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100 fri$ lyrics contest

basically, im too lazy to find lyrics for "pay me" by styles of beyond, so whoever finds them for me, gets 100fri$. oh yeah, post in the thread and pm me if you find them, cos i might forget about this.

edit: this contest ends june 30th, 11:59am toronto time
edit2: i've added 50 frih$ to the pot.
[Verse 1: Takbir]
Yo, swing the sword for the classic year
Bring the noise with your hands up, slash and tear
Who can, fathom asthma, dash for air
Spittin' on the baby bib in the plastic chair
What's up stupid?
(Shoot this)
1-5-1 in the shot glass
(Hot flash)
Bangin' on the drum, huh
We cause havoc down in Las Vegas
Paper trails racing Pelican Brief-cases
We outrageous, name the streets gave us
Yeah, we got fame, but now we heat blazers
I let 'em all fly, 10 in the clip, 1 in the chamber
Thumbs up! Another banger
Untuck the flamer, ******
It's like gettin' with a dumptruck
Brains and guts
Maim, cut, aim, duck, same, stuff
Get you cracked up like cocaine, heat 'em up
OK, I'll let a sucka's fly once
Face down, found him in his Cap'n Crunch
Uh, malpractice - a bang-all jam
I joust rappers and track in the radar scans
Flip beats for the crew like fleets and platoons
Reach for the moon like Reese Witherspoon, uh
Don't stop the sure-shot, the (???) anthem
Blast the gold box, ****** back the cannon
What's up partna, I got ya (what, what)
Hope that (spoken gunshots) crack the piata
Slap, box, mouth of backwash
Teeth mashed up on the asphalt, ya dig?
Set the pace like a mustang, mashin'
Up the stakes, who wanna cut the cake, I take cash
Dropped on a blood-stained mattress
Stop, you ain't got access, watch
I'mma change my asset, Ryu and Tak
You little ****** in the game, you can suck my cum
And lay flat on the ground, don't make 'em peep
If you want the stains out now, get the bleach

Guess who's got the rubber gloves and the bleach?
Guess who's rockin every club, that's me
Get so hot, you feel the buzz in
[Verse 1]
Oh, yeah, who wanna rip with Styles?
The whole place on the lookout for Mr. Brown
We've got, plenty of clues and forensic files
Plus, envious crews, so we trip for miles
It's (Mister Brown!)
Yeah, you know the drill
Never holdin' 'em still
Roll 'em over the hill
Just glide, close your mouth and open the blinds
Took the wings off a bird and let it float to the side
Say (What?) to hear me callin
Shoutin out my name and playin' this in the Walkman

Aiyo, crash the gates
Aiyo, pack the place up
Break stuff, takin' all the paper
I'mma stay laced up
Keep a shank tucked, take a pay cut
Even let you keep the dang paste up (really?)
Say somethin, punk, what, put away the blank gun
Fakes wanna talk about bank but they make none
Live from the sweatbox, sucking on the (???)
Pop some, lookin' for the foxhunt, peace

[Verse 2]
Yo, the joke's over, slap the bloke sober
Catch a .40 caliber case of glaucoma
Riders like Johnny Depp rollin' with Winona
Big trunk fulla shit, blow the globe up
So what? nobody knows us, got no love
Pop 6, Ryu and Tak, cops know what it does
Hot shit by the bungalow, drop the bloody glove
Won't get caught killin' today, baby, cause I'm a thug

Bottles of beer from the land of five horses
Man who wasn't there like Billy Bob Thornton
Crush-crew landin in, steppin' into the scene
Fertilize new lawns, a Requiem for a Dream
It's (Mister Brown!), legendary assignment
Searchlights hover, but can't seem to find him
Track down whatever you can in the mist
In this case, it's strictly the hand of a fist
So (What?), keep your eyes peeled
Verse 1:
Hey yo first things first
It's time to shake ground in the eighth round
Bax better & break down
From the beat & the wild tone, jump in the cyclone
Styles, yes i know
We're the ... team, maxime....
Put 'em up, what the ****
Stuff they can't breathe
Off the wall spitting, n***a we're in the tag-team
What's up now? jump down, stuff they cant breathe
Yo! you kno the routine, the demon effect
Please, dont step, you wanna be one of my pet peeve's
The more beef the better, sound strange but you all wanna creep together
Ok? in the club what a cheesy sweater
Why not, we got so much street credit, the rookie police let us
Now that's bull-ish, cuz we dont act sweet
Cuz i can run 10 laps in a track meet
Keep it moving it's on now
Making it punk rile
Shaking the funk rile
Rip it apart style
Fakin' the funk pal
Dunk watch the punk
What now, watch your battleship get sunk down
Click, pow, nine thou, what?
Just what i thought, what's up now?
Verse 2:
Hold it down, never give in
Styles having your limbs
Or weather you want it to end
Dirty m'again, i burn him again
05 serving them sins
Or 30 your friends get knocked out, turbuline wind
Punk'd out, what you want, take a look at my grin
I'm a fish you can tell by the flippers & fin's
C'mon, yo! i got a wack style
... the offspring & joke with 'em
The distort ... stream
Who am i? ... relate who & i
Cruising your bed, how to live .... in july
Area 51 stereo, vibe, gun live
Here we go, west soldiers, we drop some
We're the kids in the hall, with the new lactate
Blast from both angles, a bulldog saint
So, get up get up & let the sound hit ya
Snap the ... style picture uh!
(repeat chorus)
Verse 3:
Who the **** .... upon a shellfish
In any your style playing the ... blitz
Drilling your brain, like rap & video-games
But it's a **** the styles get any of your fame
Yo! what kind of stuff is he on
Really its styles, c'mon punk shove off
You really gotta be gone, ripped out of your brain
Script over your lip to dispossess your ... game
What's with this ... me kibbles n bits
We're in the street ... the globe i can't fix
Get it? i'm sick with it, when i spit the venom
& it drip's up in 'em & it get's the women in a quick dilemma
We can settle it now, & i don't kno who did it but they said it was styles
(repeat chorus)
Click, pow, nine thou, what? just what i thought what's up now (x2)

It's time unravel the plot
Unlock the safe,
searchlight, binocular spot,
commposite sketch phase
Tryin to apprehend the suspect
Beyond typical flow
Black and white cam, elevator
Surveillance photo
Freeze frame
Still shot that skill spot
Ryu in the post office
No charge penning for
climbing the c????? wall
I'm the communist, monuments
On the conquest to crawl
Through the barbed wire fences
And motion censor detectors
Code within my sentence
That cracks foreign defenses
Mention my name to no one
Let's keep it top secret
Classify my digital mind
So you can peep it

It's a mystery unable to explain
But strange
How we connect from
Two complete diffe-rent sides of
The terrain (hah)
2000 Fold
Sean Connery code name
No mysterious chemistry overcame
So while the beat bangs
Everybody's doin' the same
Spittin out repetitious
Bull crap
That you thought wouldn't change

Retracin' my tracks back to my birthplace
A hollogram, seein' things never there
In the first place
Chase my image like a figment
And fantasy, What you tellin' me?
Evertime I rhyme I chalk up another felony
The last action hero on the planet
Evidently, when they ask who's Tiger Chan
Act like you never met me

[Styles of Beyond]

This ain't your average everday rap song
We ain't the average group cause our 'styles beyond'
So, how we keep this chosen mystery unsolved
Nobody knows, 2000 (2000) Fold...x2

Ayo, 2000 fold, everybody's still searchin'
Lookin' for that voice that they never heard in person
Radio in-tennas and television screens
Attractin' this signal that's universally recieved
Styles of Beyond, the normal type of flow
The ones that discover the way to hype the show
With the uh ah (haha) Oh my god the real came back
Two of the most incredible ever on the same track

Code red operation
You are supposed to post all lyrics within QUOTES only as they are not your own creations
scorpio wrote:
You are supposed to post all lyrics within QUOTES only as they are not your own creations

Absolutely true!
And You have only 81.44 FRIH$ so how can you continue this Contest?Now,it's finished isn' it ? and It seems unlogical...
selim06 wrote:

And You have only 81.44 FRIH$ so how can you continue this Contest?Now,it's finished isn' it ? and It seems unlogical...

yes, i do not have 100 fri$, though i believe, upon further examination, you will see that the contest is indeed for 50 frih$, and thanks to everyone who participated, though none of those lyrics are the ones to pay me. (listen to it here)

ps. the lyrics begin with

i remember forever
what i would do to get better
when i was cruising with ?????
thats when your crew was together
k, contest's over, with no winner.

please close
Just a suggestion
make the topic over or closed so a mod can easaly spot it.
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