a thousand years our trash may be worth study, but for now it's simply that....trash. Nothing more, nothing less.
my philosophy:

"Life's Hard - Then Its Over"

Applies to almost evrything Wink
Most of the things trash have no significant value, They just are the product of our materialistic behavior. I'm from Montreal, And downtown there is what is called Old Montreal with the Old Port ect... That things been there for some time, Make it for over a century, Where old building of significant historical value is preserved.

So the idea is, That the things that dont really last are things that mean nothing. If it really meant something, I think it would be around for sometime because you put an effort to preserve it.
Consumer society it's well documented. But yes it is very scary to think that everything we have will be thrown out at some stage however personally I don't throw much out. Paper and plastic packaging is all that goes out my door (of my bedroom that is) and most of the paper is used twice.... printed on one side and scrapped by my dad and I use the other for my rough workings for school.
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