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Why is FFVII the best story ever?

Is FFVII the best story ever to be told?
 55%  [ 5 ]
 44%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 9

Well there are many reasons why people like it. Mine is that i absolutely praise the main character "Cloud", the way he is, the way he deals wid things, his strenght, everything and of course his sadness and anger....The story itself is "The Best Ever To See Daylight Again" (or something like that...) The graphics in the game were good by "then" standarts but is crap by new one's. Still the story captured everyone ever to have played it, there was somthing special about it. And thats what i want to hear! What is special to you about Final Fantasy VII? (and the "Advent Children", its all the same story!)

P.S. I know its not real! lol
One cannot explain the feeling one gets from playing this game. All throughout the game, going through different areas, it was just a crazy ride through a fantasy game. Plus you really 'connect' with the characeters, I felt as though barret was my buddy, Tifa my girlfriend, etc. I got so absorbed in the game... this is why I can't bring myself to play it ever again. I felt so pissed off and wanting to kick sephiroth's ass because he killed aeris... whatever it is that absorbs people into this game so much is pure genius. This is my all-time favorite game ever.
The only reason I like FFVII is because it's based in Modern Times, It opens the door to many possibilites. I also like it mostly because of Shin-Ra, The Turks & SOLDIERS. They really make it cool.
Dj Redrum
I can't really say that it is the best story or not as i have never been able to play the game, i have just got the DVD though but it was pretty hard for me to get used to it as i've missed so much, but out of all of the Final Fantasy storys from the series that i have played i would say that

Final Fantasy 8 & 10 was the best.

1st : 10
2nd : 8
Final Fantasy 7 was good until Final Fantasy 8 came out. I liked 8 so much better. Better graphics, better music, and a better story. not a great story, but better. I didn't like the Modern Times aspect of 7 or 8. My favourite was Final Fantasy 9. Back to the old days. Castles, wizards, mages...YES!! Just like good old Final Fantasy 2 (4 in Japan).

When I had started playing 7 again way back when, it felt tedious. I'm not sure if that is because FF games are linear or because it was the actual game. All I know is that after playing 8, and then 9, 7 just seemed really not cool.
I loved FF7, but as psycho-fangirlish as I can get about it (and it's scary just how psycho-fangirlish I can get), I can't say it's the best story ever told.

There will always be the possibility of a better story. If a better story were impossible, that would be the end of stories as we know them.
Ooh, old times. FFIIV introduced me to RPG.

Sitting in front of the TV playing the lovely game on my PSOne...
It was a good game. It still is. I don't know why.
FFVII was my ALL TIME favorite video game. I remember playing it like crazy, I couldn't get enough. I really liked Cloud a lot. For some reason, that game was just awesome, I don't know what it was about the story line, but it had me TOTALLY engaged.
FF7 is still the greatest game yet to be played for me (next to earthbound) The music made the game SOO much better. If it weren't for that, it might've not been so good.
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