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I'm from Canada, B.C and tomorrow would be the last day of school for me, yay! Anyways, do anyone of you have exams coming up? If you do just name the exams you have. I have a socials studies and biology exam coming up in the next 2 weeks or so. I'm in semester system so had 3 exams after my spring break. What a nightmare.
I have exams this week and next week... I only have four exams, but three of them, naturally, were on the first three days. Confused On the upside, I get almost all of next week off! Very Happy (Yay, silver lining!)
3 last week and three this week. 1 final left: spanish Rolling Eyes
Well all my exams where last week. I just got out of school today and i am happy as could be right now. Good luck on your exams. Very Happy
I live in Turkey and my school has just finished Very Happy

In one of last exams, i was caught cheating. Actually, i was the one giving answers. Fortunately, teacher didnt get angry.
eh, you have it easy. I have 5 more exams in the following 3 weeks. And ofcourse, i have one even this SUNDAY. EH, no matter, after this one, just one more year of college and i'll finish it Very Happy
i just had my geo and science exams, and monday and tuesday i have math nd french
Damm, I Finished mines On the 12th and had four days to slack off. Anyway, Next year wont be the same because I'll have a hell of a lot more exams. 1 French Oral, Then a French Exam. 3 Days for a English (Reading Part, Writting Part & Oral Part), Then A math Exam, History and Physics or Chemistry.
Well, I just recently finished my Year 11 exams, and got quite good results Smile. I personally think that exams are stupid... Razz

See this post on my blog:
I am doing my year 11 exams too. I have one exam left, thank god.

I have missed 2 exams - Paper 1 of English and my whole Expressive Arts exam which went on for 4 days.

Altogether I had/have the following exams:

  • Maths Paper 1 (calculator)
  • Maths Paper 2 (non-calculator)
  • Maths Statistics (extended paper [extremely hard])
    (Maths is worth 2 GCSE's)

  • English Lang Paper 1
  • English Lang Paper 2
  • English Lit (missed)
    (English is worth 1 GCSE)

  • Science Paper 1
    - - - - - Waves and Radiation
    - - - - - Structures and Bondings (no, not the owner)
    - - - - - Inheritance and Selection
  • Science Paper 2
    - - - - - Environment
    - - - - - Patterns of Chemical Change
    - - - - - Forces
    (Science is worth 2 GCSE's)

  • Expressive Arts (missed)
    (Expressive Arts is worth 1 GCSE)

  • History
    - - - - - Nazi History 1919-1945
    - - - - - Medicine Through History
    - - - - - Crime & Punishment Through History
    (History is worth 1 GCSE)

  • Geography
    (Geography is worth 1 GCSE)

  • Media Studies
    (Media is worth 1 GCSE)

  • ICT
    - - - - - Part 1
    - - - - - Part 2
    - - - - - Part 3
    - - - - - Part 4
    - - - - - Part 5
    (ICT is worth 5 GNVQ's)

All-in-all I think that have done pretty good considering. One teacher in the exam gave me an answer so I reported them to the Exams Board and I missed a couple of important exams. Other than that all has ran surprising smoothly. I like daniel15 also think that exams are not needed.
I have one media exam left, thats all. It feels as if its gone by pretty quick, probably because I'm been preparing for 5 years for what passed in the matter of weeks. I go and pick up my exam results in August (the something). The school opens its doors for this special occasion as its supposed to be a holiday period. That will be the last ever time I'm at school unless I visit for some special occasion after this - it is going to feel very strange.
Woah, I dont like exams very much Very Happy
If we didn't have exams where would the motivation to work come from? Where would we go if we didn't have exams while at school? I'm in my final year of school in Australia and exams are at the end of the year for most subjects. I had 3 mid-years but they don't seem at all pointless to me because they tell you where you stand in comprasion to the rest of the state which is something most people at my school at least want to know.
EXams and Exams.. every month has Exams.. I hate Exams
38club wrote:
EXams and Exams.. every month has Exams.. I hate Exams
I disagree with you. i like Exams... because every time I got the highest mark ....
Exams are just over for me!!!!!!!!!
I had 2 finals, one Monday for my biological reproduction class, and the other Tuesday for my oceanography class. Then I had a final paper due on Wednesday for my art studio class.
i have finished my exam

it seems that everyone is barely getting out of school now? I've been out of school for a whole month already and have 2 months to go? maybe it's just me or do i have a lot of time off?
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