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Why are you using FRIhost

exactly what the title says what is your reason for using FRIhost

Mine is for gaming i have microsoft frontpage and im good at creating websites so if this works out that owuld be great
It's a free host that offers many more services than many paid hosts do (IMHO)....and I get to speak my mind in thier forums. It's really a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

I am here for the free webhosting. It has a good amount of space and bandwidth unlimated databases and i like the whole get support in the forums deal. Once i got here i learnt that it was just a great place with great members.
The forums are certainly active......*cough* captive audience. But the level of discussion does not show this, it is generally good.
Well, in June 2005, my old web host (WebPlanetHost) shut down, and I needed to find a new host. In July 2005, a member named Helios referred me to FriHost. Almost a year later, I'm still here Smile

I like the forum, although I believe it's getting too crowded here (I used to post a lot more when the forum was smaller Razz)
It offers good service and space.
Better than other web hosting free...
i'm using frisodt since i can't find the best free hosting site that have equal quality like frihost. getting like 250 mb space and 10 gigs bandwidth is a serious difficult things to do. frishost also give me lot of great feature that fit for all my site. so now i have a big rely on frihost.

i hope we can get additional bandwidth with frih$ soon Smile
i'm gonna running out of bandwith someday. thank you very mush for bonding and friends Laughing
Why Frihost?
To be honest and frank, because X3Fusion stopped hosting free members. I was willing to pay, but didn't expect my service to end so quickly. Luckily I had a backup and they reserved my subdomain (I was planning on upgrading it though), but then I discovered Frihost. It has all the same features, so I figured why not. It's still free, so it's good to me! Very Happy
The only difference is that with X3Fusion I was able to do everything in cPanel. DirectAdmin just doesn't compare, imo. Sad
why firhost?

1 Free
2 Lots web tech supported
3 No forced ads.
4 A wonderful forum for us to share and discuss
As the name of site suggest:-

I am here for free web hosting. Although I dont need much space or bandwidth usage, but I may require them someday.
Also, it allows CGI scripts which is a plus.

I am still exploring the forum, so cant say whether I will like here or not.
Frihost's free service is better than some that you have to pay for. Plus they have a large community in these forums and everyone gets to know each other more including Bondings who made this happen!

Thanks Frihost.
for free webhosting and to get some jokes from joke section for mail forwards Laughing Laughing
I've got my acc yesterday, for now - "I'm Lovin it" Smile
But realy - It's the best offer if You don't need 1000's of GB space and traffic - space offered by frihost is a lot space for me Smile I can get my own domain with frihost, use PHP/MySQL, I have DirectAdmin ... unlimited mails/MySQL's and thats the thing whitch You may not find even in paid hosts Smile
Ah ... support - good forum - i can get help when the problem appear Smile
tried many sites which says they have free hosting plan but after filing out all the form, uploading, i find it total useless and doesnt match what they said earlier. but frihost seems diffrent than them. hope this service get continued as long as net survives. although i am yet to receive my a/c activated but most of the people seems happy with this service.
I was happy with Freewebs, but one month I ran out of bandwidth. Somebody referred me to FriHost, and it looks like it'll be a lot better. Especially when you compare to Freewebs' 500 megabyte bandwidth and 41.9 megabyte (weird number, but that's what it says on my site) storage space.
hlavco wrote:
I was happy with Freewebs, but one month I ran out of bandwidth. Somebody referred me to FriHost, and it looks like it'll be a lot better. Especially when you compare to Freewebs' 500 megabyte bandwidth and 41.9 megabyte (weird number, but that's what it says on my site) storage space.

what freewebs has to offer? they have ftp and dont put forced banner?
minimal DOWNTIME maximum UPTIME purely FREE just POST against PIRACY superbly STABLE great BANDWIDTH cool FORUMS no forced or pop-up ADS and FRIHOST is totally awesome!
daniel15 wrote:
I like the forum, although I believe it's getting too crowded here (I used to post a lot more when the forum was smaller Razz)

I know what you mean, I wasn't on yesterday because I spent the day with my girlfriend and my lesbian friend. When I finally logged it, the place was too the brink with unread posts, and I even had a nice number of unread pms too.

hlavco wrote:
Somebody referred me to FriHost...

You're damn right I did.

I'm here because Geocities sucks major floppy donkey c*ck. Also, it's easy for me to keep with big forums most of the time, so I don't mind having to post.
I'm using it because I was tired of the bare bones free hosts. Someone told me about Frihost and so far, it is awesome.
Yes geocities free SUCKS now, i remember the good old days before the yahoo merger,
aahhh they even had ftp for you Very Happy
when they merged with yahoo i just put up with it,
then i got a forum for my friends at, but the ads were KILLING me,
so after searching the web for about 2 hours i found a site that listed Frihost.
I have hosted my personal page that used to be on geocities, and my forum where all my friends can come... all for FREEE Very Happy
i love Frihost!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Dancing
I wanted to expand my website and offer better download speeds (I was using freewebs). I wanted an FTP server for all my stuff and the freedom to upload my own templates and modify things as I please.
Mainly for me for these reasons:

1. Its free
2. It has more features than lost of paid hosting
3. No forced ads
4. A good community
It's the only free place I can find with PHP hosting.

All of the other places I try won't let me do anything with PHP, which I love. I'm lucky if I get FTP uploading that isn't through a webform.
eightbitpyro13 wrote:
exactly what the title says what is your reason for using FRIhost

Cause I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for hosting.

*cough* I mean because the community is so awesome.
I use frihost because it is free.... and it is also easy to use .. it is really very nice to use
38club wrote:
I use frihost because it is free.... and it is also easy to use .. it is really very nice to use
I am same with you ....
I like it ok because they have Da ( Direct Admin ) and do have a HUGE fourm so there is always some one to help you when you need it.
i think i posted that once already, but here it goes again Razz

i'm trying to learn as much as possible about hosting php pages (CMS's mostly), and frih is the best solution for me, since it has basicly everything and it's free Razz Very Happy
eightbitpyro13 wrote:
exactly what the title says what is your reason for using FRIhost

Mine is for gaming i have microsoft frontpage and im good at creating websites so if this works out that owuld be great

I also am using this site for gaming. What game do you play and on what console? I starting a website for a clan on Socom 3 Navy Seals. Hit me up if you got Socom 3 SCORPzRECON. I usually play in the west ranked rooms. Peace!
I like frihost because I am capable of using php and MySQL. I don't know how to use this yet but I think I will learn very soon.

Also the fact that this was free made me join too.
In a four Words:
i'm using frihost because i'm looking for the best free host that can provide me all the functions i needed. this great service gave me all i want and even have a good community to support. I have tried many hosts and i think frihost r the best even better tha some paid host. Keep doing good job for all the admins and developers. ^^
Why Frihost?
Because of the reliable uptime: 95-99% uptime, becuse of the Php/MySQL hosting, unlimited email accounts, SMTP/POP3, unlimited databases, the cool forums that grab my attention (plus the great community/technical support), 10GB of Bandwith, And 250MB of space. No other free host I've used offers as many great features as Frihost does. Plus, they also offer CGI/Perl. Those are an added bonus. No other free webhost gives this much stuff. Frihost is just as good, if not better than paid hosts. Frihost is THE best free webhost!
I use it because I finally can host my whole website and not only a part of it because insufficient web space. I have a CMS so PHP and MySQL are very important, too.
I use FRIHost because the fuction and the 'live' of this host is very good!

Other Free webhosting's 'live' is very short. Confused
I'm quite new, so at the moment I am yet to have had my ****** request authorised, so I don not know how good the actual hosting features are. However, the sheer amount of space and bandwith they supply you (and me too soon, hopefully) with is immense, especially for a free host. I also love the fact that they are no-ads, and also, unlike many other "free" hosts, you don't have to sign up and pay for a domain space to get your "free" hosting.

Also, from a forum point of veiw, I think that the points and Frihost $ idea is really brilliant, so that people are not only rated on how many posts they make, but also on the quality of thoes posts. Bravo, Frihost, and keep up the good work.
I'm here because It's a international and universal platform.So I can see nearly all of cultures in here.And I think Frihost has protected very well.So I don't need to think about my host's status.The speed is better than many paid hosts and it will continue I think.Now,Frihost changed to a school for me to increase up my levels.So there is so many plus to use Frihost such as high bandwidth limit,reliable,well protected etc..
I just want to create a blog. Hope to have it up soon. Alot of thing to do to get it done. When iget it done does anyone want to blog on it?
Why I use Frihost?
Because Frihost is the best free web hosting that I've ever know! ^^
It's simple:

FAST Exclamation
RELIABLE Exclamation
FREE Exclamation
NO ADS Exclamation

It's all I need and this exactly FRIhost!!
Fire Boar
It's free and offers great services. PHP and MySQL mean you normally have to pay buckets just to have a dynamic page which can be changed without having to keep logging on and changing the coding: just build a form. In FriHost the service is provided for - well - free!

The posting in the forums bit is not a bad thing for me as I have far too much spare time at any rate and I enjoy using forums. Win-win!
I heard alot of good things about it and it had all the features I was looking for. You can't beat it!
Lord Klorel
I use frihost for hosting my website and forum. I was tired in searching for free webhosts and in my last search i bounced on Frihost and the things that you receive in return for posting on the forum was amazing.

I have to make publicity for a free webhost: Frihost!!

I don't know any better webhost, so i hope that this webhost may stay forever.

@ Bondings: You are a great man and a fantastic guy for the creating of all this.
Like many others have said, I use it because it's free and has awesome features. I really don't have a website up and running yet, but, participating on these forums gives me hosting and the tools to play around with development stuff, so that eventually I might come up with something working.
Why use FRIHOST? Why NOT use Fri-host? No matter what your needs are you would have to be stupid to not apply for a frihost account. This is the best servers, services and people i have ever found on the net. I personally fell in love with this place cause i run a gaming website that offers web based games and i needed the spaces as well as the generous b/w they offer here and the support is great there has not been one problem someone has been able to help me with. If something didn't work they fixed it or helped me fix it within hours. Best hosting EVER!!!
250 Mb of space
10 GB of traffic
1 free subdomain
Php and Perl scripting 
The DirectAdmin control
No forced advertisements.
Unlimited MySQL
Unlimited subdomains and ftp 
Unlimited email accounts and forwarders
Unlimited parked and addon domains

Everything is super Smile and Have Friendyl, Cherfull, People...
Very good package for free which is hard to find. I came to Frihost because I needed php and mysql for forums and other dynamic websites, and the space and bandwidth they provide is quite a lot for an ordinary website. Fun community to post in and good support too.
Im use frihost cuz its free
and ppls say me its good host Laughing
Why Frihost?

Because is free and many other things...
But for me is most important secure in stability of my site and I cannot worry if I late one day with posting or going on holiday. Very Happy

Zug Zug
Because I've had very good recommendations about if only I could figure out the free way to make my web page...can anyone help me?!?
apart from the obvious (having free webspace)?

i like the easy installation of CMS, Boards, Blogs etc. also with the (virtualy) unlimited Mysqgl databases i can have a productive and testsite runing at once. realy great!
Because Frihost is the only host where I understand how Mysql works. No kidding, I tried a lot of hosts and my scripts never work ><
And the forum is cool. Wink So I stay here
Because its free and ad less, has interesting forums, and did I mention it was FREE
Frihost is the best free hosting site i saw in the net. And im very happy to be a part or have the chance to use it.

Im using Frihost because of the 250MB disk space and the 10GB Bandwidth plus the Reliable uptime and most of all NO ads.
frihost seems to be the best free domain provider. Wink plus the forums are live and kickin
Because Frihost have Turkish Language forums. And my English haven't got yet to talked (in here write ) Smile And I learn today very interesting things in this forums... I like Frihost and I see, have very succesfull system in the free hosts...
cuz its free and offer lots more than payable sites Cool
Hosting is very expensive and frihost give very good service. I hope Bondings no loss on advert Laughing
I'm using FriHost because I'm broke but I need somewhere to put my up-and-soming band's website.

I've scoured the internet looking for free hosting sites and this beats the pants off of anything else out there.

I desgin in MS Frontpage so I need the Frontpage server extensions plus my website uses two MySQL databases, something most free web servers won't allow.

Even better... This doesn't have any pop-ups or banners or any other advertisements!
I have to admit is the free homespace account to got me into Frihost in the first place. But later I found that this forum has lots of imteresting posts. And the users are quite diverse in my opinion. People at Frihost has done a good job obviously. Keep up the good work. Very Happy
well our guild in world of warcraft is in need of a web site. Frihost is a perfect match for it.

to manage our guild bank and to be more community based.
and i also plan on puting up my personal / business website to frihost.

well it is free host ... Very Happy
I like using FriHost because it's, well, the best free hosting package I have come across. I was looking for a good host with PHP/MySQL support (the fact that it's unlimited here is a dream) so I could build my websites and experiment using PHP. So far, FriHost has done it; unless they close down, I doubt I'll ever leave (though the decision to move onto paid hosting may change that).
Free of charge, Excellent support service, Extremely stable, Long lasting history (than those other free web hosting). Flexibilty in using the we space, perfect control many reasons....
Ray Gravin
well after some searching through the various free hosting services. I found this to the best service. I admit the forum can be a little overwhelming for me. I've never really posted on a forum regularly though. I guess you could say I'm getting an education in simple web design and forum etiquette.

Here's to killing two birds with one stone!
because its a good service for what you get... Cool
Mysterious Euphony
I want to be able to use FriHost for my journal - in other words, an online blog. I rather like the offers and services which come with Fri; I plan on uploading Wordpress and configuring it to my liking, without having to apply for a subdomain AND use FTP at the same time. Hmm. Smile
I checked out the reviews for free websites & frihost looked like the best one for my needs. I wanted somewhere with forums as I haven;t worked on websites for about 2 years and I've forgotten a lot. So I wanted to somewhere I could get help.

I didn't want to have to post about 50 times a month to get a website & to keep it, because that would have left me no time to work on my site. Frihost ticked all the right boxes
I use frihost for a lot a reason : First, it is a very good service of hosting that is free !
Second, there is no advertisments on pages .... and no pop-up unwanted !
third, the forum is very good Wink
4th, the server support the SPIP (
no advertisment, lot of space, nice web-config, fast FTP (and working i used to host on WebZdarma and there it wasnt working properly),PHP mysql, and so on
I joined frihost because i don't have money and i need to earn
So im trying to build a website
I saw that frihost is good and free
So i take it
I am here because of the free hosting so I have somewhere to put my online Portfolio without the annoying ads of other free hosts, like Geocities, which is where I came from. Since I don't generate revenue from my site ( Crying or Very sad ), Paying $10 or $20/month for hosting is an expense that just isn't worth it.
i am here cus lik this site its fun because of my brother introduced me the site i like frihost alot Smile
I've been searching for two things lately.

1) as free web host since my paid service is about to end
2) a new forum to visit, since my old regular forum is turning more and more nasty these days it seems. I've got 8000 somethign posts there, but I don't think I can take it much longer. Smile

So, Frihost seems to be a perfect fit.

Mainly for me for these reasons:

1. Its free
2. It has more features than lost of paid hosting
3. No forced ads
4. the speed..
Wow. At first, I thought I was kinda greedy, wanting my cake and eating it too. But after reading this post, I kind of feel better. So it turns out I'm not the only one looking for free web space with no ads. But the bandwidth is another story. I can't believe it, 10 gigs for free. Are they serious? I just came across a free host that offers 1GB bandwidth per month. 1GB. That's almost nothing. But with 10GB, visitors will not see a "Bandwidth Exceeded" error message after a few hundred people hit my site. I plan on releasing an album later this year, and of course, I need a web page to help promote it. I already have a My Space page( ), but I need a dedicated web page for it.
I use it mostly for the free webhosting, though it is sometimes interesting going through the forums. However, having to make so many posts to keep the points up means that I tend not to go into any depth on teh different subjects and I stop when I get to 45 points.
I was looking on google for a free webhost, with a good bandwidth and a god number of databases (disk space isn't that important to me), so I found Frihost. I needed a good host to install Wordpress, because my last host was having some problems (my site got down and slow very often). Pay the hosting with posts it's a great idea! First I get a little shy to post in this forum (as you can see, my english is poor), but later I realize that this is a good way to practice my english too!
I am here for free web host!
Frihost is better than many other web hosts!
Frihost web hosting features are very good!
Frihost is a host that has more features than many payhosts! Almost too good to be true :)
My base here is the cats we live with. They needed a place in cyberspace,
and frihost could provide it. Bonuses are that the forum is great, and the
hosting at a high level of independence. No commercials, etc.

Another thing is the people and fast answers. It's nice. Smile
I joined frihost because simply, it is by far the best free hosting i have come across.
I am currently using my free hosting to beta test a small cms script i am working on...
No adverts = very cool
Well. the first reason is that I want free quality host.

Now, I'm getting a little bit addicted to frihost forums Smile
I still have no idea on what my website will be about. But I use frihost as a community to discuss and talk to others. It's just fun for me to argue my positions and whatnot, I like it.
I found out about frihost from a bookseller type website on "how to" run an online bookselling business. Frihost was the top rated free webhosting site listed. Looked like people were happy with it, so here I am!

I'm going to set up a simple website at first with links to my books on hdc and amz and hopefully later I will be able to sell directly from my website.
I'm teaching myself some php and mysql, so it's handy to have some webspace you can use it on eh Wink

also, when I have parties with friends, I'm ussualy the one with the camera, so it's handy to share pictures and movies with the rest
SerendipityRose wrote:
I found out about frihost from a bookseller type website on "how to" run an online bookselling business. Frihost was the top rated free webhosting site listed. Looked like people were happy with it, so here I am!...

WOW, word really is spreading, but that is what happens when you actually have the BEST free web host, eh? Rolling Eyes
First off, I really like how it has an active community. ^_^; I'm sick of those webhosting services that make you feel like robots are running the site. Like you ask them a question, and they say something like, "Sorry for your inconvenence. Our team is working around the clock for better services. Thank you."

(That's an actual example, by the way.)

Next thing is that it seems like it's a reliable host. I don't even have a page on here yet, but it looks like a great site. It makes me happy to see all the positive feedback from members of the community, and the fact that there even IS a community.

I'm planning on putting together a website to post up my artwork in as an online portfolio. <3
I am learning to program PHP and MySQL, so I searched for free web hosting with these features. FriHost was rated very highly on, so here I am! So far, it lives up to the great reviews!
Twisted Evil I am using for a few reasons.

1) I like the idea of 250mb. It gives me room to breath. I have not tried setting up a website (seriously) since Angelfire gave me 2mb about 10 years ago. lol. Back then that was a lot of space, now I edit graphic files MUCH bigger than my total alotted Angelfire space.

2) I am interested in trying ot a few cms's and learning php. This seems to be the perfect place to start trashing my way through a few tutorials.

3) It is free, can't beat the price for training space

4) I like the forum framework (captive content). If it works, I have my own ideas of implimenting a similar system.

5) after perusing the forums for a bit, I find the contributors to be quite helpful and even entertaining.

6) I lack a life of excitemnt and enthusiasm, maybe slaving on a website till the wee hours of the night might help (lol).
becous my best friend got it and he have tell me about it and i think it is real cool here so i like it to and it is thanks to my friend that i got it and thanks to all members here whit out you it hade not ben fun like this Laughing Laughing Laughing
Easy question. Because it is one of the (if not THE) best free hostings you can find on the Internet (trust me, I have been searching quite a lot) that offers both big storage, big bandwidth, MySQL, php, java and so on...

And, off course, it is a great community where you can ask your more or less dumb questions Razz
...just kidding. It´s great.
I like Firhost mainly because it is free... Laughing
I'm still experiencing with a website, mainly to put pictures for family and friends. I used to do it in Angelfire, but those damn pop-ups and banners took half of my pages. Very irritating. Then I found out about Frihost. It is actually very good. Almost no fall-out. Ok, this one time that the server got lost, but I had a backup Wink After that...I'm very happy with the site. Easy uploading using WSFTP and Frontpage...I'm just at my limit using space now Crying or Very sad so the 250 MB is not that much as I expected earlier. Have to find something to join.
I use FriHost because it is free and the comunity is very very VERY nice.

Thank you all!

I know i have not been here but today but i can still see the comuninity is very nice.
I am using frihost because it's a free host. I can use PHP and mySQL which most other servers prohibit.
Well at first it was for the hosting...Obvious answer. Now that I don't have anymore hosting with Frihost and Commandeer my own Hosting, I continue to post here because it's a great forum and you can say I got a attached to this forum.. Rolling Eyes
I never saw a Free Hosting that offers a 10GB bandwith aside from FriHost whenever I'm googling over the net. With the Cpanel / DirectAdmin features, i guess it's fair enough to say it's a good deal for us members here.

That's really good thing about the setup and the owner's idea (I'm referring to Bondings who came up all of this). So, I guess for us members to return the great service, let's support this site and the forums. Wink
free domain and hosting
It is a great websit,great free webhosting,great members and more......
I am using Frihost because its better than alot of paid hosting sites and its free. All I do is post a few things in the forum every now and again and I get amazing webhosting with alot of features. On frihost PHP 4 is already installed and MySql, you have to pay extra for them on some other hosting sites!
Frihost is free host! What else?!
But more than that, frihost does not fail my site to keep online.
why? necause it has very little down time, and it is free, so stable, unlike others, they shut down after 2 month, and all your data gone, let think, if you didnt backup your data, all you effort will just gone. frihost provide large space bandwith, and the most important , firhost is so stable.
I was new in dealing with websites ..and when I had some knowlege ,there was a dream to get my own website with big hesitation to start with any paid hosting servers with no experiance ...

I heard about Frihost and it was the way to start knowing about my next step .

But I found amazing stable hosting with aboard community where you will never get such benefits even in a paid hosting servers.

I know about hosting servers which offers 20 times disk space than frihost .. but I will never trust any other servers as I trust and belive in frihost
I really like the community here. The forums arent spammed and trashed like other forums. Plus we get awesome hosting with sql, which kicks butt! Laughing
I am here for the free webhosting and because it was recommended on another webpage.

I hope Frihost matches my expectations.
I think FriHost offer the best online hosting there cld be for free.
It's system with the forum is hady too and they are always busy meaning it's easy to get some support when needed.

It just rocks! lol Very Happy

I like frihost because it offers more things than most of paid hosts. It also is a place where you can talk just about anything. If you're board than you will always find many things to do such as vising others websites and reading others posts.
The biggest thing is that it's free and doesn't have forced ads to put on your site. Very Happy
I use Frihost because it is free. And support PHP and MySQL.
I had a web here but as I was out for long
and hadn't time here
I was banned
fri is a good web service
it works very fast and stable
I had been using it for a year
wish it could supply better ones
I've used frihost since this march. So far, I satisfied the service of Frihost.
There have been few times to disconnect my website in But I can accept it. I know there is no perfect one in our world.
It could be possible for paid-service.

Actually, one of the reason for using frihost is a duty for posting.
Sometimes it's very annoying to me. But it is a good practice for studying English. English is not mother tongue.

So I need to practice for using English.

I have to post here regulary to keep my web account. ^^
I use it because my old host (also a free one but with small add) went offline for a while because they had trouble maintaining the free server. afther some searching i found Frihost and i like it so much that aldo my old host is back again i still use frihost.
Yes geocities free SUCKS now, i remember the good old days before the yahoo merger,
aahhh they even had ftp for you
when they merged with yahoo i just put up with it,
then i got a forum for my friends at, but the ads were KILLING me,
so after searching the web for about 2 hours i found a site that listed Frihost.
I have hosted my personal page that used to be on geocities, and my forum where all my friends can come... all for FREEE
i love Frihost!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

I really like frihost! hihi
i think i wrote something like that, OH it's here
please put text that isn't your own in quotes!!
like this:
nike7 wrote:
I really like frihost! hihi

with code like this:
[quote="nike7"]I really like frihost! hihi[/quote]
please and thank you!!

much appreciated Very Happy
he reasons I am using FRIhost are two-fold, one, I get a chance to converse/banter with my fellow (wo)man, enjoying the diverseness of the internet, and the minds of more than one (adult), and the second reason are the services offered by this free host are many times more valuable than a 30 dollar a month pay site. So in wrap up, this host is a better bang for your words.
It is the best free webhost i have ever found. I use my hosting space to host various websites that I have created and am still creating now
Not only do they offer super amounts of bandwidth, mysql, php, and tons of space but it is all free. I couldn't get this even if i paid a small price on most hosts. I haven't been able to get a site yet (still working on the posts, etc.) but once I do get it I cannot expect anything bad just by looking at what you guys are saying.
I use it for my projects, my blog, and my booting troubleshooting forum!

I like it because there are no advertisements or anything! Frihost rules!
Agent ME
I don't use it yet, but I plan on using it.
Sounds like it'll be more reliable and have faster speeds than the personal test server I set up on one of my computers Razz
Ghost Rider103
I use it because it has a wide variety of things to use on a web page for FREE!. And so far it was working out good, but now I get an internal 500 error, but i think that was my fault Embarassed . But I should be getiing it fixed soon Cool
Im here because frihost is the best webhost I've come across. And I've looked at alot. Like over 400. They have tons of space, no ads, multiple webistes, a short subdomain name, AND its FREE!!!
Does it get any better than that?
php and MySQL
no adds.
huge free spaces.
I'm using FriHost because it's the best host I've gotten that's free. XD; To be honest, FriHost was the first time I got to use DirectAdmin (I haven't even heard of it until now), and right now I'm loving it more than the CPanel hosts I've had to run through. Although it may not have something like Fantastico, I'm happily living without it. It's nice to install things on my own for a change (it's helping me understand PHP/MySQL better, too).

Plus, there haven't been any advertisements implemented on our sites - it's just over the forums. That, and the unlimited support for many of the features (email, databases, FTP accounts, etc.). It's like a (free) dream coming true for me, and I doubt I'll ever leave.
because it's great
My reason is quite simple. I require a free host with great reliability and features. None of the other hosts I've used have the features I needed. (MySQL, POP3, etc.) Other places may have had more storage and bandwidth, but there were far too many restrictions. Some had maximum file size limits. Anyway, that's why I'm here.
I have come here for the great free account that Frihost provides, with the huge bandwidth and considerable.

I was suprised after seeing this account that my friend had. I want to get one. Am planning to put a great site with all the dedication to Frihost.

Kudos to Frihost...
It offers good service and space.
Better than other web hosting free..
Since FriHOST is free and it has great service team!
I think it's reliable and Frihost never let me down before. I think is now my permanent home.
cause it lets me use mysql, php, ect. there's a friendly comunity willing to help every time i make a topic asking for some information.
cause it's free Very Happy
I've spent several months to find a reliable host which wouldn't place stupid ads everywhere and provided enough space. I used to run some other hosting before, it allowed only 27 megs of space and, what's even more irritating, their ads somehow managed to ruin my coding. Mad

Frihost is da best! Razz
Because it kicks butt!! I just have this little personal website, me and my friend are the only people who go on, and that;s how I like it Wink
For me the big pull was the fact i can use php and mysql with frihost free of charge. Its also a good alternative to the web server in my room as it obviously saves on poer, and the bills are going througth the roof at the moment.
first admittedly Embarassed for the free web hosting - i have never had a website before so didnt want to pay too much in case it doesnt work out - from what i heard frihost rocks?! this is my first day but im imagining i will enjoy the forum and keen to see what else this site has to offer.
The host is just great -and it's freee.What more could you posobly want?

I tryed someother free hosts,but there was something that s**k everytime(didn't worked for me).

Here u get 250MB (more then enought).
9GB trafick the bigest transfer that i make is to back up the database and jet i have used only 23MB in total.
No adds,no limits for databaseses,acounts (ftp,mail,mysql),no backup upload limit(i had a lot of troubles with this in other places),no file size limit.
Why do i use frihosts? cause its the first bigger host i ever got for free, others are too complicated ;p
jum a long history, i started to find a place to storage my page, and all them has adds, and i was almost give up until in found that beutiful host!!!
I was looking for a free web hosting service with python scripting and MySQL enabled.

Then the solution was FriHost.
Dat Nguyen
yup yup yup, free hosting haha
I like frihost becuase of their free website hosting with a lot of features and ofcourse NO ADS. Theres so may website hoting in the net but the features is not that good ulike frihost. Frihost is the best as far as I know... I hope you like it too, just the way I like it...
... the webhosting is FREE
... offers a lot of possibilities for the kind of CMS you are going to use
... the space, bandwidth is REALLY adequate
... the domain name for hosting -- FRIH.NET -- is unobtrusive and quite good looking
... great forum discussions Very Happy
... no banners, no ads
I like many others am here because of the free webhosting. Money got tight a while back and I couldn't pay for my site so I went on a hunt for a free site without forced ads. My seek and find brought me here and I was amazed at all that Frihost had to offer for the cost of simply being somewhat active on the forums. Frihost had everything I was looking for and more so even though I am not a forums type person I gave it a shot. Sometimes I have to admit I forget to come by and post so I have to play catch-up on the whole posting thing but over all it has been an awesome experience and I just love the hosting. Maybe I should put a sticky note on my monitor to remind me to come by the forums every couple of days and post... Smile
I share the same comment with the previous post by Lady_Star, including the reminder tip. Laughing Thanks for the 'sticky note' idea. Idea

But initially, one can’t avoid doubting whether a free hosting site can live to the subscribers’ expectations; and frihost has been just doing that since I joined this hosting site. Exclamation

Aside from the repeatedly-mentioned impressive web space, bandwidth traffic, and other web site publishing resources and goodies, I was also impressed with the quality of the posts and posters Applause its forum has when I first visited this site. If you will meticulously browse at the topics and threads, you will say that almost everything that you are , and will be, interested and wanted to talk about is available in the comprehensive categories.

I would say that the small amount of time one needs to be active in the forum is fair enough considering the good quality and very friendly service this site has been providing its clients at the cost of 0.00 dollars.

I really hope frihost, it’s owner, admins, and mods will continue to be available for a long time. Many great websites in the future will emanate, be developed, built, and launched from this great free web hosting site. Very Happy
I use FrihHost because it has everything I need and much more.

- MySql
- more than 100 MB space
- more than 1 GB traffic
- free!
- fast

What else would I need? Nothing! Thanks, FrihHost! Smile
Its the best deal you could possibly get. What other free webhoster would there be better than this?

My answer NOTHING :period:
I will soon use frihost because I am good at making websites and they offer a lot more than other free sites.
i love frihost yey...

its free
it had active forums
good mods who helps
kind hoster provide free service
although only 200mb ( more than others at least)
unlimited banwidth
cool rules
so far i didnt see any fire shoting around in the forum
friendly user

i'm new and haven't gotton the 10 points needed to use the web service, but just from reading this thread, it seems that you all really enjoy the service. i want to build a personal site that allows me to sell my art, be it music, photography and prints.
coz it has free domain and hosting, Besides that, IT easy to use..........
1 word:BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why FriHost?

Well, for one the free reliable, awesome hostings rocks and pwns all other free webhosts. (I don't like the downtime issue, but I know Bondings will fix it soon!)
2) The support forums are simply amazing. You get help in a flash and solve all your problems in an instant.
3) I like the fact that you get 10GB Bandwith, 250MB Space, and unlimited MySQL databases, subdomains, email accounts, and no MySQL database size limit.
4) This is just simply the best free hosting service out there! Thank you for creating FriHost, Bondings! Very Happy
I am using Frihost for hosting my websites based on PHP and MySQL databases. Frihost is no doubt the best free hosting service which has been around on the internet for quite sometime. Unlike others, the terms and conditions specially maintaining frihost points is not very difficult. Which is very different in case of others like trap17, lifelesspeople, etc.
i use frihost to ad im clan, "Clan Clawdor" we ride pocket bikes there is only about 6 ppl so far and still rising Cool
I m using it . Because I love it Smile
I am using Frihost because it is free and support PHP, MySQL, and Perl.
I'm using FriHost because I am having a breast reduction in January. it's hard to find good, solid, REAL info on this. I'm guessing that most women like myself considering this surgery want to hear real women's experiences and to see real pictures. I mean, yeah, lots of pictures are available, but the vast majority of those are on doctors' websites, and of course they're only going to show their best cases. I want to make a real story and real pictures available.

How much does the surgery hurt? How long before I can have sex? What are the scars like? And about a million other questions. I'm going to provide a real account to answer all these questions from the experience of a tubby, working mom and wife....a real woman.

I checked into free hosting and chose FriHost, because I liked the idea of the active forums.
It is the first free web hosting I used. I have seen some reviews from other poeple.
Because it's free! Plain and simple Wink Very Happy
Because it's freely best.
There isn't any freehost like frihost.
ive been using frihost for almost a year, and i use it becuase it is the only free host that lets you point seemingly unlimited domains at your account for free. not to mention php and no ads!!

(okay not really free, because i payed to register the domains, but at least i don't have to pay for the hosting/email!!! Very Happy )
I'm using this, well I'm going to be using this, because I needed both PHP and MySQL and FTP access, for an SMF forums.
THE11thROCK™ wrote:
minimal DOWNTIME maximum UPTIME purely FREE just POST against PIRACY superbly STABLE great BANDWIDTH cool FORUMS no forced or pop-up ADS and FRIHOST is totally awesome!

Oh my god we so need to put this as a quote on the front page, anyway to answer your question, its ad-free, if it has ads that dont give money to me then I dont care how much space and other stuff they have, and after you do the n00bish thing of asking for an account after just five posts and get rejected (rightfully so) you start posting for the fun of it and find frihost is like your second home, lol at least for me.
reddishblue wrote:
Oh my god we so need to put this as a quote on the front page, anyway to answer your question, its ad-free, if it has ads that dont give money to me then I dont care how much space and other stuff they have, and after you do the n00bish thing of asking for an account after just five posts and get rejected (rightfully so) you start posting for the fun of it and find frihost is like your second home, lol at least for me.

That's about the best desciption I have heard....and the best words from you Razz
I think i got many reason for choosing FriHost.

1.High server up rate(9+% uptime)
2.Huge bandwith and space(10GB for bandwith and 250MB for webspace thats enough to make a personal website and forum)
3.Its free!
4.No ads at all and u may put ur own ads!~
5.Great forum with great admin and mods
6.Unlimited MYSQL,FTP and subdomains
7.Direct Admin with email(Squirriel mail and etc..)
8.Short subdomain(Just
9.Very good Founder(Bondings) that always helps us when we have any problem.
10.Last reason--->Papalapapa~I'm loving it!(Sorry for McDonald ads..Laughing)
Please forgive my spam here......BUT FRIHOST JUST ROCKS!!!!!....ahem....sorry.
Jaiye wrote:
eightbitpyro13 wrote:
exactly what the title says what is your reason for using FRIhost

Cause I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to pay for hosting.

*cough* I mean because the community is so awesome.

mine is much the same reason except i'm still only a minor and my parents wont let me use there credit card and they won't get me 1. plus this site has no adds 250mb of space and php. it is much the same as my old web host but the other site blocked smtp i could not even use google as smtp so i was going to use [url][/url] but i hate adds and i came accross this site while i was looking for an answer to my smtp problem
I'm new to this game and am looking for a place to put my unofficial class site.

I am also looking for help with someone who knows old, old software like Windows server 2k advanced and how I can use it for an intranet in my school....
sabe wrote:
I'm new to this game and am looking for a place to put my unofficial class site.

I am also looking for help with someone who knows old, old software like Windows server 2k advanced and how I can use it for an intranet in my school....

I am very familiar with win2k server....what's up?
    -250 Mb of space for your entire collection of websites.
    -10 GB of traffic each and every month.
    -1 free subdomain to be reachable in the whole world.
    -Php and Perl scripting languages to fulfill all your programming needs.
    -The DirectAdmin control panel to manage your web hosting account.
    -No forced advertisements. Your own ads like google adsense are allowed.
    -Unlimited MySQL databases for all your data.
    -Unlimited subdomains and ftp accounts for all your websites.
    -Unlimited email accounts and forwarders for your correspondence.
    -Unlimited parked and addon domains for your whole portfolio of websites.
Vrythramax wrote:
sabe wrote:
I'm new to this game and am looking for a place to put my unofficial class site.

I am also looking for help with someone who knows old, old software like Windows server 2k advanced and how I can use it for an intranet in my school....

I am very familiar with win2k server....what's up?

I have a mixed lab. I am a PC guy that is now in an all mac lab. Because of this I am trying to create all of my computer based lessons that are cross platform. I figure the Internet is the way to go. but.... some students do not have permission to access the web @ school, we must have written consent from parents. My solution is to create and Intranet for the class, and hopefully the school if it works.

I have a win server 2k advanced license, the site had an extra. I installed it on one of the machines I had. It has a gig of memory and it's speed is around a gig. I don't remember the exact speed now. It was working and I was testing the site I had built. For some reason it is now giving me a HTTP 403 error. virtual directory not allowed error (from a mac) and when I use a IBM PC with IE 7 i get a directory listing denied message (I may have the messages switched).

I had installed an Internet typing program but it was working and I was testing it on both platforms when this message started. I found that the typing program was not reachable. I now can't access anything from any computer.

I hope that is enough info. Is there an "easy fix" or should I try reinstalling the server...? Question Question Crying or Very sad
with 250mb of space and 10gig bandwidth with Php and Perl scripting, who wouldn't want that from a free webhost Shocked, what makes it better is the community here, I've learned alot from here specially technical stuff.
FriHost was the best free hosting I ever used. Provides us so much feature and the community are great. I'm happy user at here Smile
I found this site when i was searching for a host with Python support, so i use FriHost too learn more abot python.

Right now i dont have a clue what what my page would be about so i just expanding my python experience for now.
Actually only because I needed some free space Razz

Sounds like your using IS....try disabling it as the default http server and get a copy of Apache for win32.

The config is very simple and it is much more stable than microsnots crap Smile
did a google search, came up with some web hosting comparison site.

this site was the only one with a decent webspace, cgi/php, and no ads.
Studio Madcrow
I use Frihost because everything it has all the features I need, and the best forum community of any of these "post for host" type places. I actually LIKE posting here, unlike some places where it just feels like something crappy you have to do to keep your account.
I use frihost because it is free, and it has good features.....
And I realy like the good support here, usualy when I have a question, I get almost instant a good answer.
So the admins/mods are great here. you dont see that on every host.....
Frhost is just the best(free hosting) on the web.
The space for an ad-free home page attracts me. Does anyone know how much space there will be? 100 mb?
Frihosts' offer was very alluring as many hosts had good space limits but like freewebs they had horrible CPs and didnt allow ftp. Theres only one other place i know of that offers packages better then frihost for free but the problem is that you need 50 posts to get theyre level one package.

Frihosts large forums and userbase attracted as I saw that it was a blooming source for knowledge, debate, and a great place to start a small business portfolio.
A few reasons why I like Frihost.

1. Its free (BONUS Smile)
2. Its compatiable with everything (from what I know of)
3. The "YOU MUST POST" to get hosting (making users work) is smart. Insted of wasting your space for people who arn't going to use your free and awesome service.
4. The subdomain is suitable, and its not like, it's!
5. Its banner-less!

Thats it, all and all Frihost owns all other free providers, and I love the forums, it makes support (for everything) easy and fun!
Because it's the one free hosting that doesen't lick my balls. RazzRazz
Well came to frihost for some good free hosting :duh:

Anyways, I started off by hosting my forum Teen Hungama, and then my blog (

I closed TH abt 3 to 4 months ago and now there's only my blog.

Such a waste of space Wink
Utopia GFR
Im using Frihost for serving best the purposes of my website dealing with the world of literature.

I like the idea of not being forced to make a website in English, therefore, my website : is completely written in French and made available in the Frihost directory.

I also appreciate having a free hosting service granting me with PHP and MySql functionalities making the website more powerful than ever Smile

Furthermore, 250 megs of free storage is more than enough for a website promoting text material rather than pics, music or videos.

Finally, I find the technical service pretty much efficient even though Frihosters complain quite regularly that server 2 remains very unstable.

Anyway, I haven't found better hosting than Frihost since my arrival in the World Wide Web back in 1998 with my good old 56 k modem Very Happy
I found it by accident but love the forum but the main reason I use it is to host my website. Please do not ask about my site it is a school project and I am kind of ashamed of it. But yeah I like frihost a whole bunch.
What i use FRIHOST for is for my Virtual Airline on a game called Flight Simulator 2004. Its on a network called VATSIM and, IVAO. You should check it out it is a really neat site.


These are both Flying and Air Traffic Controlling Networks. check them out they are really great. Also if you like flying online or with FS 2004 e-mail me at for joining options and more. Thanks alot.
I've just finished trying Tripod, Freewebpage, 0catch, geocities, and a host of others. This is the best by far!!

It has the most space & options for the person.

I don't mind the forum rules. This keeps me active and learning. I have had some good feedback for some of the questions you have. I'm going to spread the word in the Educational community that I am a part of. If you have access to web creation software & need to have ad free space, like you need in the ed. field. This the best. You can get good advise, most of the time.

I hope this place stays in business for ever.... Exclamation Laughing
I'm trying to get a domain to put up my motorcycle wheelie videos
I'm using it because (offcourse) it's free ! Very Happy

To test some things for my personal website.
Put pictures on it, everything for personal use.

And I can start with using PHP.
Because my webspace from provider doesn't support it.
I joined Frihost because I found it a good place to discuss anything you have on the mind. Though I later requested a free hosted account and I am looking forward to host a website important to my business here.

Another positive about Frihost is that it is a unique concept which is lately being copied by a number of other hosting service offerers, although they are failing miserably.
Because I get bored of Runescape...
I used to use Websamba for my site, but that was too small and supported only html and asp.
I've got enought points but still am not given a space here yet......
Lots of features

Absolutely amazing!
I use it because of the tech support and the free hosting. I find that when I have a question about anything it gets answered very quickly. As well I know I'm not being intruded by ads or bots wanting to know every little thing about me by hosting here.
Frihost is my family. i love this forum, and if i had a million dollars to give away, it would go to Frihost to support them. i was going to use paid hosting, but after being on Frihost, paid hosting seems cold and lonely. i don't ever want to leave. you can't make me.
I use FriHost because I needed a free host with some storage on, and FriHost proved to be the best one. Also, all the features is a big plus, and the support. Very Happy
It's a free, many services, no ads, great hosting, 250Mo... I really like it
I am looking for a free hosting to host my personal site. well, i did not know that there's no ftp. hmm.... will still give it a try.
llam wrote:
I am looking for a free hosting to host my personal site. well, i did not know that there's no ftp. hmm.... will still give it a try.

Do you mean here? If so, we have FTP available Very Happy
because it free.... easy to use ...
after spendin quite alot of time usin various free hosting sites I got sick and tired of banners and all kind of limitations and FriHost seems to offer all I need or will need in the near future: ftp, enough space, no banners, php, sql, all equaly important.
I enjoy the forums, and am also here for the free hosting. I've been looking for a free PHP host for ages so that I can learn to use PHP and get used to managing websites etc using it.

So far I'm very impressed. The cpanel is easy to use, the people here are helpful and knowledgable, and the hosting is great. not to mention FTP access which you just don't get with other free hosts Very Happy
I came here in FriHost for free webhosting for my theses project.

Until now I'm still waiting for my free webhosting account to be accepted.
I use Frihost because I didn't want to spend any money on hosting when I didn't have to. Later if I make a bit of money with my soon to-be-launched business I'll probably switch to paid hosting. Rolling Eyes

i'm still in college with an engineering degree that's why i'm still too busy to maintain a full-scale website...frihost is a good way to start and there's nothing to lose since the community is great. there are alot of good discussions, and also good people too who are really helpful, thanks guys Wink
I started using Frihost in the beginning of the year to experience having my own website. I liked creating it, but now I am a bit tired of it.

Now, I use it more for the email. I have a few friends that want to have pop3 email and not the free email accounts that you find on the web.

I enjoy the fact that their e-mail’s contains my website’s name.
I like FriHost not only for the free web hosting but also for the opportunity to expand my horizons by posting and discussing on the forums. My general knowledge has increased tremendously thanks to the forums.
I'm using FriHost to get the word out about a small video production company a friend and I have. We are trying to get ourselves of the ground and paying for internet space is the last thing we need to worry about. The internet should be free, this is what I say. I believe in the free movent of information without any bs.
Captain Fertile
The more I use FriHost the more I am here for the forum. They are always buzzing and never seem to be static for too long.

I am beginning to recognize the characters here and many people are becoming familiar to me.

I have even added the word FriHost to my custom dictionary in MS Word because I type it that much.

There are a ton of talented people here who are happy to share their talents for a couple of Frih$ or even for free which is superb.

Add to all of this the BEST free web hosting package around and it doesn’t get much better than FriHost.
soulman wrote:
why firhost?

1 Free
2 Lots web tech supported
3 No forced ads.
4 A wonderful forum for us to share and discuss

In my hunt for free hosting I came upon this site....
so seeing that all I have to do is keep posting and will be able to get it for free....sounds unreal to me..... Rolling Eyes

truth be told am a "trini" and anything free is a 2nd look......
Because it's free and supports PHP and MySQL and I'm trying to learn that...
The forums are a great place to hang out, when college isn't a drag!! The actual service is incredible especially for a free host. PHP and MYSQL are infinite and worth their weight in gold. With them I can install WordPress, Gallery software... all for free and not having to worry about a limit. Plus the bandwidth and space are amazing.Well thats my 2 cents. Take care and see you around. Later
Duncan Idaho
Because I get a website! *dances* keeps going down...
Well, mainly because I might get a very good free hosting service, and posting here to be able to earn FRIH points to keep my website up whenever I get my account activated by a staff member (hint, hint), but it is actually getting fun posting here. I'm enjoying myself. So it really isn't just, for me, posting here to keep my website up, but for the fun of posting here too.
I'm using Frihost cause I need to have a space to deploy my web-page and it looks good to do it because i it's free and supports PHP and MySQL (I'm trying to learn that).
Anyway, else, I found a good forum where people help each other to acheive good results in web design and other stuff.
Really good comunity!
I started using frihost to host a fansite for a game contest... but have not totally gotten everything finished and not 100% sure if I am going to do so. I might just make make it a site based on what I can do with websites and go from there... not entirely sure though... But 1 thing I do know for sure is Frihost deserves a huge Thank you from a lot of people!
Tools and Cheese
Freewebhosting mostly, but I'm starting to like the forums, I might stay here, most likely I will. Cool
I started off at angelfire then got referred to Freewebs by a friend and have been ok there but have a lot of I hate putting that ad link on the bottom of every page ~_~.

Only problem is, I applied to here and a place callked Nytka and not sure which to use. I didn't expect to get approved by both places ^^;

I want to use this account since I was given it and it has so much capabilities...but I'm not sure what to do. Perhaps I'll start making a big photo gallery here or something.
Angelfire reminds me of the "old days" in the mid 90s when everyone was using either Angelfire, Geocities or Tripod for a free website Smile It's how I started on my road to a web development career Very Happy I choose Tripod at the time. Then I moved to Yahoo after a 4 year gap where I hardly used the internet at all. Yahoo and Geocities are the same now. Then I got back into web development and needed a free host that supported ASP so I applied for a free account at where I still was until somebody told me about frihost recently.
Made a couple good sited before and have been through almost every free web host. My new site needs php and my Frihost sounds right. Also a friend of mine has had good experienced with this host.
I'm mainly here for the free hosting. Not only do I get to talk in the forums but there's benefits to it as well. Currently i'm hosted by and in all honesty, the forums there are a bit drag. There aren't a whole lot of topics and the people who post there aren't of abundance. So, it's more beneficial to me just to come here and post and get the free hosting as well.
frihost s offers more than many paid hosters, not necessarily in terms of size and bandwidth, but what you can do on it, unlimited my sql, php, cgi-bin, its excellent. 10/10 for everything Very Happy Very Happy
i'm using Frihost because this is the only web hosting i found that free of charge, with so many kinds of features!! and i really happy using it. and there is no force advertisement at all! i wish frihost will always continue to provide free services to everyone who need this. Long life Frihost!!
I came to Frihost to make my website, the ultimate website of my dreams, but it became a disaster, because I didn't have any coding skills. So, I quit for then and started just posting and enjoying the community. Although, I do have a dream site coming up... Wink


The best free webhost... ever
It come on google, I haven't actually used it, prolly I will give it a go soon

Wish me luck Razz
im using this because it offer good features Smile without ads! Very Happy yay!!
I will be using FriHost (when I get the points) for my local computer repair service, and I will be using the hosting because it has PHP, MySQL, and the ability to host unlimited sites at no cost.
I did use it because its the best hosting . NO questions asked.
I'm here for the fact that this is hosting with no ads at all, its free, with PHP and MySQL scripting ability. Thank you FriHost for being so generous! I hope it remains FREE forever Very Happy
I use it because:

1. Its Free
2. It have a PHP MySQL and lot of space
3. It have a great community and it is allways want to help

I use it because this hosting is better than My Paid host

My paid host have only 100MB and this have moere than 200 so..

FRIHOST Is Best so.. use it , dont use the rest !!
Cause i want a free host for my website. Frihost is offering too much as a free host.
Who else can it gives you free host for your site? Free e-mail account|? Frontapge support. No advertising banners. Frihost is a unique free host.

Hlias Wink
Smile Any other opinion?
Im here because of the good hosting, i write when nessecary, both because , there is so much in here i would not could find something to follow that easy. some of the stuff is not in my interest. so most of the time i got to genaral chat, find a title as seams to be something i can write some to, and not just only a 0,3 points post.

im also doing other stuff, so i dont got that much time again
1. Free
2. No forced ads
3. Good community
4. Lots of nice features.
It's very simple for me.
the reason I'm using Frihost is Free....
And I need some place where I can practice my english..
So.. I can get free account and improve my english skill here.
as far as i know there isn't any free webhosting company to beat frihost from any angle. its a very great hosting portal ever with lots of features of php, mysql and many many other stuffs which may cost more than 25$ or more if hosted in a paid company. i really love the community and the people of the forum. they are really beautiful. My almost all the queries have been solved in this forum. i have really improved my self in the knowledge.

its really great to be a part of frihost. feels proud
things i love about frihost
its very simple, no forced ads, free, very friendly and helpful community, great admin and features, it has php, mysql and very lots of space and enough bandwidth, its much better than paid hosting, with great support...
MANY MANY other reasons
This was reccomended by a friend and I decided to check it out, and I like it.
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