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England is slightly better in this game than the last one, but it is still a very boring game. England.... I really don't know what to say. It is not like they didn't have chance for goal scoring in the first 80 minutes, it's just that none of them could turn their chance into real score. Lampard wasn't really in shape for the whole game. I think he had about 3-4 golden chances but he failed to put the ball into the net. Owen had improved a lot and I started to see some team work in that game, I hope they can keep that up. Gerrard had done a great job. He didn't make much mistakes in his defending while he gave some very nice passes plus a goal from him at the stoppage time to settle the game. And John Terry just saved England from losing one goal, he was wonderful. Still, the game was really boring!!!!!!
Hey guys, those who watched the match, honestly, do u think Crouch fouled the player while scoring??? I'm not too sure.
I would say only the words being proved so many times: good teams win even if they don't play well!

So, England and Germany move forward certainly...
There's been a lot of talk in the commentary box of switching to the 4-5-1 they used in their friendlies with carrick holding in midfield leaving gerrard and lampard free to attack.

What do you think would happen if eriksson stuck to 4-4-2, but with a diamond four in midfield, and played either gerrard or lampard but not both?

Have Carrick holding, Beckham linking up with Neville on the right, and Joe Cole linking up with Ashley on the left.

England would be spread a bit thin with essentially a three man line in midfield, but you'd have Gerrard with two strikers attacking head on. That would solve england's problem of taking the ball and passing it too much in the centre of the pitch.
well defentlly, it's not what we expect from England.. but in the buttom line, they threw to the next round.. I hope that they will play better... cos if they will play like they play in the last 2 games, they won't do nothing at the world cup.
Although Crouch score a goal but I'm still not impressed with his performance. He need to waste so many chances to get a goal. He reminds me of Andy Cole Sad
England was not performing well in this game although they won. I think they depend a lot on luck and i'm not impressed at all.
i wait for more from this team Very Happy
i like England Team and love its players ==>rooney -owen -gerard-becham......
Not quite as poor as England's opening game but as usual they didn't seem to create much.
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